Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Using ‘Must’in English Grammar

Modal Auxiliary Verb ‘Should’ In English Grammar

Auxiliary, or helping verbs, are used before infinitives to add a different meaning.

For example, you use auxiliary verbs to say:

* that someone is able to do something,

* that someone is allowed to do something, or

* that someone has to do something.

The helping verbs are can, could, would, should, ought to, will, shall, may, might and must.

     can and could

Use can and could to say that someone is able to do something.

* She can draw really good pictures.

* Philip can run faster than Matt.

* Can you ride a bike?

* Can you help me with my homework?

* She could already read before she started school.

* Our teacher said we could go home early.

* I ran as fast as I could.

* Sarah could not come to the party because she was ill.

You may also use can and could to say that someone is allowed to do something.

* My mom says you can come to our house for dinner.

* Dad says I can’t walk to school on my own.

* You can’t go in there without a ticket.

* Mom said I could have ice cream after my dinner.

* The big sign on the gate said PRIVATE, so we couldn’t go in.

Can and could are also used for asking for information or help, for offering something, and for suggesting something.

* Can you tell me if this train goes to Topeka?

* Could you show me where the accident happened?

* Could you open that window, please?

* You can borrow my pen, if you like.

* Your sister could come with us, if she wanted to.

* I could lend you my football.

* We can go to the library instead.

* You could ask your dad to help us.* John can borrow his brother’s skates.

will and would

Use will and would when you are asking someone to do something.

*Will you please stop making that noise?

* Would you pass me that book, please?

* Please, will you close the door?

You can also use will and would to offer

something or to suggest something.

* Will I hold this end of the rope?

* Will I carry the bag for you?

* Would you like another drink?

* Which cake would you like?

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