Stanza Wise Questions & Answers:

Stanza Wise Questions & Answers:

1.1 walk a Little Slower…

Stanza Wise Questions & Answers:

Q. 1. Read the following extract and do the activities

A1. Simple Factual Activities

(1) Put the words given in brackets in the proper blanks:

(1) The child is talking to its father. (father/child)

(2) The father is leading and the child is following. (Father/child)

(2) What would happen if the child tried to walk fast? Why?

Ans. If the child tried to walk fast he/she will not be able to properly understand the actions, thoughts, etc. of his/her father and will fail to achieve success in life.

Extract 01

Walk a little slower, Daddy.

Said a little child so small.

T’m following in your footsteps

And I don’t want to fall.

Sometinmes your steps are very fast,

Sometimes they are hard to see;

So, walk a little slower, Daddy,

For you are leading me.”

A2. Complex Factual Activities:

(1) Does the word walk’ refer only to the act of walking? What does the poet actually mean to say?

Ans. No, the word ‘walk’ does not refer here only to the act of walking. The poet actually wants to say that the father should communicate his thoughts and feelings to the child and help him/her to learn or become familiar with the ways of life by showing him/her

or explaining the child how to behave and act for living a good life.

(2) What do the ‘footsteps’ of the father refer to?

Ans. The ‘footsteps’ of the father refers here to the father’s mannerisms, distinctive and individual gestures, traits of speaking and behaving, his actions and his all other characteristics that makes a person successful in life.

(3) What is implied in the following lines:

(a) Sometimes your steps are very fast …

Ans. Sometimes the father’s actions are too quick for the child to follow them properly.

(b) Sometimes your steps are hard to see .

Ans. Sometimes the actions of the father are so difficult that the child cannot understand, observe and act accordingly.

A3. Activity based on Poetic Devices

Find and write the pairs of rhyming words from the stanzas.


(1) small-fall

(2) see-me.

Q.2. Read the following extract and do the activities:

Al. Simple Factual Activity

Put the words given in brackets in the proper blanks:

(1) Someday the child will become a father. ( father/child)

(2) The child does not wish to fall while following its father. father/child)


Some day when Im all grown up…….

……………………………. For I must follow you.’

A2. Complex Factual Activities

(1) What qualities of your parents/elders would you like to adopt?

Ans. Their ability, noble thoughts and actions, kindness and love for others, discipline, hard work, honesty, perseverance and to remain happy in good or bad condition.

(2) What is implied in the following lines?

(a) And I would want to lead just right…

Ans. The child who is grown up now wants to guide his child correctly in the journey of his life.

(b) And know that I was true …

Ans. The grown-up child is confident about his opinions, judgments and actions in his life. He was correct and sincere throughout his life 1like his father

A3. Activity-based on Poetic device

Find and write the pairs of rhyming words from the stanzas


(1) Be-me

(2) True-you.

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