Opposites/Antonyms for Scholarship Exam 

Opposites/Antonyms for Scholarship Exam 



Opposites/Antonyms for Scholarship Exam 


Revise the following table:

                Antonyms/ Opposites with prefixes


certain x uncertain

able x unable


correct x incorrect

justice x injustice


possible x impossible

perfect x imperfect


agree x disagree

obey x disobey


literate x illiterate

legal x illegal


regular x irregular, 

relevant x irrelevant


social x antisocial

war x   antiwar


behave x misbehave

guide x misguide


ordinary x Extraordinary

     Suffixes –

careful x careless


violence x non-violence


nutrition x malnutrition



(1) Four pairs are given. Which pair is not pair of opposite words?

(1) complete – incomplete      

(2) poor – rich

(3) hard-easy                       

(4) praise – admire


(2) Four pairs are given in the following. Which pair is not the pair of opposite words?

Choose the correct alternative.

(1) wild–tame                       

(2) gather – disperse

(3) astonish – surprise           

(4) agree – disagree


(3) Choose the opposite meaning word for the underlined words. 

Hercules was brave and strong, but his enemy was ________ and ________.

(1) deadly and difficult         

(2) strength and big

(3) timid and weak                

(4) thin and kind


(4) Find the opposite words for ‘lost’?

(1) lifted                                 

(2) won

(3) gain                                

(4) foot

(5) To which of the following words you cannot add the prefix ‘in’ to make it opposite in meaning.

(1) possible                            

(2) patiently

(3) Active                             

(4) purity


(6) Which prefix will you add to make the opposite of the word ‘able’?

(1) im                                     

(2) ir

(3) un                                     

(4) in


(7) Find the opposite words for ‘violent’?

(1) fierce                                

(2) humble

(3) non-violent                      

(4) vicious


(8) Which of following two sets have pairs of opposite words:

(1) joy x sorrow, strong x weal

(2) buy x bring, get x find

(3) begin x end, lost x found             

(4) true x right, small x little


(9) Choose the correct pair of opposites:

(1) little x poor                 

(2) tiny x huge

(3) long small                   

(4) large x big


(10) Choose the correct pair of opposites:

(1) bold x coward             

(2) same x similar

(3) smart x ugly               

(4) soft x cold



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