Activity No. 01 Part :01

Part : 02

Read the Sentence & Guess the Missing Word

Activity No. 02 : Read the News Headline & Guess..?

Activity 3

Summarize a story, play, conversation informative speech

Activity 04

How to write a summary from given descriptive Paragraph or story ?

Activity No.05

How to write a summary on Conversation/ Dialogue?

Activity No.06

Read the Story & Retell : Bridge Course Activity

Activity No.07

Listen to the story & Reflect on What is heard

Activity 08(Part 01)

To Communicate in a better Way With Proper Expressions

Activity No.08 Part 02

How to express Personal Opinion

Activity No. 09

How to write a Profile?

Activity No.10

How to express a personal opinion through debating?

Activity No. 11

How to frame w-h Questions?

Activity No.12

How to frame W-H Question after looking at picture or Text?

Bridge Course Activity Practice Test Paper No.01 Marks : 20

Activity No.13

How to use W-h Words in different Context?

Activity No. 14

How to support politely through communication?

Activity 15

How to use appreciating Words through the Communication/Dialogue?

Activity No.16

Read the Dialogue & Find Displeasure to pleasure ending

Activity No.17

How to Find Out Central Idea of the passage Through reading

Activity No.18

How to understand a new concept through reading passage?

Activity No.19

To understand concept of reading passage

Activity No.20

How to improve English Vocabulary?

Activity No.21

How to use expressions( Phrases )in a sentence?

Activity No.22

Learn Vocabulary Related activities

Activity No.23

To understand new Constructions of Sentences

Activity No.24

To Understand through Reading

Std.10th Practice Test Paper No.02(Bridge Course Activity) Marks: 20 Sub:English #EnglishForLearners

Activity No.25

How to understand Homophones?( To avoid spelling mistakes)

Activity No.26

How to use correct preposition?

Activity No.27

How to write Formal Letter?(Application Letter)

Activity No.28

How to converse Effectively in Different Context?

Activity No. 29

How to participate Confidently in Formal & Informal Discussion?

Activity No.30

How to develop healthy & good relationship with others?

Final Practice Test Paper No.03 (Bridge Course Activity)

Activity No.31

How to write an essay writing in English?

Activity No.32

Writing Skill : Essay Writing

Activity No.33

How to express thoughts & ideas Coherently & Effectively?

Std.10th Bridge Course Activity 34

Difference between idiomatic expressions & Quotations

Activity No.35

How to frame probing Question?

Activity No.36

Frame Interview Question?

Activity No.37

Dialogue Writing in English(Writing Skill)

Activity No.38

Activity No.39

Activity No.40

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