Speech Writing

Speech Writing

Speech is an address or a talk or expression of ideas or views given in public. Very often we hear speeches given by great men and women. We are often inspired by their words of wisdom. Speeches are also given on special occasions and events.

*Things to remember before giving a speech:

I) Always address the audience before you begin talking on the topic.

2) Address the dignitaries present based on the protocol i.e. significance of the post held by them.

3) Start your speech with a beautiful introduction.

4) Let there be a variety in the ideas expressed. Include humorous anecdotes and personal experiences to make your speech interesting.

5) Keep it interactive, wherein the audience is forced to think about the ideas expressed by you.

6) Conclude in a logical manner after you cover all the aspects of the topic.

*For Impressive Speech:

  • Speak whenever you can.
  • Positive attitude, above all else is important
  • Feel confident, display confidence.
  • Appearance matters. Put your best foot forward.
  • Practice leads to perfection. Practise hard.
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan your ideas .

*Steps towards drafting better speech:

l) Read the topic well.

2) Organise the ideas related to the topic by eliminating the ones which are not very important or relevant.

3) In your rough draft, replace ordinary words with words which are specific and ones which will be etched in the minds of the reader.

4) Your sentence formation may be simple, but it should be grammatically correct.

5) Use Imagery and word pictures wherever possible.

6) Avoid controversial statements.

7) Begin and end on a positive note.


  1. A speech to be delivered

on Independence Day.


Respected Head-Mistress, teachers and my dear friends, Greetings on the occasion of the Independence Day.

Let us for a moment remember with gratitude all the great men and women who sacrificed their life for the independence of our country, our motherland. Let us also remember the member of our Armed Forces who are working tirelessly to safeguard our country from all dangers. It is rightly said that freedom needs guardians. We must safeguard it at all cost.

Since independence we have been a developing nation. The time has come to intensify our efforts to become a developed nation in the truest sense. Each one of us must do our part to take our nation on the path of progress and prosperity.

We should together work to solve the problems of our society – both social and economic faced by our country. Since independence we have achieved and accomplished

many things. We have made scientific advancements and technological progress. We are showing growth in many areas. Together on this Independence Day let us pledge to take our nation to even greater heights of glory. As students let us remember the words of Dr AP J Abdul Kalam:

“The country does not deserve anything less than success from us, let us aim for success.”

Together we can and we will make a difference!

Thank you.


A speech on the occasion of the

Farewell Party to your teacher.


Respected Head-Mistress, teachers and my dear friends,

I am honoured to express my feelings for our teacher Mrs. Moraes, one of our best teachers. The teacher who believed in the principle of ‘Leaming by doing’. her class was always filled with laughter and joy.

She made learning so simple. She was loving, caring and affectionate at all times. She always reminded us, “Education is not about marks. It is what a fine individual you are at the end of the educational process.”

She nurtured in us the qualities of determination, dedication, commitment and positive attitude. She always had our best interest in her mind and armed us with the strength to become successful individuals and great human beings. We will always cherish the beautiful lessons of life you imparted.

Our pillar of strength, you will be missed madam. We will always remember your words.

“In whatever you do. Aim to excel,

For what’s worth doing,

Is worth doing well.

May you be happy and healthy at all times. The gentlest person we know madam, you will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you, teacher, for all that you have done for us.

Thank you.

(3) A speech to be delivered on the occasion of

World Environment Day


Respected Head-Mistress, teachers and my dear friends,

Today is World Environment Day.

Observed every year, on 5th June, it is an initiative by the United Nations· to raise awareness about environmental problems and the need to conserve. preserve and protect the environment. The environmental problems in the form of deforestation, soil erosion,

pollution. extinction of animals, depletion of ozone layer etc. are on a rise. On this day we should pledge to become selfless and become more responsible toward s the environment we are a part of.

Tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives. creating awareness regarding the ill-effects of pollution etc. are a few simple steps we can take to stop environmental deterioration. It .is high time we take responsibility of OUJ action and take charge of the environment.

We have to understand 1that nature is giving us warning regarding the natural balance which is upset due to o u r thoughtless actions. We shou Id sustain the beauties and bounties of nature as we walk on tl1e path of development. The harm is already done, undoing it is impossible. We can surely rectify our mistakes by not repeating them. Let us remember the words of Gandhiji: “There is enough in this world for everyone’s nee d but not for everyone’s greed.”

As responsible world citizens. let us resolve to work towards a greener world. a heathy environment. The future lies in our responsible actions. Let us remember: • We have not inherited planet from our ancestors but borrowed it from our future generations.’

Let us handle it with care.

Thank you,

What is a speech?

*A speech is a form of communication in spoken language, made by a speaker before an audience for a given purpose.

*To deliver a speech is an oral communication skill because a speech is meant to be delivered before an audience.

However in Activity Sheet for Std. X, you are asked to write a speech.

Before you go any further you need to know:

WHO you are writing your speech for (the audience)

WHAT your speech is going to be about (its topic and occasion)

HOW long it needs to be (the word limit)

The purpose of the speech.

How to write a speech?

Here are a few tips to draft a speech:

1. Begin with a strong introduction. Open with a big statement that will grab the attention of the audience. Opening with important remarks will immediately catch the attention of the audience. You can begin with a quotation. You can also begin your speech with a shloka or a stanza from a poem.

a. “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now that time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” (Beginning of “Tryst with Destiny” a speech delivered by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, to the Indian Constituent Assembly in The Parliament, on the eve of India’s Independence, towards midnight on 15 August 1947)

b. “Today I am going to tell you three stories of my life. Just three.” (Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple began his address to students in Stanford University with these words)

2. Use ‘we’, ‘our’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘my’ or ‘you’. For example, do not say ‘It is your duty…’, say ‘It is our duty….’ Your audience will feel more included and will agree with you.

3. Develop the body of the speech. This part should contain the main points of the issue and support for each one.

Speech writing

Guru—online, 25/7/2021 issue No. 6: Page No. 16

4. End with a firm conclusion. Conclude with a summarizing what you want to say. Leave the audience with a question to think over.

5. Always end your speech on a positive note. Take care that the audience should not leave carrying a negative note.

Some other tips to prepare a speech:

• Use communicative tone

• Use Rhetorical Questions

• Use simple and easy to understand language

• Use discourse markers / linkers

• Pay attention of grammatical correctness.

Dear friends,

Our interest should decide our career. We do something because we have to do it and we do something because we like to do it. The things that attract our attention spontaneously or which we like to do often are our interests. What we do in our leisure shows our interest. For example some like to read books, some like to draw or paint while others like to play outdoor games. So their interest could be reading, painting or playing.

Hobbies and interests play a vital role in our life. If our interests are developed in their natural way, they lead us to our career. If our interest is related with our work, it will be a source of joy for us, isn’t it? Often students do not give importance interest when they choose course of study, is it fair?

So friends, I would like to suggest you to develop some hobby or interest. Your interest may be intellectual, practical, social, aesthetic and athletics. Every interest has a profession for it. So find your interest. Develop it. Seek career of your interest and get joy from your work. Wish you all the best.

How to achieve success in life?

Honourable president, chief guest, respected judges, my beloved teachers and my friends, I would like to express myself on How to achieve success in life?’. As we know that success is journey and not destination. I would like to say that success is not a one day matter. It is the reward of hard work and constant efforts.

I would like to tell you that we should follow the examples of successful people. There are many examples of successful people in our society like Baba Amte, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Mahatma Phule, Savitribai Phule, Dhirubhai Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar etc. It is our duty to follow all those successful people in our life. Let us get encouragement from them. We should do whatever they did. Let us follow their paths.

Remember my friends, getting success requires many things. Some qualities are needed to be successful in life. Setting achievable goal is an important thing in getting success. Whatever goals we have set, they must be within our mental and physical capacity. Moreover, we should have passion to achieve the goal. Planning is the most

important factor in achieving success. Glorious and splendid success is the result of planning and time management. Remember that planning always rewards with success. Do proper time management of each and every activity.

Knowledge or information is an important thing in achieving success. We should have detail knowledge of task which we have undertaken. Proper guidance is the part and parcel of success. We must get proper guidance from proper person. Confidence is the secret of success. We should have confidence in our abilities and efforts. Moreover, we should have confidence in our abilities and efforts. Moreover, sacrifice is an integral part of success. Remember, No sacrifice, No success’. We should cultivate positive thinking. We should frankly admire Someone’s skills and abilities. However, we should accept our mistakes gracefully. We must learn from our mistakes. Let us avoid the repetition of same mistake, on other hand we must have never give up attitude.

It would like to tell you that success is the ladder of practice, hard work, perseverance, dedication, determination and devotion. Let us make the lad der of all those qualities and reach the highest point of success.

Thank you.

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