परीक्षेला जाताय…तर तुम्हाला ही काळजी घ्यावीच लागेल….


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1.The timetable is on the hall ticket. For any clarification you may refer to the timetable on the school notice board. Please do not rely on any timetables that are given online. 

2. Reporting time : 10 am for morning papers, and 2pm for afternoon papers. 

3. Carry your own writing material : pens, pencil and geometry box. Please carry a water bottle. 

4. You must carry a transparent pouch and transparent writing pad 

5.Please take  a Xerox copy of the hall ticket . 

6.Go to the centre one day prior to the exam   and check if your seat number is there on the notice board. 

7.For the board exam come in casual clothes. 

8.You have to be on time. In case u r late for the paper.You can go to the nearest centre before 11.30 & appear for ur paper.They will give u an emergency bar code.

9.Carry you original hall ticket for each and every board exam. Do not laminate ur original hall ticket.

10.There will be NO COPYING allowed for the Board Exam.  If you are caught by the supervisor or the flying scout you will not be able to appear for paper for 3yrs

11.Be calm and do not panic at any time. Feel free to approach your class teacher at any time or the school office if you are unable to get in touch with your teachers. 

12.Please check ur ans booklets enter your correct seat number on the answer booklets and ensure that you have received the correct bar code sticker. Copy all the details from the hall ticket.

13.You cannot leave the examination hall during the exam. When u r at the centre if any one tells u that ur parents have met with an accident or are not well please do not leave the hall at any time complete ur paper & inform the invigilator.

 14.You can carry your mobile phone but during the examination it will be kept outside the examination hall. This will be at your own risk. The CENTRE will not be responsible for any loss.

If u r sick carry ur medicines & inform the supervisor.

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