Q & A :The Hound of the Baskervilles

Questions & Answers

Q.1: What were Holmes and his group waiting for? Where did they hide?

Ans: Holmes and his group were waiting for Sir Henry to walk out of the house and to catch Stapleton red – handed. They hid behind some rocks.

Q. 2: Why was Watson sent to see what was happening? What did he see?

Ans: Dr. Watson was the partner and assistant of Sherlock Holmes. He knew the places very well so, he was sent to see what was happening. He tiptoed down the path and looked through the window. Sir Henry and Stapleton were sitting at the round table. There was coffee and wine in front of them. Stapleton was talking in a very lively manner but Sir Henry looked pale. There was no light in any other room either.

Q. 3: Why did Holmes consider the fog dangerous?

Ans: A dense white fog hung over an area of deep mud into which one can get sucked and it was slowly moving in his direction. This fog was one was thing that could have upset his plans so, he considered it dangerous.

Q. 4: How did Sherlock Holmes know that Sir Henry was coming out of Merripit House?

Ans: As the fog came curling around the house, Holmes dropped on his knees and put his ear on the ground. He heard Sir Henry’s footsteps and that is how he came to know that Sir Henry was coming out of Merripit House.

Q. 5: Why was Holmes’ group late in rescuing Sir Henry?

Ans: The group had not expected a beast as large and wild as the one that pounced on Sir Henry and it took them a while to collect themselves and rescues Sir Henry.

Q. 6: why were the hound’s jaws coated with phosphorus?

Ans: Phosphorus shines in the dark so, hound’s jaws were coated with phosphorus giving the dog an even more ghostly look.

Q.7: why does Holmes say, “No more adventures tonight”?

Ans: The might had been quite eventful and Sir Henry was still shaking from the experience so, he said so.


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