1.1 A Teenager’s Prayer

1.1 A Teenager’s Prayer

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The central idea of the poem: –

(Teenager: age between 13 to 19)

 Teenage or adolescence is a very important age in everyone’s life because it decides the fate or the future of that person. If they go on the right path, it makes their life, as well as others, live better. But, if they go on the wrong path, it is very difficult to bring them back on the right path. Teenagers are always having, learning and a creative mind and a view with a lot of vigour and strength. They are always eager to do the things which may be new for them and in that eagerness sometimes they might go on the wrong path. 
                 The poet tells that God can show him the proper way to the teenager.

(the God in the poem is the symbol of the person’s inner mind or maybe his family or society, where he learns to differentiate the right or just things against the wrong things.

Each day brings new beginnings,
Decisions I must make. 
I am the only one to choose
The road that I will take.

Here the poet speaks as if he is a teenager and wanted to tell the condition of the mind of a teenager. At the very delicate time of his life by saying…
I (the teenager ) have new beginnings each and every day and new things to do,
He tells us that we have to make new decisions about whether they are easy or difficult ones, we ourselves to choose them firmly and we have to decide what way we are going to walk further.

I can choose to take the road of life,

That leads to great success 

Or travel down the darkened road,

That leads to great distress.

Poet is just trying to tell us the dilemma of the teenager’s mind, he(the teenager)has many things in front of him, he has to choose between the two- One path can lead him to the great success if he goes on the positive and right way with great thoughts.
And the other road can lead him to the great distress and gloominess in life.

Please open up my eyes dear Lord,

That I might clearly see 

Help me stand for what is right,

Bring out the best in me.

Here the poet or the teenager requests God to make him the wise to see the things clearly without any partial thought or view to listen to his inner voice.
He just wants to get the help from God to walk on the right path or way to be right and to do right, as he wants to bring out the best from within. 


Help Lord just say “no”

When Temptation comes my way,

That I might keep my body clean

And fit for life each day.



The teenager wants some strength and power to avoid the Temptation he doesn’t want to become weaker in tempting situations. The temptation of the things which might take him to distress.
He wants help to be clean and strong physically as well as clean from within i.e. his body and soul by remaining away from tempting things or the bad things which are always there in a teenager’s life



When my teenage years are over,

I know that I will see  

That life is lived its very best 

With you walking next to me.


 When I will grow young leaving away from my teenage
 I will be happy to know the life I lived in whatever age it is, it is the best with great things and great deeds of success. and I  know it’s only because of you( the God). Because you showed me the right way, path or road,  to do the right and just things.


                                                                     -J Morse

Ans: a) Consult parents/elders [2]

b) Contact friends for advice [4]

c) Pray to god for guidance [5]

d) Think deeply in silence [1]

e) Ask your teacher for help [3]

f) Toss acoin to decide [6]

Ans:1) O, Life! How Strange are your ways?

2) Dear God, please keep me calm in my difficult days.

3) Books! You are my dear companions.

4) Exams! I wish you were never there, never!

5) O, you beautiful sky send all your beauty to the earth.

Margin Questions:

Ans: The age group of the speaker in the poem is 13 to 19.

Ans: 1) Choosing the right path of life lying before him,

2) Deciding if to choose the road that leads to success or to great distress.

Ans: Each day fetches new beginning.

Ans:The person should strictly say ‘no to any temptation that comes in his way.

Ans: The poet wishes the company of the God because, by the time his teenage years are over, he will know that the life he lived under the guidance and the help of the Almighty (God), was the best.

Ans: The poet wishes to maintain his body and keep it clean fit each day, when temptation attracts him to do anything bad or wrong.

Ans:The poet wishes the company of God, in the walk of life.

Ans:new beginnings.

Ans:great success.

Ans: right.


Ans:1) make -take , 2) success- distress,3) see – me, 4) way – day

Ans:iii) abcb


Column A

Column B

1. Decisions, I must make

2. Please open up my eyes, dear Lord

3. Travel down the darkened road

4. I can choose to take the road of life

  • Inversion
  • Apostrophe
  • Alliteration
  • Metaphor

Ans:1) Title: The title of the poem is ‘A Teenager’s Prayer,

2) Poet: The poet of the poem is J. Morse.

3) Figure of speech: Apostrophe, Inversion, Metaphor.

4) Rhyme scheme:‘abcb.’

5) Theme/ Central Idea: The theme of the poem is a teenager’s dilemma about making the right decisions. The responsibility of the choice falls fully on him/her. A wrong decision may ruin the whole life. Hence the teenager in the poem prays to god for His help and guidance.


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