Add a clause to expand the sentence meaningfully.
(1)You will get success. (July 2019)
You will get success, if you try again and again.

(2) The man lost his bag.
The man lost his bag which was full of money.
(3) If you read books.

 If you read books, you will get knowledge.

(4) I know the reason.
I know the reason why he is unable to attend the class.

(5) He failed in SSC exam.
    He failed in SSC exam because he didn’t study well.

(6) I know the boy. (August 2022)                                                                                     
     I know the boy who is a very poor.

 (7) I don’t know. (Sept. – 2021)
I don’t know why he is so upset today.

(8) I saw a beautiful girl.
  I saw a beautiful girl who was travelling on the bus.

(9) He completely forgot.
       He completely forgot what his father told him to do.

(10) The students jumped with joy.
       The students jumped with joy when they won the match.

(11) We went into our classroom. 
       We went into our classroom when the bell rang.
(12) There is a library.
       There is a library where you can find books on law.
(13) This is the house.
      This is the house where I live with my parents.
(14) This is the school. (March 2020)
This is the school where I completed my secondary education.
(15) The man lost his bag.
    The man lost his bag which he had bought yesterday.
(16) I met a newspaper boy.
      I met a newspaper boy who is an orphan.
(17) I forgot my mobile.
      I forgot my mobile which was very costly.
(18) I offered him a peeled banana.
      I offered him a peeled banana because he was very hungry.
(19) They were laughing.
     They were laughing because they were watching comedy serial.
(20) She had an attack of small pox.
       She had an attack of small pox which spoiled her face.
(21) I saw a lovely girl.
      I saw a lovely girl who was hobble in the aisle.
(22) I don’t understand.
     I don’t understand why he should leave his home.
(23) I know of a sweeper-boy.
     I know of a sweeper-boy who was very honest.
(24) We watched the latest movie. (March -2019)      
We watched the latest movie which was released yesterday.

(25) We selected three pieces.
    We selected three pieces that were cheap and nice.
(26) We visited the place.
    We visited the place which was full of natural beauty.
(27) I saw a boy. (March – 2022)
I saw my friend who was in trouble.
(28) The police caught the man.
    The police caught the man who was a thief.
(29) We saw the woman.
    We saw the woman who was working in the hotel. 
(30) I saw an injured boy.
    I saw an injured boy who was bleeding profusely.

(31) We saw an aeroplane.
    We saw an aeroplane which was flying in the sky.
(32) I read a story.
    I read a story which was very horrible.
(33) Sadanand was absent yesterday.
    Sadanand was absent yesterday because he was not feeling better.
(34) I saw a snake.
   I saw a snake which was very poisonous.
(35) This is a teacher.
   This is a teacher who teaches us English.

(36) I know a doctor. (November -2020)
I know a doctor who is very popular in our town.
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