Bridge Course

Expressions of Happy Feelings:

Activity No.01

Activity No.2

Different Ways of expressing Sadness

Activity No: 03

Speak & Narrate Joke With Proper Intonation & Gestures

Activity No.04

Respond to Announcement

Activity No.06

Career Guidance : Bridge Course Activity

Activity No. 07

Listens Attentively to a variety of Programmers

Activity No. 08

Write a Coherent & Meaningful Paragraph

Activity No. 09

Write a Coherent & Meaningful Paragraph :Help Given Points & Picture

Std.9th Bridge Course Activity Practice Test Paper No.01

Marks: 15 Sub:English

Activity No.10

Paragraph Writing

Activity No.11

How to write an essay on different topics?

Activity No.12

How to Write Creative Writing?

Activity No.13

How to write a story from given points?

Activity No.14

How to solve riddles with the help of emoji?

Activity No.15

How to use idiomatic expressions?

Activity No.16

To understand the meaning of Quotes

Activity No.17

To understand the meaning of proverbs

Std.9th Practice Test Paper No.02(Bridge Course Activity)

Std.9th Final Practice Test Paper No.03

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