1. The Magic Teapot

1. The Magic Teapot

1. The Magic Teapot


Li Wang (Grandfather),



Cheng (three Grandsons),


Li Wang’s father.

New words

1. Greedy

2. Wisest

3. Bedside

4. Earthen teapot

5. Magician

6. Ordinary

7. Enchanted

8. Grant

9. Burying

10. Bankrupt

11. Gems

12. Jewels

13. Simultaneously

14. Enrolled

15. knowledge

16. gathering

17. sumptuous

18. relished

19. unending

20. overeating

21. commands

22. worsened

23. disappeared

24. caution

25. renowned

Word Meaning

1. Enchanted: magical

2. Bankrupt: unable to pay debts

3. Munching: eating noisily

4. Gems: precious stones

5. Simultaneously: at the same time

6. Enrolled: officially registered as a student

7. Sumptuous: splendid and expensive

8. Commands: orders

9. renowned: famous

10. folly: foolishness

Extra Meanings (Dictionary Activity)

1. caution – great care, because of possible danger

2. Worsened – ill or unhappy.

3. Greedy – wanting more food and money.

4. Wisest – having the knowledge or experience to make good and sensible decisions and judgments.

5. Bedside – the area that is next to a bed.

6. Earthen teapot – made of earth or baked clay.

7. Magician – a person who performs magic tricks to entertain people.

8. Ordinary – normal; not unusual or different from others.

9. Burying – to put a dead body in the ground.

10. Relished – to enjoy something or to look forward to something very much.

Make your own sentences

1. Greedy – My cousin’s sister is very greedy.

2. Wisest –

3. Magician –

4. Bedside –

5. Enchanted – I have an enchanted Gel pen.

Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from the text.

1. Li Wang had three grandsons.

2 .Li Wang fell sick and knew his end was near.

3. If the teapot broke, all that it had granted would be lost.

4. Cheng enrolled himself in a college.

5. Bao and Heng decided to earn an honest living.

Complete the following sentences.

1. A magician gave the magic teapot to Li Wang’s father when he was a child.

2. Li Wang handed the teapot to Cheng and breathed his last.

3. A year had passed and it was time to wish again from the magic teapot.

4. Cheng became blind, Bao had no food, and Heng’s wealth disappeared.

5. Although Cheng had become blind again, the knowledge he had gained from the books was with him.

Read the given extract and answers the following questions.

A magician gave this teapot to my father when he was a child. It is not an ordinary teapot.

1. Who is the speaker of the above lines and who is he addressing?

Ans: Grandfather Li Wang is the speaker of the above lines. He is addressing these lines to his three grandsons.

2. What was magical about the teapot?

Ans: The earthen teapot was magical because every year it granted three wishes to three people when they held the teapot together and spoke the magical words.

3. Why did the speaker ask them to handle the teapot carefully and wish wisely?

Ans: Grandfather asked his grandsons to handle the teapot carefully and wish wisely because if the teapot broke, all that had been wished for would be lost.

4. Give the antonym of the word ‘ordinary

Ans: extraordinary/exceptional

Answer the following questions.

a) What were the names of Li Wang’s grandsons? What do you know about their nature?

Ans: The names of Li Wang’s grandsons were Cheng, Heng, and Bao. Bao and Heng were lazy and greedy. Cheng was blind but the wisest of all.

b) How was the magic teapot to be used? What warning did Li Wang give his grandsons?

Ans: The three of them had to hold the teapot together and say the magical words ‘Hocus focus blues and reds, three wishes for three heads’, and then state their wishes. Li Wang warned them that the teapot should be used wisely and if the teapot breaks, all that has been granted would be lost at once.

c) What did each grandson wish for and why?

Ans: Cheng wished-for sight as he was blind. Bao wished for food at all times as he was always hungry and Heng wanted a room full of wealth as he was almost bankrupt.

d) What happened to Bao and Heng after a year?

Ans: After a year, Bao fell ill because of overeating and Heng grew tired of spending money. He also began to worry about the thieves stealing his money.

e) How did the magic teapot break?

Ans: When the three of them came to wish again with the teapot, both Heng and Bao wanted the teapot. The war of words led to the magic teapot falling to the ground and shattering to bits.

Answer the following questions in Short.

1. How did Bao fall ill?

Ans: Bao fell ill because of overeating.

2. What was Heng tired of doing? What did he worry about?

Ans Heng was tired of spending his money. He was also worried about thieves stealing his money.

3. Why did Heng and Bao fight?

Ans Heng and Bao fought over the teapot. Each of them wanted to have the teapot for himself.

4. What happened as soon as the teapot fell to the ground?

Ans On falling to the ground, the teapot shattered to bits.

5. What was Grandpa Wang’s words of caution?

Ans Grandpa Wang had warned them that they should not let the teapot break.

6. Did Bao and Heng change their way of living? How?

Ans Yes, Bao and Heng realised their folly and earned their living by honest means.

  1. The Magic Teapot

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