1.4 Miss Slippery

1.4 MISS SLIPPERY Questions & Answers


Q. 1 Why could the notebook have fallen from Sayali’s hand?

Ans: Because her teacher shouted on her and said that to come

there with her book. Sayali obeyed her angry looks made her

legs tremble.

Q.2 What happened when it was Sayali’s turn to answer?

Ans: When it was Sayali’s turn to answer, she became blank. The

teacher gave her a stern stare, while she stood there stiff, still,

with her head hanging down in shame.

Q.3 What did Sayali long for, from her mother?

Ans: Sayali longed for, from her mother that her mother should

hold and console her. She should give her sympathetic pat.

Q.4 Why did Sayali begin crying again?

Ans: because her younger brother came and sat beside her and he

placed his little hand on her arm and whispered, ”Are you in

great pain?” Sayali became overwhelmed and started crying


Q.5 By what name did the girls tease Sayali?

Ans: They teased her by new title every day. They call her


Q.6 What was Sayali told to do by teacher?

Ans: Teacher told her to see her in the teachers’ room, after the


Q.7 What two relationships did the teacher offer Sayali?

Ans: Elder sister and a friend these two relationships teacher offered


Q.8 Why did Sayali feel like rejoicing a lot?

Ans: Sayali felt like rejoicing a lot because her teacher

spontaneously accepted her as a sister, a friend.

Q.9 How did Sayali react this time to the teasing?

Ans: Sayali remembered her teacher’s word and she turn her back

to girls and ignored them completely.

Q.10 What responsibilities did the teacher give Sayali?

Ans: Teacher gave the responsibility of bringing the register, chalk

and duster every morning.

Q.11 What great change had come over, in Sayali’s heart?

Ans: She was thrilled from top to toe. She felt her little heart inflate

with pride. She found no awkwardness in moving about in her

still-wet frock. Nor was there any trace of fear, while returning

home that great change had come over, in Sayali’s heart.


1. Two different words are joined to form a new word with a

new meaning. Such words are called Compound words.

(Sometimes there is hyphen (-) between compound words.)

For example : homework or kind-hearted

Pick out some Compound words from the lesson.

(1) notebook (2) never-ending

(3) red-hot (4) classroom

(5) high-pitched (6) well-prepared

2. (A) Add the proper prefix to make the following words

opposite in meaning.

(1) obey x disobey

(2) sympathetic x unsympathetic

(3) honour x dishonour

(4) afraid x unafraid

(5) content x discontent

(B) Add suffix to convert the following words to Adjective forms.

laugh – laughable thought – thoughtful

forget – forgetful care – careful

count – countable fear – fearful

move – moveable tear – tearful

punish – punishable joy – joyful

3. Find words / expressions from the story which are similar in

meaning to.

(1) very expensive extravagant

(2) longing for yearning

(3) could not remember at all went blank

(4) constant never ending

(5) gather all ones courage muster courage

(6) filled and increased in size inflate

(7) paining badly smarting

(8) forced to pay a big amount of money pay through one’s nose

4. Answer in short, in your own words.

1) The history teacher had asked the to memorize It ( What?)

Ans: The causes and effect of the Battle of Panipat.

(2) Sayali’s new frock tore (HOW?)

Ans: One day Sayali was coming down the school stairs.

Somebody from the top gave frantic scream. She fell and

came tumbling down about seven steps. And her new frock

was torn at the seams.

(3) Sayali hugged him tight (WHO?)

Ans: Sayali tightly to her younger brother.

(4) Sayali was called ‘slippery’ (WHY?)

Ans: Sayali was called ‘slippery’ because she used to walk

cautiously, yet she would often stumble.

(5) Teacher told Sayali to meet her in the teachers’ room


Ans: Teacher told Sayali to meet her in the teachers’ room after class.

(6) Teacher asked Sayali to carry the notebooks (WHERE?)

Ans: Teacher asked Sayali to carry the notebooks to the

teachers’ room.

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