Examples of Blog Writing

Examples of Blog Writing

Examples of Blog Writing

Blog Writing Examples
How to Write a Perfect Blog Post: 8 Formatting Tips to Craft a Great Post

Q.1 Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words:

‘Personality Development

Ans: Personality Development

Nowadays there is a craze among every individual about personality Development. Then arise a question what’s personality? An individual’s behaviour towards others, attitude characteristics and mindset make his personality. Personality Development is a process of enhancing one’s personality. Personality development is a very significant issue for every individual. Personality development is very useful for personal and professional life. Personality development keeps us happy and healthy. It reduces stress and conflicts in day-to-day life. It enables us to look brighter side of life. It cultivates a positive attitude in life. It makes us an optimistic individuals. It enables us to inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn new things, friendly and cooperative nature, eagerness to help others etc. An individual with an impressive personality stands apart from others. t makes confident. An individual with a good personality is always respected and appreciated. So personality development is a credit side of every individual. How to develop personality is a major question in every individual’s mind. I would like To Suggest some tips to develop a personality. Our daily activities are useful to develop our attitude. Smiling a lot develops your personality. Smile Wins the toughest soul. A smile is a curve line that sets everything straight. Think in a positive way about everything to develop your personality. One should dress sensibly and smartly. A well-reused individual is respected and liked by all. Being soft-spoken or polite develops your Avoid backbiting means commenting on anyone in Confidence and being a patient listener are personal Let’s develop our personality wherever we go. personality. Leave your ego absence.

Social Dynamics

2. Developing helpful nature, having important tors in the development of e a blog in about 100 to 150 words on ‘Social Dynamic the help of these qualities.

Ans: Social Dynamics

Nowadays there is rapid growth in social dynamics. Social dynamics means the speed, and motion of social changes. Change is the law of nature. Everything is changing with the passage of time. Society is no exception to it. The process of social change is taking place every now and then. Social dynamics studies how those changes take place in our society. Social dynamics is a need of time. It is necessary to change the living standard of society. Social behaviour and thinking of different sections in society are always changing. Social dynamics is a feature that keeps society active and changing How social changes take place is a matter of wide discussion. Among many factors of social dynamics, education is a key factor. Almost all strata of society are getting an education. They become aware of their present status and decide to change themselves. Following the examples of great people from other sections of society plays an important role in social dynamics. Great people motivate other people to change their present position. Starting any business will change the status of society. Observation of others changes the social position. Social dynamics is a continuous or unending process. Social dynamics make the overal1 development of society. Let us encourage the social dynamics process.


‘Communication Skills

3. Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on ‘Communication Skills.

Ans: Communication Skills

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the need and importance of communication skills. Communication skills are vital life skills. They are very important in all aspects. These skills are basic skills to be successful in life. If you wish to apply for a job, you need communication skills. Your academic achievements are secondary to gaining any job but your communication skills are of primary importance. If you are looking for a promotion, your communication skills are observed. Your progress in your career depends on understanding your communication skills. communication skills are nothing but your ability to speak clearly, patiently and fluently Good communicator must have the skill of listening patiently. You must have the ability to understand any question properly and write whatever you wish with clarity. The success of personal relationships depends on good communication. Good communication leads to successful personal relationships. It creates a bond of trust, faith and love among all relations. Failure to talk breaks down a family relationship. We often speak or listen about breaking down personal relations due to a lack of proper communication. If you wish to be a good communicator, start today. Experience and practice are the best way to improve your communication. You should get feedback on your communication from an honest friend. Attending communication skill workshops and classes is a fruitful way to improve communication skills. Seek opportunities to communicate wherever and whenever possible. To sum up, communication skills are nothing but understanding others and being understood. Let us improve our communication skills.

‘ Health and fitness

4. Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on Health and fitness.

Ans: Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are two concepts that go hand in hand. Health means the well-being of our body and mind. When the normal functions of our body are well, we are healthy persons. Being healthy is real wealth. Our physical and mental fitness is totally dependent on our healthy bodies. Hence, Health and fitness go hand in hand. We cannot achieve our health as we wish. Our physical environment and quality of food intake determine our health. We require a pollution-free environment. The quality of food, air and water affects our health. We must insist on nutritious food including proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Let us avoid uneven quantities of food. Healthy food habits prevent us from different diseases and keep us stress-free. Daily routine exercise is useful for maintaining health and fitness. It improves muscle power. It assures a good oxygen supply to our body. It makes the proper blood flow. It makes bones strong. It creates pain-free joints. Morning walk improves our fitness level. Meditation and yoga keep us physically and mentally at Concentration levels. Yoga makes us stress-free however, it improves endurance, and the power of the mind. strong. Meditation increases It controls blood pressure. Leading a healthy lifestyle leads to happiness, success and achievements. If we are physically fit and healthy, we lead a happier life. Let us maintain our physical and mental health to achieve fitness in our life.

‘ Yoga and Meditation’

5. Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on’ Yoga and Meditation’.

Ans: Yoga and Meditation

Nowadays maximum people are turning and practising yoga and meditation to lead a stress-free life. Even people in the medical field are recommending their patients follow yoga and meditation. The immediate reason for it is that there are certain benefits of yoga Though it has been practised for five thousand years, it has maintained its importance and effectiveness in the world of information and nd meditation. technology. Yoga and meditation are very useful in today’s busy life. Yoga keeps you stress-free. It makes us healthy and fit. It improves metabolic functions in our bodies. It controls blood pressure. However, it strengthens the functioning of the heart. It keeps you fresh and gay during the whole day. We get all these benefits free of cost. Only spending some time is needed to avail these advantages. Let us invest time in our physical and mental health. Yoga is for our bodies. Meditation is for our mind. Meditation makes us mentally active and alert. It increases our concentration level. It makes our minds healthy. A healthy mind is a key to a healthy body. Meditation makes you a positive person. It keeps away from negative or pessimistic thoughts. A positive person leads a healthy and happy life. Moreover, positive people are appreciated and praised by all. To sum up, Yoga and meditation offer us a healthy mind. Healthy people can lead a happier life. Let us invest our valuable time in yoga and meditation.

‘Man is free by birth’

6. Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on ‘Man is free by birth.

Ans: Man is free by birth

The famous French thinker Rossoeue says, ‘Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains. When a body is born, he or it is free from social bondages. He or she is totally careless about his or her behaviour with others or with society. He or she is free to do anything wherever he or she likes. He is free from all responsibilities and duties. He is totally carefree or innocent. He can do anything whatever he feels. His every action is a tree from any comments or suggestions. As a baby grows, his freedom comes to an end. He is given different pieces of training by his parents and other relatives. He is not free to do anything at anywhere. He is given guidelines for things and places. He has to follow various norms. He has to follow the laws of society and the laws of the land. Then the baby turns to youth. The chains around him become stricter. His behaviour is strictly observed and criticised. His actions are commented every now and then. He is not as free as a baby. There are certain limitations on his behaviour or actions. Then youth turns into a man. The chains become stricter. He has to follow social norms and social conditioning more strictly. He is not as carefree as a child. He has to follow the chains of responsibilities and duties Then Man turns old. His care and responsibilities do not decrease but increase with the passage of time. He has the care and responsibilities of grandchildren. In addition, he has the responsibility of living healthy. To sum up, man is a unique creature of God. He is important as an individual. However, he is an important part of society. He has different limitations in his life. Man is not free from his children and responsibilities, duties, economic conditions, poverty, ignorance and superstitions. How can we consider man free?

‘Organic farming’

7. Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on ‘Organic farming’

Ans: Organic farming

Organic farming is an ancient method of farming. It is a form of agriculture. Organic farming aims at cultivating land and raising crops by keeping the soil alive. Organic wastes are being used in organic farming. Organic farming increases sustainable agricultural production by following eco-friendly ways. It is a unique production management system. It promotes and enhances Argo system health. It is a key factor in maintaining natural and environmental balance. It helps protect the long-term fertility of soils. It is a safer and healthier option for us as well as for the environment. Organic farming is a need of time. It is a | demand of time. Nowadays consumers are | becoming highly conscious about their health and the foods they consume. Maximum people are opting for organic food Organic farming is full of good things. It relies on the ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions. It ensures soil with fertility the help of crop rotation. It enables healthy soil structure. It increases the ability of soil to hold water. It naturally prevents crops from iron pesticides and insecticides. Organic farming combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and good quality for all involved. Organic farming is a revolution against Green Revolution. There are many drawbacks found in Green Revolution. The Green Revolution leads soil erosion, loss of soil nutrients, loss of nutrition in food and the creation of human diseases. So organic farming is the best and safest option to all.

‘Unity in Diversity in India’

Write a blog in about 100 to 150 words on ‘Unity in Diversity in India’.

Ans: ‘Unity in Diversity in India’

India is an ideal example of unity in diversity. India has a variety of diversity. Indian diversity is clearly visible in its multiple languages, cultures and religions. There is a variety of food, clothes and festivals in India. These diversities are not hurdling in the unity of India. These diversities enable India to appear stronger and more powerful united country India is the land of multiple languages. There are different languages spoken in different regions. There are no language issues in the unity of India. However, there are different cultures in our county. People respect other cultures and preserve their own culture. India is a country of different religions. People of multiple religions live happily in India. They are free to follow the practices of their religions. There are varieties of foods and food habits in our country. Every region has their unique food speciality. People respect and enjoy the food from different regions. People follow different costumes in different regions and religions. A variety of festivals is celebrated in our country. Festivals strengthen the bond of friendship and relationship among people. India is the only united country where people of multiple languages, cultures, religions, foods, clothes and festivals live happily. There is social harmony among Indians. There are national festivals in India. They help us to maintain unity in diversity. Let us maintain this unity forever

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