The Pushkar Fair Questions & Answers Class 4th

The Pushkar Fair Questions & Answers Class 4th

The Pushkar Fair Questions & Answers Class 4th

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Kumbh Mela: Kumbh Mela is a very big fair and the largest gathering of Hindu pilgrims, celebrated every twelve years at four holy places Prayag (Allahabad), Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik. The grand event held by rotation, on the banks of the sacred river Godavari, Kshipra, Yamuna and the Ganga.

बिहार: इस बार नहीं लगेगा हरिहर क्षेत्र का विश्‍व प्रसिद्ध सोनपुर मेला,  मंत्री ने कही यह बात world famous Sonepur fair of Harihar region will not  be held brvj – News18 Hindi World famous 'Sonepur mela'' begins in Bihar

Sonepur Mela (Fair): The Sonepur Cattle fair held on November-December in Sonepur, Bihar. Haathi Bazaar is one of the major attraction of the fairs, where elephants are lined up for sale. Apart from this, all breeds of buffaloes, donkeys, ponies and birds are also available for sale.

Kolayat Fair Bikaner Rajasthan | Festival Dates 2020 & Things to See | RJ  Tourism File:Mela in Pakistan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Kolayat Fair: Kolayat Fair also known as Kapil Muni Fair is the another largest cattle fair held in the month of September-October in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. The major attraction of the fair is when thousands of devotees take a sacred dip in Kolayat lake and float several lit oil lamps in the water.

Identify the correct word for the given phrase.

sacred, finery , traditional, heritage, traded

  1. buy and sell goods and services: traded
  2. as part of a tradition: traditional
  3. considered to be holy and deserving respect: sacred
  4. property that is or may be inherited: heritage
  5. Expensive clothes or decoration: finery

Q. 3. 
Name the fairs that are held in your area.

Ans: Gangaur Fair, Teej Fair, Vijaya Dashmi Fair etc.

What do you call the fair in which there is lots of camel?

We call that Camel fair.


A. Say whether the following statements are True or False

1. In our state fairs are held throughout the year. ( ) 

Ans: True
2. Only local people visited the fair. ( ) 

Ans: False
3. Only camels are traded in the fair.( ) 

Ans: False
4. There were shop selling different things in the fair.( ) 

Ans: True
5. People like the camel dance and parade. ( ) 

Ans: True

B. Answer the following questions:

Q.1. Where is the temple of Lord Brahmma situated?

Ans: The temple of Lord Brahmma is situated at Pushkar in Ajmer.

Q. 2. How many camels are sold and bought in the camel fair of Pushkar?

Ans: Over 25,000 camels are sold and bought in the camel fair of Pushkar.

Q.3. Where is the Gangaur fair organized?

Ans: The Gangaur fair is organized in Jaipur.

Q.4. Why do people visit the Pushkar Lake?
People visit the Pushkar Lake to take a holy dip in it 

Q. 5. Write down what Pushkar is famous for?
Pushkar is famous for the camel fair, Pushkar Lake and the temple of Lord Brahmma. 

Q. 6.Which is the world’s largest fair?
Ans: The camel fair of Pushkar (Ajmer) is the world’s largest camel fair.


A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B



came back 

well known
of one’s own country




came back 

of one’s own country



well known

B. Complete the blanks by filling in the missing letters:



1. f_ir 
2 . p_ople 
3. c_rc_
4 . g_rd_n 
5. m_ ust_ che 
6. p_r_de 

1. fair 
2. people
3. circus 
4. garde
5. moustache 
6. parade 

C. Choose the words from the box and fill in the blank in each sentence. 

traded, foreign, famous, city, competitions

1. Pushkar is known as a city of temples. 
2. Lots of camel are traded in the Pushkar fair. 
3. Jodhpur is a famous historical city.
4. Many competitions are held during the tournaments. 
5. Lots of foreign as well as native visitors visit the Pushkar fair every year. 

D. Arrange the letters in correct order to form meaningful words.

ceaml : camel
wmoen : women
viist : visit
dnaec : dance
tepmel : temple


A. Study the following sentences:

1. The camel fair of Pushkar is held on Kartik Purnima every year. 
2. Cultural shows, and exhibitions are also organized in this fair. 

Ans: In these above sentences the objects are the focus of our attention rather than the subjects (doer). The sentence in which the object comes at the place of the subject is in the passive voice. The above sentences are in the present simple passive voice. 

B. Write sentences with the help of the given words:

road / repaired/ every year.
Roads are repaired every year. 

1. vegetables/sold/in the market every day. 
2. streets/ cleaned every day morning.
3. English / spoken / in the world. 
4. trees/ watered / in the garden. 
5. houses/ decorated/ on the Deepawali day.
6. clothes/ sewn/ by the tailors. 
7. teal prepared/ by my servant. 
8. a book / written by an author.
9. the library/ opened daily. 

1. Vegetables are sold in the market everyday. 
2. Streets are cleaned every day morning. 
3. English is spoken in the world.
4. Trees are watered in the garden. 
5. Houses are decorated on the Deepawali day. 
6. Clothes are sewn by the tailors. 
7. Tea is prepared by my servant 
8. A book is written by an author.
9. The library is opened daily. 

C. Write the correct form of each verb given in bracket:

1. Food is cooked (cook) by my mother. 
2. Houses are whitewashed (whitewash) at Deepawali. 
3. Many things are sold (sell) in the market.
4. Houses are built (build) with bricks and cement 
5. Rubbish is thrown (throw) into a dustbin.
6. Thieves are caught (catch) by the police. 


  1. Speak out one word for the group of words spoken by the teacher, the first letter of the word is given. 

    A big town: city
    2. The city of temples: Pushkar
    3. Twelve months make a: Year
    4. Camels, horses, oxen, cows: Livestock
    5. Boys, girls, babies, etc: Children
    6. Belonging to our country: Native


You live in Sundargram village. Every year a fair is held near your village. Write sentences in a paragraph. You may take help of the hints given below.

1. Name of your village… 
2. The place where the fair was held.
3. How you reached the fair? (by bus/by train) 
4. With whom did you go to visit the fair? 
5. What did you see there at the fair? 
6. How were the people dressed? (colourful clothes) 
7. What did the shops sell? (many things) 
8. What were the people doing? (buying, toys, sweets, clothes, pots and pans, fruits, many other things) 
9. Name the things of entertainment there in the fair (circus, merry-go
rounds, puppet shows, dances) 
10. What did you buy? (toys, sweets) 
11. When and how did you return home? (in the evening, by bus) 

I live in Sundargram village. Every year a fair is held near Beer temple. I reached the fair by bus. There were my brother, sister and friends with me. We saw their cultural shows and exhibitions, merry-go-rounds, rows of shops etc. Many things were sold on the shops. The people were in colourful clothes. They were buying toys, sweets, clothes, pots and pans, fruits and many other things. There were circus, merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, dances etc. for entertainment. I also bought toys and sweets. I returned home with my brother and sister by bus in the evening.

Seen Passages


Last year I went to visit my uncle in Ajmer in the month of Kartik (October November). As I am very much interested in visiting fairs, I asked my uncle to tell me the names of the fairs held in our state. He told me that in our state different fairs are celebrated on different occasions throughout the year. The Beneshwar Dham fair of Dungarpur, the Gangaur fair of Jaipur, the Baba Ramdev fair of Ramdevra (Jaisalmer), the Karnimata, fair of Deshnok (Bikaner), the Jhantala Mata fair of Chittorgarh, the Dussehra fair of Kota and the Camel fair of Pushkar (Ajmer) are some of the well-known fairs of Rajasthan. 

Q. 1-2. Answer the following questions in English.

1. Where did the writer go to visit his uncle? 

Ans: The writer went to visit his uncle in Ajmer.
2. Where is the Baba Ramdev fair organized? 
Baba Ramdev fair is organised at Ramdevra in Jaisalmer. 

Passage 2.

The Camel fair of Pushkar is held on Kartik Purnima every year. Over 25,000 camels along with other livestock such as oxen, horses, cows, and buffaloes are traded, making this the world’s largest camel fair. Pushkar is also known as a city of temples. There are about 500 temples in this city. Among them the temple of Brahmma is famous all over the country. It is visited by lots of devotees every year. There is the famous Pushkar Lake which is visited by thousands of devotees every year to take a holy dip in it. There are lots of rose gardens in which various types of roses are grown and sold. 

Q. 1-2. Answer the following questions in English:

1. When is the Camel fair of Pushkar is held?

Ans: The Camel fair of Pushkar is held on Kartik Purnima every year.
2. Where is the temple of Brahmma situated? 
The temple of Brahmma is situated in Pushkar. 

Passage 3.

On the Kartik Purnima day, my uncle took me to the grand camel fair. Reaching the fair site, we saw lots of camels, horses, buffaloes, etc. We also saw rows of shops, selling sweets, fruits, eatables, toys, crockery, shoes, pots and pans and jewellery, etc. There were people of almost all the castes and creeds there. They were in their attractive clothes and looked cheerful. Children and adults enjoyed swinging in the merry – go – rounds, watching films, circus and puppet shows. The fair presented a wonderful scene. I bought some toys and sweets for my brother and sister. We all returned home happily. 

Questions: 1-2. Answer the following questions in English

Where did your uncle take you on the Kartik Purnima day? 

Ans: My uncle took me to the grand camel fair on the Kartik Purnima day.
2. How did you all return home from the camel fair? 
We all returned home happily from the camel fair. 

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