2.1 Try Again


2.1 Try Again


1) What should you do when you fail, at first?

Ans: If at first I don’t succeed, then I will try again.

2) When do we generally feel ashamed?

Ans: We generally feel ashamed when we fail to achieve success in the work we have undertaken.

3) What rules must be always kept in mind?

Ans: When other people can get success with their patience, you also can do it likewise(in the same way). But don’t forget to try again and again till you succeed. These are the rules that must be kept in mind.

1. The following Anagrams contain words / phrases from

the poem. Guess and write what they are.

(1) rainy tag = try again

(2) our cage = courage

(3) vet sir = strive

(4) red raw = reward

(5) tap niece = patience

(6) serve peer = persevere

2. Pick out lines that convey the following from the poem.

(a) If you keep trying, without a doubt, you shall win.

For if you will persevere,

you will conquer no fear.

(b) It is not shameful to struggle hard.

If we strive ‘tis no disgrace.

Though you do not win the race.

(c) When others can do the work, so can you, if you keep

trying patiently.

All that other folk can do,

Why, with patience, may not you?

(d) When you fail in your first attempt, make another one.

If at first you don’t succeed.

Try again.

3. Find from the poem the Antonyms (opposite words) for the following.

(1) succeed × fail

(2) punishment × reward

(3) courage × fear

(4) stop / quit × try/ prevail

(5) lose × win

4. Answer in your own words.

(a) What lesson should be kept always in mind?

Ans: If at first you don’t succeed, you should try again to get

success. This lesson should be always kept in mind.

(b) What should someone who loses a race, do?

Ans: If someone loses a race he/she should not feel ashamed of

his/her failure. He/she failed to win, even though he/she has

tried hard. In that case, he/she should try again and again and

win the race someday.

(c) What quality is important, when you are struggling for success?

Ans: The important quality required when we are struggling for success is patience.

(d) When can success have a greater value – when you get it easily or with difficulty?

Ans: When you get it with difficulty that has a great value.

5. Read the poem and fill in the web choosing points from it.

What leads to success Courage



Trying again


6. Most lines from the poem can serve as a Truth or a

Proverb. Pick out 3 or 4 such lines.

(1) If at first you don’t succeed, try again

(2) If you persevere with courage you will conquer.

(3) Though after striving you do not win, it is no disgrace.

(4) Time will bring you, your reward; so be patience.


1) The title of the poem: “Try Again”

2) The of the poet: “W.E.Hickson”

3) Rhyme scheme is abac/abab

4) Figure of speech: alliteration

5) Theme/Central Idea: This poem gives us a big lesson. It gives us a message of hope, courage, hard work, perseverance and optimism. We should always keep this message in mind to be crowned with victory in our lives.

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