The Kitten At Play

The Kitten At Play

_William Wordsworth

English Poem CBSE Board Class 3rd


See the kitten on the wall,

Sporting with the leaves that fall,

Withered leaves, one, two, and three

Falling from the elder-tree,

Through the calm and frosty air

Of the morning bright and fair.

See the kitten, how she starts,

Crouches, stretches, paws and darts;

With a tiger-leap half way

Now she meets her coming prey.

Lets it go as fast and then

Has it in her power again.

Now she works with three and four,

Like an Indian conjuror;

Quick as he in feats of art;

Gracefully she plays her part;

Yet were gazing thousands there,

What would little Tabby care?


In this poem, ‘The Kitten at Play,’ the poet William Wordsworth describes about the kitten which is taking preparation to prey. The poet calls us to see the activities of the kitten before prey. The kitten was playing on the wall with the falling leaves. In the bright and fair morning, these leaves fall from the elder tree. The kitten bend down, stretch and goes half-way with a tiger–leap. When she comes near to her prey, she runs fast and jump on her prey. She elegantly plays her part like an Indian magician. She does not care anyone, though thousands were gazing there

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