1.2 The Fun They Had

1.2 The Fun They Had

1.2 The Fun They Had

Warming Up!

Chit-Chat: –

1. What do you like best about your school?

Ans: My school is specially known for its academic excellence. I like the novel projects of my school about academic development among students. However, I like sports facilities in my school.

2. Do you think school is fun?

Ans: Yes, I think school is fun. I get many amusing and funny situations in my school.

3. Which is the part that you don’t like?

Ans: I don’t like the strict discipline of my school. I think that there should be discipline in school but not too much strict discipline.

4. How often should the teacher give you a test?

Ans: The teacher should give us a test in a month.


1. Listen carefully and write each word in the appropriate column/columns.





bullock carts


earthen stoves






home work

note books

grammar tests

mortar and pestle


ball pens






vacuum cleaners

water on tap

electric lamps










flying cars

bullet trains

hot air


head phones

solar lamps

earth movers

mobile phones

air conditioners

floppy disk


2. Listen to the pronunciation of these words and practise saying them properly yourself.

Ans: This is a practical activity. The students should complete it in their class under the guidance of their teachers.

Margin Questions for Discussion:

1) Can you think of any devices / objects, that came into use in the recent past but are now outdated?

Ans: (1) audio, (2) floppy disks, (3) audio/video cassettes

2) Find an example of outdated devices/words from the list given (text book page no. 5) Think of other examples on your own.

Ans: Black and white T.V.

3) When does the story take place?

Ans: The story takes place on 17 May 2157.

4) What does Margie mean by ‘a real book’?

Ans: According to Margie, ‘a real book’ means a printed book.

5) Margie and Tommy use ‘telebooks’ What are they like?

Ans: Margie and Tommy use ‘telebooks’. They are different from real books. They are electronic. They can be read on computer’s big screen.

6) Margie uses a diary. What would it be like?

Ans: Margie uses a diary. It would be like smart phone, iPad or PDA. They are different from notebook and pen.

7) What do we understand by the words ‘took the teacher apart’?

Ans: The words ‘took the teacher apart’ means – to separate the parts of the mechanical teacher.

8) Which part of the machine did Margie hate most?

Ans: Margie hated most ways the slot where she had to put homework and test papers.

9) What fault did the Inspector repair?

Ans: The Inspector repaired the geography sector. It was geared a little too quick. He slowed it up to an average ten year level. Actually, the overall pattern of her progress was quite satisfactory.

10) What is Margie like as a student – bright, average or below average?

Ans: An average student.

11) Do you think the school described in the ‘book’ existed centuries ago?

Ans: Yes, I think that the school described in the ‘book’ existed centuries ago.

12) Do you think Tommy likes the school in the olden


Ans: Yes, I think Tommy likes the school in the olden days.

13) Is Tommy Margie’s brother or friend? Find the

sentences that help you to decide that?

Ans: Tommy is Margie’s friend. “But my mother says a teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl it teaches and that each kid has to be taught differently.”

14) Would you like your own mechanical teacher? Why?

Ans: No, I would not like my own mechanical teacher because it is not useful in learning together. A mechanical teacher can’t be helpful like human or natural teacher. It can’t discuss like a human teacher. We won’t get joy and love from mechanical teacher.

15) Do you agree with Margie?

Ans: Yes, I agree with Margie.

16) What changes would you like to see in your own school?

Ans: I would like to see the following changes in my own school –

1) Our school should have e-learning classroom.

2) Our school should have more co-curricular activities.

17) Do you have fun playing / studying with your friends? Why?

Ans: Yes, I have always fun playing / studying with my friends because having friends is great fun.

18) Do you play outdoor games?

Ans: Yes, I play outdoor games.

19) Do you have fun playing video / mobile games?

Which games do you play ?

Ans: Yes, I have great fun to play video / mobile games. I would like to play mobile games like Ludo king and MP Run.

English Workshop

1. Use the proper punctuation mark.

(a) Where did you find it

Ans: Where did you find it?

(b) What’s it about

Ans: What’s it about?

(c) They had a teacher

Ans: They had a teacher.

(d) How could a man be a teacher

Ans: How could a man be a teacher?

(e) Sure, if they were the same age

Ans: Sure, if they were the same age.

2. The following sentences have an unusual meaning in the context of the story. Write what these sentences would mean today, and what they mean in the context of the story.

(a) She had been hoping they would take the teacher away altogether.

Ans: Today’s meaning: The teacher may be dismissed or transferred from his present duties or present working place.

Contextual meaning: They would take away computer or machine i.e. mechanical teacher.

(b) They had taken Tommy’s teacher away for nearly a month.

Ans: Today’s meaning: Tommy had no teacher in his class for nearly a month. Teacher was on leave for a month.

Contextual meaning: Tommy’s computer/mechanical teacher was taken away.

(c) It wasn’t a regular teacher. It was a man.

Ans: Today’s meaning: It was not a regular school teacher as an English teacher a Mathematics teacher but it was a common man not a teacher.

Contextual meaning: It was not a mechanical teacher i.e. machine or computer but a human being.

(d) How could a man be a teacher?

Ans: Today’s meaning: A man could be a teacher if he had certain qualities related to teaching profession.

Contextual meaning: It was not possible for a man to be a teacher because man was not machine. Machine could be a teacher not a man.

(e) A teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of eachboy and girl it teaches.

Ans: Today’s meaning: Teacher should teach his learners by understanding their capacities.

Contextual meaning: Mechanical teacher is adjusted according to understanding level of students.

3. Write words related to the following words. (At least ten words each.)


Book: cover page, printing, pictures, examples, presentation, colourful, attractive, A4 size, illustrations, charts, figures.

school: building, playground, office, library, laboratory, computer laboratory, students, teachers, clerks, peons, garden, classroom, books, education.

Family: home, small, relatives, family members, kitchen, garden, communication, caring, sharing, deep understanding, joy, happiness.

4. Discuss: How would you like to learn from a human teacher or a mechanical teacher? Present your arguments in the form of a chart.

Human Teacher



  • Learning with fun, jokes and comic situations
  • Effect of daily mannerism on learners.
  • First hand (natural) and live teaching
  • Understands the problems of learners
  • Maintains healthy relations with learners.
  • Punishment for students.
  • Students have no option to accept certain teacher.
  • Teaches same topic, follows same method for all types of learners.
  • No frequent examinations

Mechanical Teacher



  • Very punctual Frequent examination,
  • frequent evaluation
  • No punishment to learners
  • Adjusted according to age level
  • No unnecessary speaking, to the point teaching
  • Focus on learner’s study.
  • Mechanical experiences, no fun at all
  • No human touch to learners
  • Teaching according to its programme
  • Can’t understand problems of learners
  • Can’t understand learners’ mood and emotions
  • Useful for success in examination not in life

5. Rewrite the following using complete words instead of contracted forms.

(a) …when you’re through.

Ans: When you are through.

(b)…and it’s good for plenty more.

Ans: …and it is good for plenty more.

(c) I wouldn’t throw it away.

Ans: I would not throw it away.


(d) She hadn’t seen as many telebooks.

Ans: She had not seen as many telebooks.

(e) “What’s it about?”

Ans: “What is it about?”

(f) I’ve slowed it up.

Ans: I have slowed it up.

(g) I don’t know.

Ans: I do not know.

(h) It wasn’t a regular teacher.

Ans: It was not a regular teacher.

Language Study

6. Underline the verbs and choose the correct option from the brackets.


1. Margie even wrote about it.

Ans: Past tense

2. Today Tommy found a new book.

Ans: Past tense

3. My father knows as much as my teacher.

Ans: Present tense


1. Margie was scornful.

Ans: Singular

2. This is the old kind of school.

Ans: Singular

3. And the teachers were people..

Ans: Plural

4. Change the verb form according to the change in the subject.

1) I don’t know: Change ‘I’ to ‘She’.

Ans: She does not know

2) My father knows: Change ‘My father’ to ‘We’

Ans: We know.

3) I am following in your footsteps: Change ‘I’ to ‘He’.

Ans: He is following in your footsteps

7. Activity: Live English: Online shopping

a) Read the following conversation between two cousins.

Ans: The students should read this conversation and understand the procedure of online shopping. They should take help of their teachers.

b) Write in a step-by-step manner, how Tejaswini and Santosh bought a gift for Didi online.

Ans: At first Tejaswini and Santosh signed up for online shopping. They registered their names and created their account. Then they chose the product whatever they wanted by browsing on the options. They selected their product to the cart. Then they paid the total amount in cash on delivery of product. Finally, they checked their product when it was delivered to them.

In this way, Tejaswini and Santosh followed steps like sign up, choose, add to cart, pay and take delivery to buy a gift for didi.

c) Use this website (www.chalashikuya.com) to try your hand at a practical/mock trial of online shopping.

Ans: Refer P.No. 12 for the picture of website.

Look at above webpage and tell:

• The name of the website

Ans: www.chalashikuya.com

• What we can buy there

Ans: Books, educational toys, stationery and e-learning.

• The offer on poster colours

Ans: Buy a pack of 8 poster colours and get a paint free

d) Read the following questions and answers. Form pairs and frame similar questions and answers for this website.

Ans: The students should prepare more questions about this website. They should take the help of their teachers if needed.

e) Suppose one of your parents or an older relative wants to know about online shopping and you are explaining how to do it. Write a conversation between you and your parent/relative about it.


(At home)

Mother: Prerna, I am going for shopping. Can you stay at home?

Prerna: No, I can’t stay at home. I have to go to coaching classes.

Mother: But I have to go for shopping.

Prerna: You needn’t go outside for shopping.

Mother: But, how is it possible?

Prerna: You can follow online shopping.

Mother: Online shopping! What is it? I don’t know. Can tell me?

Prerna: Online shopping is a very simple job. You can buy anything through our computer or smartphone.

Mother: Wow! An excellent idea! What can I do first?

Prerna: You can sign up and create your account.

Mother: OK. But what can I do after creating my account?

Prerna: Then you should select the product of your choice from the given categories.

Mother: Well! I will choose my product. Can you tell about next step of online shopping?

Prerna: You must add the selected product to the cart.

Mother: But how can I pay for the product?

Prerna: You have two options of payment. You can pay via online banking or debit card or pay after receiving delivery of product.

Mother: How will the product reach to our house?

Prerna: It will reach to our house by courier. You will get it within ten days.

Mother: Oh! It is a very simple job. I will follow online shopping. Thank you Prerna.

Prerna: You are welcome.

e) Form pairs. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping and fill the following table.



Time saving

Money saving

Save physical


No time limitations

Benefits of online

deals and


Delay in delivery

Uncertain shipping


Possibility of

damaging in

transport / shipping

No option if one

dislikes product

f. Write a paragraph on ‘Online Shopping’ using the points in the above table.

Ans: Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping Nowadays there is a rapid growth in online shopping. It has been proving beneficial for the consumers. However, there are some disadvantages of online shopping.

There are many good things in online shopping. We can save our time by using online shopping. It is also useful to save our money. However, online shopping saves our physical efforts of visiting different shops. Online shopping is open for twenty-four hours. So, there are no time limitations in online shopping. Let us follow online shopping. We can get benefits of deals and promotions.

There are some disadvantages of online shopping. There may be delay in the delivery of product. However, there may be damage of product in transport. The consumers are unaware about shipping charges. They have to face heavy shipping charges. If the consumer does not like the product, there is no option before him.

In this way, there are some advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

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