4.5 Joan of Arc

Warming Up!


1. Discuss in groups whether you would like to join Armed Forces. Yes/No Say Why? Why not? Each one should give 2 to 3 for their response.

Ans: Yes, I would like to join Armed forces it is a challenging job I have passion to do challenging job I want to serve my country by doing this job. However, the jobs in armed forces seem quite interesting.

2. What areas of work are open for women in Armed forces in India.

Ans: Non-combat capacity areas as law, air traffic control, administration engineering, intelligence.

1. Discuss in groups/pairs and make a list of the weapons used in the old times and in the percent times.

Weapons used in the past

Weapons used nowadays

sword, spear, bow and arrow, armour

tanks, guns, granadiers, bombs, jacket

2. Imagine that you are the captain of your school Kabaddi/Football team. Your final match is against a very strong team. Your team members are sure that they shall lose.

3. Prepare a short pep – talk of about 60 to 80 words that you would give as a Captain, to encourage your team and make them change their defeated attitude. Write it down in your notebook.

Ans: Hello my friends, as we know our final match is with XC team. It is important to win this match. Victory in final match will give us championship of school to our team or to our class. As I have noticed some anxious or worried faces. Some of our players think that our rival team is strong and it is difficult to get victory for us. Don’t afraid of rival team and show your sportive spirit. Nothing is impossible in this world. If you play with dedication and devotion, our team will win. Don’t lose hope. Our rival team is thinking that our team is strong. It is difficult to defeat our team. Everything is possible with willing heart. However, we should not play for victory, we must show our sportive spirit during our game. Don’t lose courage and hope. Play with devotion. Remember that it is our victory. Best luck for final match. Thank you.

4. When different Prepositions are added to the same action verb meaning of the phrase, thus formed changes.

For example,

call out – announce

call at – visit

call for – summon

call up – make a telephone call

Try to guess the meanings of the underlined phrases and write them down.


(a) He promised me to look into the matter.

Ans: to make enquiry

(b) He wanted to look for his lost book.

Ans: search for


(a) An epidemic of Cholera broke out in the village.

Ans: emerged suddenly

(b) The thieves broke into the apartment.

Ans: entered forcefully


(a) She has to carry out her duty, regularly.

Ans: complete

(b)You must carry on trying for success.

Ans: keep going on, continue

Margin Questions for Discussion

1) Why had Joan wanted to meet the Captain Squire?

Ans: Joan had wanted to meet the captain Squire because she wanted a horse, armour, some soldiers and send her to Dauphin.

2) Name the persons who Joan needed to free Orleans.

Ans: Squire Jack, John God save, Dick the Archer and their servants, John of Homecourt and Julian.

3) Was the Dauphin fit to be a Prince and heir?

Ans: No, the Dauphin was not fit to be a prince and heir.

4) What was the Squire’s opinion about miracles?

Ans: The Squire’s opinion about miracles was that miracles were all. right. The only difficulty about them was that they didn’t happen in those days.

5) What did Robert accuse Poulengey of?

Ans: Robert accused Poulengey of as he was as mad as Joan.

6) What shows that Joan is a person of immense faith?

Ans: Joan’s statement: ‘l don’t think it can be very difficult if God is on your side’ show that Joan is a person of immense faith.

7) Why were the French soldiers always beaten?

Ans: The French soldiers were always beaten because they were fighting only to save their skins.

8) What dress did Joan want?

Ans: Joan wanted a soldier’s dress.

9) What made Robert finally agree to the plan?

Ans: Joan’s endurance, Poulengey’s confidence about soon made Robert finally agree to the plan. However, Robert might believe tha t there was something about her.

English Workshop

1. Read the extract from G. B. Shaw’s play on Joan Of Arc and fill in the Tree diagram. Pick out from the play 2 lines each that prove the following.

Joan of Arc

Her confidence –

1. You are to give me a horse and armour and some soldiers and send me to the Dauphin.

2. But it won’t happen that way.

3. You and Polly will live to the day when there will not be a single English soldier on the soil of France.

4. But I will teach them all to fight for France.

Her courage-

1. Three men will be enough for you to send with me.

2. I don’t think it can be very difficult if God is on your side.

Her determination-

1. But the troops might just be inspired by it though nothing that we say seems to put any fire into them.

2. And if she can put some fire into him, she can put into anybody.

3. Match the comparisons as given in the extract.

1. as easy as – chasing a cow

2. as mad as – as she is

3. drive the soldiers – like sheep

4. The Dauphin is – like a rat in the corner

5. Joan of Arc is – a bit of a miracle

4. Say WHY?

(a) Joan wanted to meet the Captain Squire.

Ans: because she wanted to get a horse and armour and some soldiers and send to the Dophin.

(b) Joan did not ask for many soldiers from the Captain Squire.

Ans: because she wanted to encourage the French soldiers. She did not wish to fight.

(c) Poulengey, Jack and Dick had offered to accompany Joan.

Ans: because they believed in the miracles of Joan.

(d) French soldiers were always beaten in war.

Ans: because they were fighting only to save their skins and the shortest way to save their skin was to run away.

(e) Captain Squire Robert said “I wash my hands off it.”

Ans: because he agreed with Joan but he was not responsible for further mishaps if happened.

5. Using a dictionary, find the difference between the following pairs of phrases. Make sentences of your own with each of them.







to cut in

interrupt someone while speaking

The cut in my hand needed five stitches.


to cut out

to stop

Try to cut out the foods that are making you fat


to be held by

to take lace

News conferences due to be held by both men have been put back.


to be held up

to make someone wait

He thought he was going to be held up for free tickets.


to run away

escape from a place

His first instinct was to run away from danger.


to run for

walk with purpose

The play is to run for an extra week!


to be known as

to be understood for bad reasons

It used to be known as Decoration Day.


to be known for

to be famous

Catalans prefer to be known for the airy constructions that are going up for the Olympic Games.


to go with

agree with

I need a new pocketbook to go with these shoes.


To go after

chase someone

I can’t decide whether to go after the job or not.


to put fire into

To inspire

You need to put fire into some air in the tyres.


to put fire out

to do damage control

You need to put out some air in the tyres.


*The students should prepare their own sentences with the help of given meaning.

6. From an Indian history book or Internet find out information about Indian Women (queens) who led battles. (For example, Rani of Jhansi and Rani Kamawati of Mewad). Write out 3 points of similarity and 3 points of contrast between anyone of the above Indian Queens and Joan of Arc. Write in your own words.

Rani of Jhansi and Joan of Arc

* Similarities:

(a) Fought against English / British.

(b) Fought against brutal laws and treatment of British.

(c) Fought bravely / courageously.

* Contrast:

– Rani of Jhansi fought for protection of her empire. Joan of Arc fought for the protection of French city.

– Rani of Jhansi fought directly on the battle field. Joan of Arc supported soldiers to fight bravely.

– Rani of Jhansi fought with greater army. Joan of Arc did her work with few soldiers,

– Rani of Jhansi was from a Royal family. Joan of Arc was a girl of peasant.

7. Read the script and write the summary of that part of the script (in Indirect speech) in 15 to 20 lines.

Ans: Joan greeted captain Squire with good morning. She told him that he was to give her a horse and armour and some soldiers and send her to the Dauphin Robert told that Joan was mad. He asked why he had not told him about her. Steward requested captain not to anger her and give her what she wanted. Robert said that he would send her (Joan) to her father with order« to put her under lock and key. Joan said that he thought he would. But it wouldn’t happen that way. He would not see her but she was there. Robert told Joan that she was assuming that he would give her what she wanted. Joan replied that she was thinking so. She added that a horse would cost sixteen Francs. It was a big amount of money. But she could save it on the armour. She didn’t need beautiful armour made to her measure. She could find a soldier’s armour made to her measure. She could find a soldier’s armour that would fit her well enough. She would not want many soldiers. The Dauphin would give her whatever she needed to free Orleans. Robert exclaimed to free Orleans. Joan simply told that three men would be enough for him to send with her. Polly and Jack had promised to come with her.

Language Study

1. (A) Make the following sentences affirmative without change of meaning.


Negative: I am not so sure, now.

Affirmative: I am so unsure, now.


Negative: He will not be able to stop them.

Affirmative: He will be unable to stop them.


Negative: I don’t remember.

Affirmative: I forget.


Negative: I can do no more.

Affirmative: I can do less.


Negative: Sir, do not anger her.

Affirmative: Sir, do understand her.


Negative: I shall not want many soldiers.

Affirmative: I shall want less / few soldiers.

(B) Fill in the gaps in the table.








































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