Twenty Froggies

Twenty Froggies
Twenty Froggies
CBSE Board
Class 4th
Twenty Froggies Questions & Answers

Twenty Froggies

Twenty Froggies was written by Englishman George Cooper in the 19th century as a poem…

New Words:

1. Bullfrog

2. Stern

3. Nobly Strive

4. Dodge

5. Polished in a high degree

6. Logs

7. Rushing

8. Vests

9. Rule

10. Brave

11. Leap

12. Drive

13. Ought

Word Galaxy:

1. Bullfrog: Large grog with a loud deep voice.

2. Stern: Strict

3. Nobly Strive: Work? Honestly

4. Dodge: Avoid by a sudden quick movement.

5. Polished in a high degree: Highly educated

6. Logs: Parts of the trunk or a large branch of a tree.

Fill in the blanks by choosing the words given in the box.

strive ,strict, on time, dodge

  1. Hurry up! If we do not reach the bus stop on time we will miss the bus.
  2. The synonym for stern is strict.
  3. The froggies learnt to dodge blows from sticks.
  4. “I will strive for peace and prosperity,” said the newly crowned king to the people.

Rhyming Words:

  1. School – pool
  2. Green – clean
  3. They – play
  4. Stern – turn
  5. Strive – drive
  6. Blow – throw
  7. Last – fast
  8. Frogs – logs

1. Where was the school located?

Ans: The school was located down beside a rushing pool.

2. How many froggies went to school?

Ans: Twenty froggies went to the school.

3. What were the froggies wearing?

Ans: They were wearing clean, white vests with coats.

4. How was master Bullfrog? What did he teach?

Ans: Master Bullfrog was brave and stern. He taught them how to dodge a stick thrown by the bad boys. He also taught them to work honestly.

5. What rules did the froggies learn?

Ans: They learnt to be on time and also learn to study first and then play.

6. What do the froggies do now that they have grown up?

Ans: Now that the froggies have grown up, they teach other little froggies what they had been taught.

7. Where did the froggies sit after they turned into Bullfrogs?

Ans: The froggies sat on logs after they turn into Bullfrogs.

Q. 8 Answer the following questions by choosing from the options given below:

a. The froggies’ school was ———

i. near the pond

ii. down beside a rushing pool

iii. not very far

iv. besides a church

b. The froggies wore vests which were —–

i. green and clean

ii. white and clean

iii. white and green

iv. blue and clean

c. The froggies grew up to become——

i. big toads

ii. handsome princes

iii. bullfrogs

iv. teachers

d. The froggies wanted to play ——

i. before reaching school

ii. after reaching school

iii. before their study

iv. after their study

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