4.1 The World Is Mine

4.1 The World Is Mine

Warming Up!


1. Forms groups and discuss the following turn by turn.

(a) What do you often, complain to your parents/elders about?

Ans: I often complain to my parents/elders about the things which I have not

(b) Name some of the things, you have in your possession, which your younger brother/sister does not have.

Ans: I have a mobile, a cycle- my younger sister does not have those things.

(c) Name one thing that, at present, you are carrying to possess, most of all?

Ans: I am carving to possess Laptop most of all

(d) Red the translated Arabic proverb given below and discuss what it means to convey-

‘I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet’.

Ans: Our problems are less in comparison with the problems of other people. When we understand the seriousness of other’s problems, we feel that our problem is noting.

2. Read the poem below and fill in the gaps choosing the appropriate words, to make it meaningful. Also suggest a title of your own

Count your garden by the flowers.

Never by the leaves that fall.

Count your days by golden hours

Don’t remember at all

Count your nights by stars, not shadows.

Count your life with smiles, not tears

And with joy, on every birthday.

Count your age by friends not years.

2. Fill in the tables on your own

What makes me extremely happy?

What makes me extremely sad?

  • Helping someone in need
  • Supporting someone for doing any work
  • Sharing my view on creative work
  • Offering joyful situations to all
  • Participating in all factions
  • Someone is not working properly
  • Following shortcuts to get success
  • Not understanding value of time
  • Spreading rumors about someone
  • Speaking lie
  • Repeating same mistake

3. Make the world a happy place by changing negative things into positive ones.

Sad World

Happy World

1. Hatred

2. injustice

3. poverty

4. intolerance

5. selfishness

6. fear

7. jealousy

8. enmity

9. differences

10. unrest

11. dirt

12. sorrow

1. Love

2. Justice

3. Rich/ Prosperity

4. Sympathy

5. Selfless

6. Fearless

7. Friendliness

8. Unity

9. Rest

10. Clean

11. Happy/ Joy

12. tolerance

Margin questions for discussion

1) Describe the young girl in the bus.

Ans: The young girl in the bus was a lovely girl. She had silken hair. She couldn’t walk easily. She hobbled down the asile.

2) What did the speaker in the poem not realize while chatting with the young lad?

Ans: The speaker in the poem did not realize that the young lad was blind while chatting with him.

3) Why did the blue – eyed boy not join the others in their game?

Ans: The blue – eyed boy did not join the others in their game because he could not hear.

4) What does the speaker thank God for?

Ans: The speaker thanks God for- God has given two legs to go where she wants. God has given two eyes to see the sunset’s glow. God has given two ears to hear what she would know.

English Workshop

1. Complete the following, after reading the poem.

(a) The beautiful woman passed with a hobble.

(b) The poetess wanted to buy from the lad some sweets.

(c) The poetess told the boy to join others to play but he couldn’t hear.

(d) The poetess requests God to forgive her.

2. Match the following.




B (Answer)


The Beautiful girl


had a handicapped in her legs.


The lad who was selling sweets…


was very thankful to the speakers in the poem.


The child, watching others play…


was hearing impaired.


The poet says’ “The World is Mine” because…


She can experience the beauty and gifts of her life.

3. What does the poetess mean when she says ‘The World is Mine?’

Explain the importance of the title with reference to the poem.

Ans: The poetess means that she can experience the beauty and gifts of her life. The title has its own importance. The speaker looks at the person of disability. The speaker thinks that she can enjoy all things easily in comparison of these persons.

4. Answer in your own words.

(a) What is the theme of the poem?

Ans: The theme of the poem is about insight beckoning the modest things which people do usually ignored by themselves.

(b) Do you think people with some handicap should beg for money?

Justify your response.

Ans: No, I think people with some handicap should not beg for money. They should maintain their self-respect and dignity. They should become self-reliant. They should start their own business according to likeness and ability.

(c) What is better?

(i) To completely take over the work and responsibility of a disabled person in order to help


(ii) Encourage such a person to do it himself/herself in a different way. Justify your choice.

Ans: I think that encouraging such a person to do it himself/herself in a different way is better. It is a right step to bring a positive change in his/her life. It is the best way to way to make them self-reliant

5. (a) Make a list of pairs of rhyming words from the poem.


1) fair – hair

2) whine – mine

3) charm – harm

4) kind – blind

5) dear – hear

6) go – know

(b) The Rhyme scheme of the first two stanzas is


The first stanza- aabcc,

The second stanza- abbccdd

6. Pick from the poem lines which contain the Figures of speech.

(a) Inversion-

1) Today on a bus, I saw a lovely girl with silken hair.

2) With legs to take me where I’ll go.

(b) Interrogation-

Why don’t you join the others dear.

(c) Onomatopoeia-

O God, forgive me when I whine

(d) apostrophe-

O God, forgive me when I whine

7. Pick out 4 lines that contain Imagery.

1) Today on bus, I saw a lovely girl with silken hair

2) The lad who sold them had such charm

3) Later walking down the street, I saw a child with eyes of blue

4) With eyes to see the sunset glow

Writing Skill

8. Among your classmates, one of is lame, the second one can’t hear properly and the third one can’t see this beautiful world. ill of them are facing lots of difficulties in life.

Compose a dialogue among them, about the problems and difficulties faced by them. can take help of the following dialogue to expand your ideas.


Student 1: Do you know, how many problems I have to face when

I decide to go anywhere?

Student 2: Yes. I can understand but at least you can hear, I

can’t hear anything.

Student 3: So, sad t. You both can’t walk or hear but mv problem

is more serious than yours. You know, I can’t see the

beautiful world.

Student 1: Whenever I have to go to another place I have to take

help of other”, Getting help is a very difficult job

Student 2: I am like a stone. When someone speaks to me, I can’t

hear him at all. I have to take the help of gestures. I

can’t get exact meaning through gestures.

Student 3: I can’t see anything. I can’t understand who is

speaking with me. I can’t see my parents and friends at

all. What a tragedy!

Student 1: Some people crack jokes on my disability. They give

me a name ‘lame’. It is a kind of insult for me.

Student 2: People insult me by the term ‘deaf’. J think that it is

my real name.

Student 3: People call me blind’. J feel upset when someone name


Student 1: Let us enjoy our life in spite of our disability.

Student 2: Let us become self-reliant and live happily.

Student 3: I am with you. Let us become self-reliant. Let us enjoy

our life. OK. See you.

9.Develop/Complete a story in your own words and suggest a title.

A polio victim and a strong, but visually challenged man, were friends. They wished to go to pay homage at a place of worship, three kilometers away. Now, continue the story and try to end it with a related moral/proverb.


True Friendship

Once there were two friends. Their names were Ram and Shyam. They were the best friends. Both Ram and Shyam were the victims of their fate. They had certain kind of disability. Ram was a polio victim. Shyam was a strong but visually challenged person. They wished to go to pay homage at a place of worship. They decided to go to the temple. It was three kilometers away from their houses.

Ram suggested an idea to Shyam. Shyam agreed with the proposal of Ram. Ram said, “Take me on your back. I will show you the way to the temple.” Shyam said, ‘Tm strong enough to lift you.” So, they started their journey to the temple. Ram suggested Shyam the proper way to reach the temple Shyam followed all the instructions.

Ram and Shyam halted at a place. They took rest for some time. Then they started for the remaining journey. While they were going, people admired them. They praised their friendship. They said, “What great friends they were!”

After three hours journey Ram and Shyam reached at the temple. They paid their homage in the temple. They got prasad from the temple. Their joy knew no bounds.

In this way, Ram and Shyam helped each other to reach at the proper place. So, we should help and support our friend. We should understand ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.

10.Recite/Read your favorite or any English poem before the class. Take help of the following points while reciting the poem.

Ans: The students should complete this activity under the guidance of their teachers.

11.Translate into your mother tongue.

(a) A disabled person is needed in society, so that normal people can realize their blessings.

Ans: समाजात अपंग व्यक्तीची गरज आहे, जेणेकरून सामान्य लोकांना त्यांचे आशीर्वाद कळू शकतील.

(b) A true friend ignores your weaknesses, corrects you and encourages you to make full use of your strengths.

Ans: खरा मित्र तुमच्या कमकुवतपणाकडे दुर्लक्ष करतो, तुम्हाला सुधारतो आणि तुमच्या सामर्थ्याचा पुरेपूर वापर करण्यास प्रोत्साहित करतो.

(c) One cannot change everything that one faces; but nothing can be changed unless one faces it.

Ans: एखाद्याला जे काही तोंड द्यावे लागते ते सर्व बदलू शकत नाही; परंतु जोपर्यंत त्याला सामोरे जात नाही तोपर्यंत काहीही बदलता येत नाही.

12. Write a letter to your father requesting him to attend the social and cultural gathering of your school. Take help of the points given below.


Supriya Tele

Lokayat Niwas,

Shivparvati Nagar,


20 January, 2018

My dear father,

I received your letter. I became happy to read it. My study is excellent. I am fine here. I low are you? I miss you a lot.

I am sending this letter for a special purpose. My school has arranged annual gathering on 30 January 2018. It is a social and cultural gathering. It is a mega event. There are varieties of activities conducted on this occasion. The students from my school are presenting themselves through cultural activities. So, it is a grand and glorious event.

I have also participated in two or three activities. I have a leading role in one act play. However, I have also participated in mimicry and patriotic song. I would like to request you to attend social annual gathering in our school. It will be a great enjoyment for me. your presence will boost my confidence. Please bring mother with you. Many parents are coming to see annual gathering. So both you and mother must attend this mega event.

Convey my best regards to mother and love to Snehal.

Yours lovingly,


13. Project:

Divide the class into groups and conduct a poster – making competition for an Eye / Blood Donation Camp. Fix up the details of the above camp, like time., place etc.

Ans: This is a project-based activity. The students should complete it under the guidance of their teachers.

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