3.5 The Alchemy of Nature

3.5 The Alchemy of Nature

– Raksha Bharadia


Warming up activities:

1. Divide the class into five groups. Discuss in the group the following questions.

Give one question to each group.

(a) Seeds regerminate from another seed.

(b) Plants and flowers wilt and become one with the earth.

(c) Cacti thrive in the desert region.

(d) Bare nature turns green in spring.

(e) Caterpillar turns into butterfly.

Each group will present their discussion in front of the class.

Ans: The students should complete this activity under the guidance of their teachers.

2. Role of Nature

Discuss in pairs, the role played by nature and complete the web diagram:


Role of Nature

  • Creator
  • Supporter
  • Provider
  • Saver



– the best


  • Circle of Life
  • Birth and beginning
  • Growth and development
  • Order and chaos
  • Rhythms
  • Balance
  • Rebirth and Renewal
  • Death and endings


3. Look at the following things. Discuss with your friend, what you learn from them.


  1. A bee – team work and hard work
  2. An eagle – a strong vision/far-sightedness
  3. A creeper – perseverance
  4. The river – go with the flow/to face calamities
  5. Rainfall – dedication
  6. Sun – light up the lives of others/to give light and energy to others

*Margin Questions:

1. Explain the line – ‘Nature whispers and commands.’

Ans: Nature tells us something as well as commands us sometime.

2. What smiles with the sun and dances with the wind?

Ans: Flower smiles with the sun and dances with the wind.

3. What lesson do we learn from the hibiscus plant?

Ans: We learn from the hibiscus plant that we should enjoy every moment of life Span of life is not important but its way of living Is important.

4. What kind of rock did the author find on the beach?

Ans: The writer found hard rock.

5. The rock is hard, but is it dominating? Give reason for your answer.

Ans: The rock is hard but it is not dominating because hard rock is carved, sculpted and shaped by the water. The rock takes the shape according to the commands of water.

6. In what condition was the tree in cold winter month?

Ans: The tree was bare of all leaves in the cold winter months.

7) What do we learn from small bits of grass?

Ans: We learn from small bits of grass that nothing is impossible in this world. There is always an opening for impossible things.

8) What do we find in the infinite sky?

Ans: We find a rainbow colours the entire sky. However innumerable stars shine across the infinite sky.

9) How can learning from nature help human beings?

Ans: Learning from nature can help human beings in different ways. It can help to understand how one thing converts in other. Nature can give us practical lessons.

English Workshop

1. Go through the text again and complete the web that highlights the various features of flower of hibiscus’ plant. One is done for you.



Feathers of flower of hibiscus plant

  • Flower blooms every fortnight
  • Flower is big, bright and tender
  • Flower smiles with the sun and dances with wind
  • Flower starts wilting as evening approach
  • Flower wither completely in the morning after
  • By evening the flower falls and becomes one with the earth
  • Flower comes to life only for a day

2.The writer explains the contrast features of ‘water and ‘rock’ in the text. Write all the features of both water and rock in the given table.




  • Gentle
  • Spread of the majestic ocean
  • Water flows over rocks every day
  • Water commands the rocks to take shape
  • Hard
  • The rocks alongside carved, sculpted and shaped by water
  • For years, the rock gives in
  • Rock takes shapes as per the commands of water

3. Impossible itself says I M possible’. Do you agree? Justify your answer by citing some examples from the text and some that you have experienced or heard from someone.

Ans: I agree with the statement that impossible it says, I’m possible: Everything I possible in this world. Every problem has its solution. However, there is no problem without solution. As we know rock is hard. It is very difficult to shape the rocks. But gentle water commands rocks to take shape. We consider small bits of grass peeping through the small Tacks in concrete pavement, are no hope to come out. There is always an opening for such small bits of grass. The tree bares of all leaves in the cold winter months blooms again as the arrival of spring. So, everything is possible. Let us lake some examples of disabled persons. Blind man can’t become a doctor but David Hartman proved it false. He became a successful doctor. Wilma Rudolph won the Olympic medals in spite of being suffered from polio. Indian dancer Sudha Chandra became a successful dancer in spite of cutting her leg.

4.Find synonyms from the text for the following Words/phrases.

(a) Strong feeling of fear or respect

Ans: awe

(b) To direct authoritatively

Ans: command

c) To peer through

Ans: peep through

(d) Large and impressively beautiful

Ans: splendour, majestic

(e) Easily broken or damaged

Ans: tender, delicate

5. How can you prove this maxim to be incorrect- Too many cooks spoil the broth’.

Write a counterview on the given topic. (Clue -Teamwork)

Ans: The maxim Too many cooks spoil the broth’ shows that when people come together, they spoil the Work. It means that many people do any work in many ways. Its result is destructive. But personally, think that it is a Wrong maxim. When many people come together for a particular work, it is a kind of good beginning. lf they unite together and work together, there is a definite progress. Many people suggest different ideas to complete the task. They implement the ideas. They respect other’s opinions and ideas. They accept good ideas and reject bad ideas. Acceptance of good ideas leads to complete the work in successful way. The work of changing village cannot be done by the Sarpanch of village only. It requires the teamwork of all villagers. Without the co-operation of people, the Sarpanch can’t change the village. So, teamwork is the secret of success. A great sportsman can’t win the match but it is the teamwork of all players. So, doing any work in team of group of people is the way to success. However, we should understand united we stand, divided we perish. Let us come together. Let us work together. Let us march towards progress.

6. Make a list of all the words related to the word ‘ocean.

Ans: fishers, salty, beach, marine, ship, boat, islands.

7. The author has very positively described the different things in nature. Discuss with your partner the special features of each one of them. Add on the list.



Part of Nature

Special Feature

Value Learnt




Change anything politely



Colouring the sky

Make the worlds beautiful



Turns into butterfly

Accept possible changes



Lugging the fly ten times of their size

Team work and perseverance



Delicate legs

Strong work confidence



Takes in a grain of sand




Shine the infinite sky




Takes a new shape with every passing moment

Compromise with changing situations



Makes trees dance

Ability to change others



Changes according to sun and wind

Giving up ego



Turns into fruit

Get maturity

8. Your friend has his board exam. He studies for 14 hours a day sitting at one place. Write a letter to him giving him tips to relax and be stress free.


Prachi Tekale,

Anand Niwas,

Shivaji Nagar,


20 Jan. 2018

My Dear friend,

I received your letter. I became happy to read it. J am fine here. How are you?

I am sending this letter for a special purpose. I would like to suggest some tips for your study and health I come to know through your letter that you are spending too much time for your study. You are studying for 14 hours continuously. It is a good thing that you are preparing well. However, it is a serious thing for your health.

Remember, health is the first priority for us. Health is wealth. Healthy life leads us to progress and prosperity, so please be careful about your health. You have prepared your study timetable. It is good to prepare timetable for sports and rest also. You should devote minimum half an hour in games and sports. You must do Yoga asanas and pranayama regularly. Yoga keeps you healthy and fresh, so you can study well. Moreover, rest is an essential need for our body. So, take rest for some time. You must spend 6 to 7 hours in sleep. Follow all those tips for better and healthy living. Remember ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy ‘ Best luck for your board examination.

Convey my best regards to your parents and love to sweety Your lovingly,

Prachi Tekale

9. You have an Environment Protection Week to be celebrated in your school. You have invited an environmentalist. You have to interview him/her about how to save environment.

Frame about 10-12 questions for the interview.


• Name of the Interviewee — Vishawjeet Naik

• Name of the Interviewer — Vaishnavi Kawale

• Topic — How to save Environment

• Venue — Auditorium Hall of Swami Ramanand

Vidyalaya, Ramanand Nagar

• Date — 5 June 2018 • Time — 10 a.m.

• Duration — An hour

Welcome uncle to our school. We are Inspired by your work of protecting environment. We are also celebrating ‘Environment Protection Week’ In our school. I would like to know the details of your campaign. I would like to ask some questions to you. When did you start this campaign of saving environment?

• What motivated you to undertake this campaign?

• Who motivated you to undertake this campaign?

I would like to know about your initial work –

• What was your first work of saving environment?

• How can save environment?

• How can we undertake tree plantation campaign in our area?

• How can we help to grow the trees?

• How can we protect the trees in our area?

Now I would talk to you about saving water

• How can we create awareness among people about saving water?

• How can we protect ram water?

• How can we minimize the use of water?

Nowadays there is a rapid growth in the use of natural resources.

• I would like to discuss with you about natural

• How can we saw natural resources?

• What must our government do to save environment?

• Do you think, our government is working properly to save the environment?

Now I would like to know about your future plans

• What are your future plans?

• What are your expectations from the students?

• What message will you give to the youths about environment? you for your valuable time Wish you best luck for your campaign

10. Write a news report on the ‘Environment Day’ celebrated in your school.


Environment Day was celebrated

Murud, Tuesday, 5 June, Our Reporter

Environment Day was celebrated in our Janta Vidya Mandir, Murud on Tuesday on 5 June with joy and enthusiasm

The principal proposed the idea of celebrating environment day in our school. The function took place on the spacious playground

The purpose of celebration was to create among students as well as people about ‘saving environment the celebration began with the environment rally. Our school student arranged a rally through the village. The chief guest Anna Hazare was also with the students. What d great rally it was! People liked our effort% of environment.

Then tree plantation programme took place in our school. The chief guest planted some trees in our school campus Mr. Vikram Kale was the president of this function. Then the students expressed their ideas of saving environment. Mr. Pravin Patil was honoured with ‘Vrukshmitra award for his contribution in tree plantation campaign. The chief guest and the president stressed the need of saving environment and natural resources. The students liked the celebration of environment day. The students decided to plant and grow minimum a tree. Mr. Chopade Sir anchored the function Mr. Bhosale Sir proposed the vote of thanks. The function was over With Vande Mataram.

In this way, Environment Day was celebrated in Janta Vidya Mandir, Murud. What a memorable function it was !

11. Develop a story with the given ending. Give a suitable title and moral.

Ans :

Tree plantation campaign

Once there was a girl. Her name was Aditi. She was from a wealthy family. She was the student of 10th class. She was a brilliant student in her school. She was a hardworking girl. She was studious but liked to live solitary life.

Once her school undertook tree plantation programme. The school principal informed, “Plant minimum one tree.” All students liked the idea of planting trees. All friends of Aditi were preparing for tree plantation. But Aditi was unwilling to plant trees. She disliked it. She thought that it was a waste of time.

Later a month, the principal enquired about the tree plantation programme. All students informed about their tree plantation Aditi did not spealG1nytlung. The principal asked, ‘Did you plant a tree?’ Aditi replied “NO” The principal asked the reasons. Aditl replied that it was a waste of time. The Principal laughed and informed her the Importance of trees in our life. He told how trees plays a role in our life. The principal said, ‘We can’t live without trees.’ Finally, Aditi agreed to plant trees. She was convinced by the principal. She decided to plant more trees.

In this way, Aditi decided to plant more trees. So, we should plant more trees. We should remember, ‘Trees are our best friends.

12. Just for Laughs!

• Divide the class into two groups. On 12 to 15 slips of paper, Group A writes 12 to 15 conditional clauses beginning with ‘If’.

(For example, If I work very hard,……………)

Group B write 12 to 15 main clauses.)

(For example, I would/shall have a pizza.)

Now, one student from Group ‘A’ reads the first conditional clause (possibility) and one student from Group ‘B’ reads the first main clause. It forms crazy sentences, just for laughter and fun. ENJOY!

Ans: The students should complete this activity in their classes under the guidance of their teachers.

Language Study

1. Match the pairs of Antonyms.


Antonym (Answer)

1. gentle

e) hard

2. impossible

a) possible

3. colossal

b) small

4. short

f) long

5. difficult

d) easy

6. delicate

c) strong

2. Complete the table:
















changeability/ change






organize/ organise



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