2.2 The Boy who Broke The Bank

2.2 The Boy who Broke The Bank

The Boy Who Broke The Bank

Warming Up !

Chit-Chat :

*Talk with your group about some recent rumour, when people believed at first and suffered for it, later.

_Forecast by astrologer about heavy earthquake in our district.

*Also discuss, how one can decide whether some news is a fact or fake?

_One can decide by thinking deeply about the issue or by taking practical experience of it.

*Who, do you think, are responsible for spreading false news?

_I think that some selfish people or negative minded people are responsible for spreading false news.

*Do you believe in all the news that you come across?

_No, I do not believe in all the news that I come across. I believe the news from authentic sources.

*Give one example of a rumour which seemed to be fact the beginning, later it was proved false.

_Rumour of arrival lion in my surrounding. It created a panic among people but later it was proved false.

Margin Questions for Discussion

1) Name the characters of the story.

Ans: Nathu, Sitaram, Mrs. Srivastava, Mrs. Bhushan, Seth Govind Ram, Kamal Kishore, Mr. Bhushan, Deep Chand, elderly gentleman, betel-seller, the tailor, the free vendor, the jeweller, the beggar-old Ganpat, the manager, mischief makers.

2) Which action of Nathu shows his annoyance?

Ans: Nathu’s banging pan against a dustbin shows his annoyance.

3) How do you show your annoyance?

Ans: I show my annoyance by using some impolite or angry words. I do some odd actions.

4) To whom did Sitaram talk about Nathu?

Ans: Sitaram talked to Mrs. Shrivastava about Nathu.

5) Why was Mrs. Bhushan uncomfortable?

Ans: Mrs. Bhushan was uncomfortable because of excessive heat. She couldn’t bear the hottest summer.

6) Which shop was just next to the photography shop?

Ans: The barber shop was just next to the photography shop.

7) Who did the elderly gentleman call a bird?

Ans: The elderly gentleman called a bird to Seth Govind Ram.

8) Who was Mr. Shrivastava talking to?

Ans: Mrs. Shrivastava was talking to Mrs. Bhushan.

9) Who surprised everyone and how?

Ans: Old Ganpat beggar surprised everyone leaping to his feet and actually running at top speed in the direction of the bank.

10) What were the four rumours about Seth Govind Ram?


1) The Seth had fled the state.

2) He had fled the country.

3) He was hiding in Pimpalnagar.

4) He had hanged himself from the tamarind tree.

11) Who was the last to know about the Pipalnagar Bank going bankrupt?

Ans: Nathu was the last to know about the Pipalnagar Bank going bankrupt.

12) How are rumours spread? Are the rumours harmful? Why? /Why not?

Ans: The rumours are spread by over all observations of particular incident. They are easily spread from person to person. The rumours are harmful because they collapse any system easily. They can create stress for people related with rumours.

English Workshop

1. Who am I? (Identify the character from the extract)

*I am the washerman’s son. Who am I?

Ans: Sitaram

*I am the owner of the bank, who am?

Ans: Seth Govind Ram

*I am the sweeper, who am I?

Ans: Nathu

*I am the friend of Mrs. Srivastava, who am I?

Ans: Mrs. Bhushan

*am the hair dresser. Who am I?

Ans: Deep Chand

*I have a crooked leg, who am I?

Ans: Ganpat

2, Make a list of customers of Pipalnagar Bank, from the extract.


(i) Deep Chand

(2) Ganpat

(3) General merchant

(4) the betel seller

(5) the tailor

(6) the free vendor

(7) the jeweller

3. Match the following and write the complete meaningful sentences.

Column A

Column B (Answer)

i) Sitaram was looking out for any job

(c) that might suit Nathu

ii) According to Mrs. Bhushan

(d) It was the hottest summer in the history of Pimpalnagar

iii) Govind Ram was

(a) holidaying in Kash-

iv) The manager told the customers

(b) to go home and come back the next day

4. Write who said to whom.

(a) “Don’t raise such dust!”

Ans: Sitaram said to Nathu.

1. “Who would have thought the bank would collapse!”

Ans: Nathu said to himself.

2. “Where did you disappear?”

Ans: Mrs. Bhushan said to Mr. Bhushan.

3. “The bird has flown!”

Ans: The elderly gentleman said to Deep Chand.

5. Why was the Manager of the Bank in a dilemma? Write down in 5 to 6 lines in your notebook.

Ans: The manager of the bank was in a dilemma because he could not understand how to tackle the problem. The cash in the bank was over. Emergency funds could only be obtained from another bank some thirty miles distant. He was not sure that he could persuade the crowd to wait until then. However,’ there was no way of contacting Seth Govind Ram on his houseboat in Kashmir.

Cross out the odd man.

(a) sweeper, hooligan, beggar, declare, locker

Ans: declare

(b)hurriedly, carelessly, salary, definitely, sudden

Ans: salary

(c) imminent, latest, pavement, awful, shocking

Ans: pavement

(d) morning, scattering, raising, collecting, shouting

Ans: morning

7. Find the describing words for the following from the text.

1) Customary tour

2) Photography shop

3) Glass window

4) Crooked leg

8. Complete the following table.














Declarant /








9. Write in your own words a few sentences about each of the following:

(a) Nathu: Nathu was a boy. He was working as a sweeper in the Pipalnagar bank. He wanted extra payment of Rs. 2 per month. The bank refused to complete his demand. Sitaram was his friend. Sitaram tried to help him to find another job. It was Nathu who was the last person to know about bankrupt.

(b) Mrs. Shrivastava: Mrs. Shrivastava needed a sweeper in her house. Sitaram informed Mrs. Shrivastava about Nathu. Mrs. Shrivastava liked to make her customary tour of the cloth shops. Mrs. Bhushan was her friend. Mrs. Shrivasta informed Mrs. Bhushan about bankrupt at first.

(c) Seth Govind Ram: Seth Govind Ram was the owner of Pipalnagar bank. He went to Kashmir for tour. He did not know anything about bankrupt of his own bank.

(d) Sitaram: Sitaram was the son of washerman. He helped his father in his work. He made delivery round with freshly pressed clothes on his head. He was a friend of Nathu. He helped Nathu to find another job.

10. Expand the theme in a write – up of about 20 lines.

(a) ‘Rumours are spread by fools and accepted by greater fools’.

Ans: The above maxim shows the actual procedure of creating and spreading rumours in the society. Rumours mean false stories which are not realistic at all. Rumours create confusion among the people. However, they are baseless. Generally, fools mean selfish people spread rumours. They have some selfish purpose. With the passing days, those rumours are followed by greater fools. Greater fools mean stupid people who accept anything without thinking. ‘Cat crossing our path brings bad luck’ is a rumour but still in the age of science many people follow lt. In the 90’s the rumour was spread that the long-headed God Ganpati drank milk. It was spread in Mumbai, but all people in Maharashtra rushed to the nearest Ganpati temples with glasses of milk. So, it is right that rumours are spread by fools or followed or accepted by greater fools.

(b) ‘Books are our real friends’

Ans : The above sentence shows the importance of books as well as importance of reading. Books are our real friends. Real friends are always with us. They always encourage us. They motivate us to do well in life. Whatever real friends do for us is also done by books. Books are the world of treasures. They are the source of knowledge and education. Knowledge is power means books make us powerful. They provide confidence and courage to speak. Books make our all-round development. They enrich our language skills like reading, writing and speaking. They play a vital role in the development of our personality. Books keep us away from unwanted habits. They give us lessons of morality. They help to increase our focus and accountability. Really books are our real friends.

11. Project: Collect the names of books written by Ruskin Bond.

Ans: The students should complete this activity with the help of internet.

Language Study

1. Complete the sentences given below using your own adjective clauses.

_ I know of a school boy who is very handsome.

_I know the joke which is very interesting.

_I know of a doctor who is a specialist in children ‘s diseases.

_I know of a place which is very peaceful.

_I know the reason which is very valid in this situation.

2. Rewrite the following sentences joining them with ‘when’, where’, ‘which’, ‘why/.

(a) Sitaram had a bundle of freshly pressed clothes which he balanced on his head.

(b) A large shady tamarind tree grew at one end of the bazaar where Mr. Srivastava found her friend Mrs. Bhushan.

(c) The Pipalnagar Bank, which is about to collapse, has stopped paying employees.


(c) The Pipalnagar Bank is about to collapse that’s why it has stopped paying employees.

(d) When he had finished his work, he sat down on the highest step.

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