About English For Learner.

Hello! friends, we’ve found the best website for learning English. That is English For Learner which makes it easy to learn English with a fun, in a lot of unique and interesting ways. Plus, when you use these English learning websites, you don’t even feel like you are studying. Instead, it almost turns English practice into a game—no more boring vocabulary and grammar exercises! You can study standard wise Notes, Grammar, Writing Skill, and Important Question Papers.

About Ravindra Sir.

Hi, I am Mr. Ravindra Bhalerao, one of the well-known high school teachers in Mumbai. Teaching is my passion which gives me happiness and contentment. I have completed my 10th & 12th by C.B.S.E board. M.A. B.Ed. (English) Completed TEFL. Course. 

To use Innovative, Creative ideas in teaching learning process is my hobby.

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