1.2 Androcles And The Lion



Q.1 How were the slaves treated at that time?

Ans: The slaves were forced to work for their masters. They had

to do what their masters told them. They had no freedom,

no rights.

Q.2 Where did Androcles seek shelter, after his escape?

Ans: Androcles took shelter in a forest after his escape.

Q.3 What did the lion seem to tell Androcles?

Ans: The lion seemed to tell Androcles to help him.

Q.4 Why was the lion in pain?

Ans: Because the lion’s paw wounded, sore and swollen.

Androcles noticed that a big thorn had pierced one of the

lion’s toes.

Q.5 How did Androcles nurse the lion’s wound?

Ans: Androcles bound up the lion’s injured paw. He would hunt

in the forest and share his food with the lion. Every day he

would clean and dress the lion’s wound.

Q.6 Where did the soldiers put Androcles and the lion after their


Ans: The soldiers took them back to the city. They put Androcles

in chains in a prison. The lion was caged.

Q.7 What did Androcles feel after he was brought to the arena?

Ans: He felt weak and dismayed. He was certain that this was the

last day of his life.

Q.8 How did the hungry lion change, when he saw his friend?

Ans: The lion saw Androcles and rushed towards him, bounding

and roaring. But after recognizing each other, the lion

bounded towards Androcles, and when it reached him, it

began to purr and rub its nose against him. Androcles

hugged the lion. We wept with relief and joy.

Q.9 How did the emperor reward Androcles?

Ans: Emperor ordered that Androcles should be set free. He

would no longer be a slave and the lion was set free as per

Androcles wish.


1. (A) Match the phrases in Column A with their meanings in

Column B.

Column A Column B
  1. looking out for
  2. face to face
  3. summon up courage
  4. rage melted
  5. be moved by
  1. trying to search for
  2. in front of each other
  3. try to be brave
  4. anger reduced
  5. filled with soft feelings

Ans: (1)-c (2)-f (3)-e (4)-a (5)-d


(B) Read the following sentences from the story.

(1) They were bound by law to obey their master. (b)

(2) The kind man bound up the lions injured paw. (c)

(3) The lion bounded towards Androcles again (a)

The word ‘bound’ carries 3 different meanings in each of the


(a) rushed forward

(b) forced to follow

(c) tied up

Put the correct letter a / b / c in the boxes according to the

proper meaning.

(C) Now translate each of the three sentences (a,b,c) into your

medium of learning.

2. (A) Find from the story the Antonyms (opposite words) of the following.

(1) kind × cruel (5) punishment × reward

(2) poor × rich (6) unbound × bound

(3) slave × master (7) tender × tough

(4) high × low (8) happy × unhappy

(B) Find from the story 5 words that describe the sounds

made by the lion

Ans: moaned, whimpered, roared, growled, purr

3. Write the reactions that followed each of the actions given


(a) Androcles did not like his cruel master, so he escaped from

the clutches of his cruel master at the first chance he got.

(b) The lion looked at Androcles piteously, so Androcles paused

and moved very cautiously towards the lion.

(c) Androcles bandaged the lion’s injured paw, so the lion licked

his arm, as if to show gratitude.

(d) A hungry ferocious lion was released into the arena, so

Androcles was filled with fear, but he put a brave front.

(e) The lion reached Androcles and it began to purr and rub its

nose against him.

(f) The emperor asked Androcles what other reward he would

like, so Androcles replied that he did not want anything for

himself, but he wanted the lion to be set free too.

4. Write in your own words 3 to 4 sentences about each of the


(1) The condition of slaves in ancient Rome.

The slaves were forced to work for their masters. They had to do what their masters told them. They had no freedom, no rights. Even when they were unhappy with their

master, they could not leave him. They were bound by law

to obey their master, however wicked he might be.

(2) Qualities of Androcles.

Androcles was a kind, gentle and courteous man. He

was a slave. He was very kind hearted. He helped the lion

when it was injured; he cleaned and dressed the lion’s wound.

(3) Even wild animals can be our friends.

Wild animals can be our friends. This story Androcles and the lion is the best example of this. Androcles helped the lion when it was in danger. He cleaned and dressed its wound and even shared his food with lion. Lion became good friends of him. At last when they met with each other in arena lion recognized him and showed gratitude and friendship between man and animal.

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