Information Transfer

Verbal to Non-verbal

Q.6. A2. Verbal to Non-verbal: 05

Read the following statements and prepare a chart of

Do’s’ and Don’ts’. Suggest a suitable title for it:

Nature is abode for all of us. It provides us with all our basic needs. However, we must take care of the following things so that our mother nature is not harmed.

We must plant more trees.

We should not cut trees.

We must keep our area neat and clean.

We should never discharge garbage without proper management.

We should not pollute air and water.

We should not use plastic bags.

We should not hunt birds or animals.

We should use more of public transport.

We should spread awareness about the importance of maintaining balance in nature.

How to take care of our Mother Nature’

*Do plant more trees. *Do keep area neat and clean. *Do use more public transport. *Do spread awareness about the importance of maintaining balance in nature.* Don’t cut trees. *Don’t discharge garbage without proper management. *Don’t pollute air and water. *Don’t use plastic bags. *Don’t hunt birds and animals.

Non-verbal to verbal

Q.6. (A) Information Transfer:

Al or A2. Do any ONE of the following:

A1. Non-verbal to verbal: (5 marks)

The following diagram shows important factors to be considered while choosing a career. Write a paragraph based on it. Give a suitable title to it.

Important Career Factors

Choosing a career is a big decision and while choosing a career we have to give importance to some valuable points. Earlier it was the parents, teachers and other siblings who largely influenced our career choices but remember we should not just enter one area because our friends or siblings have picked it up. We should listen to our heart, understand what we are really interested in. See if we are good abilities to fulfil and then only look forward. Also considered the demand of your professionals, in the market, so your future will be secured. Without demand of particular education skill, you will not successes in your career.

Though you have good skills in particular profession but now it is outdated then you will not get success. For example if you have good skills in shorthand but now this course is not in demand as it replaced with computer technology, you will not get opportunity to show your skills. When your choose particular profession always see your personality abilities. Choosing a career can be daunting task. Sometime our family professions are in our blood so it is a good choice vise, versa it may be a bad choice too. Whatever the career you select it should gain profit and financial stability in future. You should assess your skills and interest, study the market and consult an experienced person before making a final decision and be secured.

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