(1) to look for – शोधणे

He was looking for his lost mobile.

(2) to look after – ची काळजी घेणे  

We should look after our parents.

(3) to take care of – ची काळजी घेणे (Sept-2021)

We should take care of our health.

(4) to run away – पळून जाणे (March. 2020)

The thief ran away from jail.

(5) to be proud of – चा अभिमान असणे

I am proud of my country.

(6) to be afraid of – ची भिती वाटणे 

Most of the people are afraid of ghosts and darkness.

(7)  to be fond of – ची आवड असणे 

He is fond of playing cricket.

(8) to be good at – च्यामध्ये तरबेज असणे  

He is good at sports and games.

(9) to be eager to – उत्सुक असणे 

The children are eager to see the circus.

(10) to be famous for – च्या साठी प्रसिद्ध असणे 

Shivaji was famous for his bravery.

(11) to be unable to – असमर्थ असणे 

He was unable to appear for the exam because of his illness.

(12) in front of – च्या समोर

My house is in front of my school.

(13) to get rid of – च्या पासून सुटका करणे

He got rid of the bad company.

(14) to be known as – ओळखले जाणे (March. 2020)

Dr. Abdul Kalam is known as Missile Man.

(15) in a flash – क्षणार्धात (in a moment) 

It was done in a flash.




(16) to be known for – च्यासाठी प्रसिद्ध असणे (be famous for)  

Amitabh is known for his acting.

(17) to be engrossed in – च्यामध्ये व्यग्र/मग्न होणे/ च्यामध्ये दंग/मग्न असणे (to occupied in)   

He was engrossed in the conversation with his friend.

(18) to muster up courage – धैर्य एकवटणे          

I mustered up courage to fight with tiger.

(19) to belongs to – च्या मालकीचे असणे, चा घटक असणे

He belongs to the royal family.

(20) bring up – संगोपन करणे/पालन पोषण करणे

  She has decided to bring up the orphan as her own child.

(21) to give up -सोडून देणे/त्याग करणे/थांबविणे (August-2022)

   He gave up his bad habits.

(22) to be a part and parcel – अविभाज्य अंग/घटक असणे              

It had become a part and parcel of their daily life.

(23) to root out – काढून टाकणे /मूळापासून काढून टाकणे   

It is necessary to root out the evils from the society.

(24) to be able to – समर्थ असणे 

Radha is able to speak English fluently.

(25) in search of – च्या शोधार्थ      

He was in search of a new job.

(26) muster up courage – धैर्य एकवटणे

The young man could not muster up courage to climb the tree.

(27) to ponder over – च्यावर चिंतन करणे      

The artist pondered over his idea for a long time.

(28) to ask for – मागणे /मागणी करणे (March. 2019)

He came into my office to ask for a loan.

(29) a lot of     (July. 2019)

There is a lot of noise in the class.

(30) to show off – देखावा करणे/प्रदर्शन करणे (November -2020)                                                                                            

He likes to show off his knowledge.

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