How To Memorize Difficult Words An Encounter of a Special Kind

How To Memorize Difficult Words An Encounter of a Special Kind

An Encounter of a Special Kind

  1. housed (हाउस्ट्)- provided facility to live; राहण्याची व्यवस्था केली.

Housed: The homeless puppy was housed in a warm shelter.

  1. profound (प्रफाउन्ड्) – very deep; खोल, गंभीर.

Profound: The ocean is profound and full of secrets.

  1. unfolded a new dimension (अन्फोल्डिड् अ न्यू डिमेन्शन्) – opened up a new aspect; (येथे अर्थ) नवा पैलू उलगडला, नवे परिमाण उघड झाले.

Unfolded a new dimension: The science project unfolded a new dimension of learning.

  1. engrossed (इन्ग्रोस्ट्) – wholly occupied, engaged in, focussed; पूर्णपणे गढून गेलेला, तल्लीन झालेला.

Engrossed: She was so engrossed in her book that she didn’t hear her mom call.

  1. hearty (हार्टि) – sufficient and wholesome. (here) fulfilling; आकंठ, मनसोक्त, (येथे अर्थ) भरपेट.

Hearty: We had a hearty meal that made us all feel full and happy.

  1. backdrop (बॅक्ड्रॉप्) – (here) setting, supporting background; (येथे अर्थ) अनुकूल परिस्थिती, पार्श्वभूमी.

Backdrop: The mountains formed a beautiful backdrop for our picnic.

  1. Intermittent (इन्ट्रमिटन्ट्) – irregular, frequent; मधूनमधून.

Intermittent: The rain was intermittent, stopping and starting all afternoon.

  1. shrill (थिल्)—high pitched, sharp; कर्कश.

Shrill: The bird’s shrill cry woke me up early.

  1. furiously (फ्युअरिअस्ल्)ि – angrily, violently; त्वेषाने, क्रुद्धपणे.

Furiously: He ran furiously to catch the bus.

  1. commotion (कमोशन्) – noise and confusion; गोंधळ, गडबड.

Commotion: There was a huge commotion in the cafeteria during lunch.

  1. hapless (हॅप्लिस्) – unfortunate; दुर्दैवी, बिचारे.

Hapless: The hapless kitten was stuck in the tree.

  1. cacophony (ककॉफनि) – loud, harsh noises; कर्कश गोंगाट, कर्णकटू आवाज.

Cacophony: The cacophony of horns during traffic was very loud.

  1. got the better of (गॉट् द् बेटर् ऑफ्) – overpowered, defeated; (एखाद्या गोष्टीवर) मात केली, जिंकून घेतले.

Got the better of: She finally got the better of her fear of heights.

  1. mercilessly (मर्सिलेस्लि) – cruelly; निर्दयपणे.

Mercilessly: The wind blew mercilessly during the storm.

  1. clan (क्लॅन्) – a very large family; प्राण्यांचा कळप, प्राण्यांची जमात.

Clan: A large clan of monkeys lives in the forest nearby.

  1. dominant (डॉमिनन्ट्) – having control, powerful,

Dominant: The elephant was the dominant animal in the herd.

  1. superior; वर्चस्व असलेला, अधिकारी, सत्ता असलेला,
  2. stout (स्टाउट्) – heavy, strong; मजबूत, भक्कम, जाडजूड.

Stout: The stout tree stood firm during the storm.

  1. hurled (हर्ड्) – threw forcefully; जोरात फेकले, भिरकावले.

Hurled: He hurled the ball across the yard.

  1. marauding (मरॉऽडिंग्) – searching for something to steal or attack; धाड घालत फिरणारे, भक्ष्यार्थ भटकणारे.

Marauding: The story talked about pirates marauding the seas.

  1. infuriated (इन्फ्युअरिएइटिड्) – extremely enraged; angry, कृद्ध, भडकलेला.

Infuriated: She was infuriated when her brother broke

  1. assault (असॉल्ट्) – violent attack; हिंस्र हल्ला.

Assault: The castle was under assault by invaders.

  1. pitch (f)-degree of highness or lowness of a tone; वरच्या किंवा खालच्या पातळीवरील आवाजाची तीव्रता.

Pitch: She can sing at a high pitch.

  1. listless (लिस्ट्रलिस्) – without any energy; (येथे अर्थ ) गलितगात्र.

Listless: He felt listless after a long day at school.

  1. to slide down (स्लाइड् डाउन्) – to move downwards; (खाली) घसरत जाणे.

To slide down: We can’t wait to slide down the snowy hill.

  1. manifold (मॅनिफोल्ड्) – more and more; अनेक पटींनी.

Manifold: The benefits of reading are manifold.

  1. inert (इनर्ट्) – powerless, motionless, अचल, गतिहीन, निश्चल.

Inert: The rock lay inert by the roadside.

  1. witnessing (विट्निसिंग्) – प्रत्यक्ष हजर राहून पाहत होते, साक्षीदार होते.

Witnessing: We were witnessing the start of a beautiful sunrise.

  1. rescue operation (रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन् ) – life saving

Rescue operation: Firefighters conducted a rescue operation to save the trapped cat.

  1. action; (संकट, धोका, इ. पासून) सुटका, बचाव कार्य.
  2. coop (कूप्) – cage or pen; खुराडे (विशेषतः कोंबड्यांचे).

Coop: We keep our chickens in a small coop in the backyard.

  1. oozing (ऊझिंग) – releasing, overflowing; पाझरत, ओघळत.

Oozing: The chocolate cake was oozing with warm syrup.

  1. shallow (शॅलो) – not deep; (येथे अर्थ) मंदावलेला, वरवरचा, उथळ.

Shallow: The kids played in the shallow part of the pool.

  1. splashes (स्प्लॅशिस्) – swashes or rushes (of water); (पाण्याचे) शिंतोडे, हबकारे.

Splashes: He made big splashes when he jumped into the lake.

  1. shaky (शेइकि) – trembling, unstable; थरथरणारे, कंप पावणारे.

Shaky: Her hands were shaky before her big performance.

  1. attempts (अटेम्प्ट्स्) – (here) efforts; प्रयत्न, धडपड.

Attempts: All his attempts to build the tower failed because it kept falling.

  1. trembling (ट्रेम्ब्लिंग्) – shaking; थरथरत, कंप पावत.

Trembling: She was trembling from the cold.

  1. welled up (वेल्ड् अप्) – filled up; भरून आले.

Welled up: Tears welled up in his eyes as he said goodbye.

  1. to sob (सॉब्) – to gasp noisily while crying: हुंदके देत रडणे.

To sob: The little girl began to sob after falling down.

  1. muffled (मफ्ल्ड्) – quietened / suppressed sound; दवलेला, आवाज दूर ऐकू जाणार नाही इतका कमी केलेला.

Muffled: His voice was muffled through the closed door.

  1. trauma (ट्रॉऽम5) – great distress, a powerful shock; मनाला झालेला जबरदस्त आघात, शरीराला झालेली जखम.

Trauma: After the accident, he went through a lot of traumas.

  1. hesitant (हेझिटन्ट्) – uncertain action; (भीतीने) घुटमळणारा, का कू करणारा.

Hesitant: She was hesitant to jump into the pool.

  1. revival (रिव्हाइव्हल्) – coming back/bringing back to life; पुन्हा चेतना आणणे / येणे, पुनरुज्जीवित होणे.

Revival: The revival of the old theatre brought joy to the community.

  1. uncanny (अन्कॅनि) – strange, weird; विलक्षण, विचित्र.

Uncanny: It was uncanny how the twins seemed to know what the other was thinking.

  1. convinced (कन्व्हिन्स्ट्) – felt certain, assured; खात्री पटली, विश्वास बसला.

Convinced: He was convinced that his team would win the match.

  1. retreated (रिट्रीटड्) – moved back; माघारी वळलो, दूर/ मागे आलो.

Retreated: The dog retreated under the bed during the thunderstorm.

  1. descended (डिसेन्डिड्) – moved downwards; खाली आली, उतरली

Descended: The fog descended over the town early in the morning.

  1. thorough (थरऽ) – complete; कसून, संपूर्ण.

Thorough: She was thorough in her school project, checking every detail.

  1. cuddled (कड्ल्ड्) – held closely, hugged; कुरवाळले, कुशीत घेतले.

Cuddled: The mother cuddled her child to keep him warm.

  1. bosom (बुझम्) – breast; छाती, हृदय.

Bosom: He held the puppy close to his bosom.



  1. solace (सॉलिस्) – comfort and peace; समाधान, (येथे अर्थ) दिलासा, निश्चिंती.

Solace: She found solace in her grandmother’s advice.

  1. pondering (पॉन्डरिंग्) – considering, thinking over deeply; विचार करीत, चिंतन करीत.

Pondering: He spent the evening pondering his future plans.

  1. universal (यूनिव्हर्सल्) – of all; सर्वांची, वैश्विक, सार्वत्रिक.

Universal: The love for music is universal.

  1. gratitude (ग्रॅटिट्यूड्) – thankfulness; कृतज्ञता.

Gratitude: She showed her gratitude to her teacher with a thank you card.

  1. overwhelmed (ओहरव्हेल्म्ड्) – covered completely; engulfed with emotions; भावनेने उचंबळून, भारावलेला.

Overwhelmed: She felt overwhelmed with joy at the surprise party.

  1. stricken (स्ट्रिकन्) – afflicted or affected, suffered; पीडलेला, जर्जर झालेला.

Stricken: The village was stricken with a sudden flood.

  1. clinging (क्लिंगिंग्) – adhering closely; बिलगलेले.

Clinging: The baby bird was clinging to its mother.

  1. vicious (व्हिशस्) – evil, wicked; दुष्ट, निर्दय.

Vicious: The story described a vicious wolf that scared everyone.


  1. leapt (लेप्ट्)-jumped; झेप मारली, उडी मारली.

Leapt: The cat leapt off the sofa to catch the toy.

  1. encounter (इन्काउन्टर्) – to meet unexpectedly, confront; आकस्मिक भेट, सामना, दोन हात करण्याचा प्रसंग.

Encounter: I didn’t expect to encounter my teacher at the supermarket.

  1. interspecies (इन्टर्स्पीशीझ्) – between the two species; प्राण्यांच्या वर्गांच्या आपापसातील, [आंतर-परस्पर (संबंध) / संवाद ].

Interspecies: The zoo had an interspecies exhibit with different types

  1. to strike the right chord (टू स्ट्राइक् द राइट् कॉर्ड्) – to cause someone to remember something, agree or approve of something; मनाच्या तारा छेडणे (येथे अर्थ) मनातील भावना योग्य प्रकारे ओळखणे.

To strike the right chord: The movie struck the right chord with its audience.

  1. hums (हम्झ्) – (here) becomes active, lively; (येथे अर्थ) सूर सापडतो, बोलके होते.

Hums: The classroom hums with activity before the bell rings.

  1. compassion (कम्पॅशन्) – pity; अनुकंपा, कणव.

Compassion: She showed compassion by helping her friend who was hurt.


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