Questions & Answers Someone Poem

Questions & Answers  Someone Poem

Word Meaning

wee: very small in size:

nought: nothing: 

stirring: moving: 

beetle: an insect:

screech: a loud unpleasant sound: 

cricket: a small jumping insect that makes a loud sound:

whistling: making a musical tune with lips: 

dew: a very small drop of water that falls on the ground:

Textual Questions

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative:

(i) The door was

  (a) big

  (b) small

  (c) wide

(ii) The poet looked

  (a) backward and forward

  (b) up and down

  (c) to left and right

(iii) The busy beetle was tap-tapping in the

  (a) wall

  (b) door

  (c) window

(iv) The cricket was

  (a) singing

  (b) whistling

 (c) chirping

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Someone came knocking at the poet’s wee, small door.

(b) There was no stirring in the still, dark night.

(c) The poet heard the screech-owl’s call from the forest.

(d) The poet did not know at all who came knocking at his door.

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

Who do you think came knocking at the poet’s small door?

Ans: The poet was sure that someone was knocking on his door. Again he could feel something uncanny in the stillness and darkness of the night. Mysterious surroundings prevailed. So the uncertain knocking on the door actually heightens the supernatural atmosphere.

Activity 4

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

WhoDid What
(i) Someoneknocked at the poet’s small door.
(ii) Beetletap-tapped on the wall.
(iii) Owlscreeched from the forest.
(iv) Cricketwhistled.

Activity 5 

Answer the following questions:

(a) What did the poet do after he heard the knocking on the door?

Ans: The poet listened, opened the door and looked left and right.

(b) What was the night like?

Ans: The right was still and dark.

(c) Name the insect mentioned in the poem.

Ans: Beetle and cricket are the insects mentioned in the poem.

(d) Why does the poet use the expression ‘at all thrice in the last line of the poem?

Ans: The poet used the expression ‘at all’ thrice in the last line of the poem to suggest that he did not know who came knocking. But the still, dark night gave him a mysterious feeling that there was someone knocking on the door.


1. Choose the correct answer and complete the sentences:

a)  small (small/big) door.

b)  dark (dark/bright) night.

c) Only the busy (lazy/busy).

d)  opened (opened/closed) the door.


Answer: knocking, screech, whistling

3. Match the word.


     wee     –    tiny

     listen   –    hear

     look     –   watch

     forest   –    jungle

     call      –    cry


Ten little fingers, ten little toes,

Two little ears and one little nose,

Two little eyes that shine so bright

And one little mouth

To kiss mother good night.

5. Let’s read:

    What is your name?
    How old are you?
    Who knocked at the door one night?
    Who opened the door?
    How did you feel to see the dog?


a) Yes, Nitin is opening the door.
Is Nitin opening the door?

b) No, a dog can’t knock at a door.
    Can a dog knock at a door?

c) Yes, a little dog was scratching the door with its paws.
    Was a little dog scratching the door with its paws?

d) Yes, I brought it inside.
     Did you bring it inside?


    Was he happy?

    Where is your book?

    When are you going?

    How old are you?

    Which school do you go to?

    Why are you crying?


Eight little fingers standing tall,

Two little ears to hear mummy call (roll/call)

One little nose that I can blow,

Ten little toes, all in a row. (raw/row)

9. You may have heard the story “The Cap Seller and the Monkeys”. Sit in groups and write the story. Some clues are given below. Use them and complete the story:

10. Look at this sentence.


a)  as sweet as honey.

b)  as white as snow. 

c)  as proud as a peacock.

d)  as brave as tiger.

12. In the grid below there are at least fifteen describing words. Find and circle them. Then make sentences with any five of them:


Tall: Ram is a very tall boy.

Green: Leaves are green.

Short: Rita is a short girl.

Wise: He is very wise.

Black: Coals are black.

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