1.2 The Theif’s Story

1.2 The Theif’s Story

1.2 The Thief’s Story _ Ruskin Bond

Warming Up !

Chit – Chat Activites :

1. Read the following incident.

Lokesh had always been a class-topper in tests and examinations. However, invariably, he used foul means during exams to gain those high marks. Once, on the day of History examination, Lokesh realized that his classmate and friend Farhan came all prepared for Maths instead of History. Farhan had become desperate. So Lokesh offered to let him copy from his answer-sheet, since Farhan sat just behind him. Farhan refused. He said, ‘It’s all right even if I get a zero, but I can call it my own zero. I do not want to score a single mark, unearned. Cheating in exams is for cowards. Not me!’’ These words were a turning point in Lokesh’s life. He gave up cheating for ever. He worked hard for what he desired and never, ever used false measures to acquire anything.

(a) In the given story, which words/phrases can be replaced by the following ones?

(i) became aware : realized

(ii) always : invariably

(iii) very upset and helpless : desperate

(iv) cheating : foul means

(v) without working for it : unearned

(vi) a sudden change : a turning point

(vii) gain/achieve : acquire

(b) Summarize the incident in 6 to 8 lines making Lokesh, the narrator:

Begin with: ‘I was always a class topper.


I was always a class topper in tests and examinations. However. I have to accept that I invariably used false means to gain those high marks. Once, on the day of the History examination, Farhan became desperate as he had come prepared for Maths. Instead of History. I offered to let him copy from my answer sheet, but Farhan refused. Saying that he did not want to score a single unearned mark, and that cheating was for cowards. This was the turning point in my life, and from that day I gave up cheating and learnt to work hard for whatever I wanted.

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