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Practice Paper No.01


Std. XIIth Sub: English Time : 3hrs. Marks: 80



[Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Summary, Mind Mapping]

  1. 1. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below : (12 Marks)

A1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences: (2)

(1) The astrologer says that if Nayak does not leave his village again, he would –

(a) return the money

(b) not face danger

(c) go back home and stop looking for the man who tried to kill him

(d) not find the killer.

(ii) Guru Nayak consults the astrologer because he wants to

(a) understand the past

(b) find out who the astrologer is

(c) make some money through a bet

(d) get the answer to a specific question.

(iii) Guru Nayak is looking for the man who tried to kill him –

(a) to take revenge

(b) to get an apology

(c) to demand an explanation

(d) to prove that the man was unsuccessful.

(iv) The astrologer’s remarks make Guru Nayak feel all of the following except

(a) relieved (b) suspicious

(c) impressed (d) disappointed.

“Stop,” said the other. “I don’t want all that. Shall I succeed in my

present search or not? Answer this and go. Otherwise I will not let you go till you disgorge all your coins.” The astrologer muflered a few incantations and replied: “All right. I will speak. But will you give me a rupee if what I say is convincing? Otherwise 1 will not open my mouth, and you may do what you like.” After a good deal of haggling, the other agreed. The astrologer sa id: “You were left for dead. Am I right?” “Ah, tell me more.” “A knife has passed through you once?” said the astrologer. “Good fellow!” He bared his chest to show the scar. “What else?” “And then you were pushed into a wel! nearby in the field. You were left for dead.” “I should have been dead if some passer -by had not chanced to peep into the well,” exclaimed the other, overwhelmed by enthusiasm. “When shall I get at him?” he asked, clenching his fist. “In the next world,” answered the astrologer. “He died four months ago in a far-off town. You will never see any more of mini.” The other groaned on hearing it. The astrologer proceeded

“Guru Nayak—”

You know my name!” the other said, taken aback. As I know all other things. Guru Nayak. listen carefully to what I have to say. Your village is two days’ journey due north of this town. Take the next train and be gone. I see once again great danger to your life if you go from bhome.” He took out a pinch of sacred ash and held

it to him. “Rub it on your forehead and go home. Never travel southward

again, and you will live to be a hundred.” Why should I leave home again?” the other said reflectively. “I was only going away now and then to look for him and to choke out his life if I nmet him.” He shook his head regretfully. “He has escaped my

hands. 1 hope at least he died as he deserved.” “Yes,” said the astrologer. He was crushed under a lorry.” The other looked gratified to hear it.

A2. Complete the web :


A3. Complete the following: (2)

(1) Guru Nayak was surprised that the astrologer knew his name because………

(ii) Guru Nayak looked gratified because his enemy had met his death……….

A4. Suggest some steps to eradicate superstitions and other ill practices from

our society. (2)

A5. Language Study : (Do as directed) (2)

i) Use the word given in the brackets and rewrite the sentence

The other groaned on hearing it. (heard)

(ii) Never travel southward again, and you will live to be a hundred.

(Rewrite using ‘only if’)

(B) Language Study (4 Marks)

B1. Do as Directed/Transformation of Sentences:

(i) India and Maharashtra can progress only if there is oneness of interest.

(Rewrite, beginning with “India and Maharashtra cannot…) (1)


(ii) I have made this clear.

(Rewrite it using the passive v0ice construction.) (1)

(iii) I express my deep sense of gratitude to him for blessing us.

(Rewrite the sentence as a complex sentence using “because’.) (1)

B2. Spot the error/s in the given sentence and rewrite the correct sentence : (1)

The teacher shake his head with angrily.


Q. 2. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below (12 Marks)

(Unseen Passage)

A1. Complete the web:

Co-education is a system of education where boys and girls studyy together. In a country as conservative as India, co-education helps boys and girls break popular misconceptions existing between both since time immemorial.

Co-education encourages familiarity between boys and girls and they start breaking misconceptions about each other. Their general outlook changes and they develop a healthy, normal relationship with more mature personalities. There is no discrimination based on sex. It

has often been seen that students who come from a co-educational background are better communicators than students who study in samesex institutions. Co-education also helps students in their later life when they become professionals and interact with the opposite sex. As these

boys and girls lose their shyness, they develop a broader outlook and are devoid of a narrow mentality.

It is essential to have more co-cducational institutions to nurture good, normal, healthy citizens who in turn can help remove social evils like dowry through joint efforts. Co-education can also reduce eveteasing, ragging, rape and other crimes against women. With more understanding, a mutual respect is developed and the mind is free of any unsavoury thoughts. Thinking maturity comes at an early age and goes a long way in developing well-rounded personalities in both. What needs to be done immediately nationwide is to introduce coeducation right from primary school. At this stage itself, parents and teachers should take precautions in ensuring a proper balance between education and moral values.

A2. Enumerate the positive effects of co-education on boys and girls. (2)

A3. Write the measures that are suggested for the effective implementation of co-education. (2)

A4. According to you, what facilities should be given to women at their workplaces? (2)

A5. Language study (Do as directed): (2)

(i) Co-education encourages familiarity.

(Rewrite it beginning with ‘Familiarity..)

  1. Parents and teachers should take precautions in ensuring a proper balance between education and moral values.

(Rewrite it using the infinitive form of the underlined word.)

A6. (i) Give the antonyms of the following: (1)

(a) conservative (b) encourage


(ii) Give the adjective forms of the following: (1)

(a) familiarity (b) crime

(B) Summary Writing: (3 Marks)

Prepare a summary of the extract given in Q. 2. (A). Give it a suitable title. You may use the following points :

(co-education defined as advantages – removes social evils . develops personalities- role of parents and teachers )

(C) Mind Mapping: (3 Marks)

Develop a mind-mapping frame/ design to show the exam preparation of your favourite subject.


(Comprehension and Appreciation)

Q. 3. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (10 Marks)

The boat is lower’d, the boatmen row,

And to the Inchcape Rock they go;

Sir Ralph bent over from the boat,

And he cut the Bell from the lnchcape float.

Down sunk the bell with a gurgling sound.

The bubbles rose and burst around;

Quoth Sir Ralph, The next who comes to the Rock

Won’t bless the Abbot of Aberbrothok.

Sir Ralplh the Rover, sail’d away,

He scour’d the seas for many a day,

And now grown rich with plunder’d store,

He steers his course for Scotland’s shore.

So thick a haze o’erspreads the sky,

They cannot see the Sun on high;

The wind hath blown a gale all day,

At evening it hath died away.

Al. (1) Choose the words that could describe Sir Ralph the Rover. (1)

(a) Criminal (b) Jealous (c) Thoughtful

(d) Vicious (e) Spiteful

(2) Choose the correct option : (1)

On spotting the bell, Rover cut the bell from the buoy. This was an act of:

(a) Hatred (b) Anger

(c) Jealousy (d) Frustration

A2. The poet gives hints to the reader in the third stanza of the extract about what will happen later. Find the significant line from the extract and give reason for your answer (2)

A3. Write your opinion about Sir Ralph. (2)

A4. Pick out and explain an example of visual imagery from the extract. (2)

A5. Compose 2-4 lines with ‘Jealousy’ as the theme.

(B) Read the poem ‘Have you earned your tomorrow?” and write the appreciation based on the following aspects in 100 150 words (4 Mark

Is anybody happier because you passed his way?

Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?

Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along?

Or a churlish sort of “Howdy” and then vanish in the throng?

Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way,

Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the days that’s slipping fast,

That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed?

Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said;

Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?

Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?

As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say,

You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

*About the poem/poet and significance of the title

*The form and theme, and its significance

*Poetic style, language features/poetic devices used

*Inspirational message, values, morals reflected in the poem

*Special features

*Your opinion and critical evaluation of the poem


Q. 4. Complete the activities as per the instructions given below (16 Marks)

(A) Attempt any ONE of the following: (4)

(1) Drafting a Virtual Message :

Mr Desai, the secretary of your hOusing complex called on the intercom to speak to your father. Your father was not at home. Mr Desai told you to convey to your father the following : a meeting

Saturday, 11 a.m. 1n Clubhouse….about Independence Day celebrations in your complex -…also about tree pruning -… car parking.

Draft a message to convey this in about 50 words.


(2) Statement of Purpose

You love music. and play the violin. You have also passed certain basic exams in music and given a few performances. You now wish to pursue music at the Trinity College. London. Prepare a Statement of Purpose for admission. Add your own details.


(3) Group Discussion:

The streets of your city/town get flooded every year during monsoon. Write the dialogues of a group discussion with 3-4 participants, giving suggestions to solve the problem. You can use the following points :

* strict banning of thin plastic bags

* stiff penalty for those who litter

* illegal constructions to be pulled dowr

* replacement of old drainage system

(B) Attempt any ONE of the following: (4)

(1) E-Mail:

Your class wants to visit a place of historical interest. Write an email

in the proper format to ‘ABCD Travels’ asking them whether they

could organize the trip. Give details about the number of students.

the dates, the budget, etc.



(2) Report Writing :

Write a report of a Science Exhibition that your class participated in. Take the help of the points given below date, place of exhibition

* examples of some exhibits

*number of students/guests who visited

* other details


(3) Interview

Imagine that you have to interview one of your teachers. Frame a set of 8-10 questions to interview him/her. Use the following points


* inspiration


* message to others

(C) Attempt any ONE of the following:

(1) Speech:

Write a speech in about 100-150 words on ‘The Disadvantages of Television’ using the following points:

* leads to addiction

*health deteriorates

* exposure to unreal lifestyles

* temptation through different ad


(2) Compering :

Imagine that you are a compere of the ‘Science Day’ function in your college. Write a script for the same in about 100-150 words.

You can take the help of the following points:

i) Introduction-A brief introduction of the programme/function/show

(ii) Welcome speech-welcome of all the guests: felicitation of the guests

(iii) Speech by Chief Guest

(iv) Inauguration of Exhibition

v) Vote of thanks



(3) Expansion of an ldea:

Expand the following idea in about 100-150 words with the help of the points given below

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

* Chinese proverb

* first step most important

*belief in oneself

*positive attitude

(D) Attempt any ONE of the following: (4)

(1) Review:

Write the review of a film you have seen based on the following points

*Names of the main characters

* About the story/ theme of the film

* Special features of the film

* Your opinion about the film


(2) Blog

Write a blog in a proper format on ‘Importance of Body Language”‘ in about 100-150 words with the help of the points given below:

* Jacial expressions, gestures, eye contact, etc.

* important part of communication

* exists in animals too

* Sometmetimes conveys more than words


(3) Appeal:

Prepare an appeal for support in tree plantation programme in about 100-150 words with the help of the points given below:


*importance of trees

*date and venue of programme

* Chief Guest


Q. 5. (A) Answer the following questions (4 Marks)

(I) Pick out the odd element from each group: (2)

(1) Arun Joshi, Vikram Seth, Graham Greene, Kiran Nagarkar

(2) Place, Period, Theme, Lifestyle

(3) Theme, Plot, Character, Novella

(4) Arvind Adiga, Arundhati Roy, R.K. Narayan, Kiran Desai

(II) Match the columns (2)

(B) Answer the following questions in about 50 words each: 4 Marks

(1) The incidents in the extract occurred at a particular place. Explain the significance of that place in your own words. (2)

2 Interpret the meaning ol the Statemerit: Miss Phillips is nsfome

into a very convincing personality. (2)

(C) Answer the following questions in about 50 words each (4 Marks)

(1) Choose the words from the brackets and write a paragraph comparing Fogg’s and Passepartout’s traits. Include all the words in your answer.

[unselfish, proud, honourable, loyal, courageous, gratejul, repentant, calm] (2)

(2) Narrate any 2 exciting incidents in the extract. (2)

(D) Answer the following questions in about 50 words each: (4 Marks)

(1) Describe the contrast in the initial reactions of Watson and Holmes towards Mary. (2)

(2) Watson wanted to impress and help Miss Morstan. Give two instances that justify this statement. (2)

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