The Old Brown Horse

The Old Brown Horse

The Old Brown Horse

-By W.F. Holmes

World Galaxy

1. Weary- tried

2. Dashing- the act of running somewhere very quickly

3. Shaggy- hairy and untidy

4. Trim- neat and smart

5. Trot- moving at a peace faster than walk

6. Wearily- tiredly

Q 1. Find the lines in the poem that mean the same as the phrases below

  1. As they pass by quickly in cars – as they’re dashing past in their motor-cars
  2. Sometimes a friendly person will stop – sometimes a friendly soul will stop
  3. In a tried manner – in a weary sort of way
  4. He used to be young and slim – but once he was young and trim

Q 2. Describe the old brown house.

Ans: The old brown was lame and half blind and had a shaggy coat.

Q 3. Why do you think the horse’s coat is shaggy?

Ans: When the horse was dear to his master, he was washed and well-groomed but now no one takes care of him since he is old.

Q 4. How did the old brown horse spend his days when he was young?

Ans: The old brown horse used to trot through the woods and lanes with his master who was fond of him.

Q 5. When does the horse feel the life is not so bad?

Ans: The horse feel that life is not so bad when a friendly person stops by speak to him and gives him a friendly pat on his shaggy coat.

Q 6. Why does the master ignore his horse now?

Ans: The master ignores his horse now as he is busy driving his motor-car.

Q 7. Why does the horse like to be petted?

Ans: The old brown horse feels lonely and ignored so he feels happy when someone pets him kindly.

Q 8. Why is the horse no longer used for riding? Give two reason.

Ans: The horse is no longer used for riding because he is a lame, half-blind, old and tried.

Q 9. What does the old brown horse long for as he rests his tried head on the fence?

Ans: The old brown horse longs for a friendly word and kindly touch as he rests his tried head on the fence.

Q 10. What does the poet request young people/passers-by to do for the old horse?

Ans: The poet requests the young people/passers-by to stop by the field one day for a word or two with old brown horse who was once as young and as full of life as them.

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