Sample Practice Paper With Answer Sheet

Sample Practice Paper With Answer Sheet


(With Answers)

Std. XII.                    Sub. English               Time: 3hrs. Marks:80


[Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Summary, Mind Mapping]

Q. 1. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (12 Marks)

Banking, Finance and Trading: With the Big Data analytics, the investment patterns of the people can be studied. New insights have enabled the banks and finance companies to come with suitable plans. Big Data has enabled smooth functioning of these agencies and institutions.

Banking and finance sector is using Big Data to predict and prevent cyber crimes, card fraud detection, archival of audit trails, etc. By analyzing the past data of their customers and the data on previous brute force attacks banks can predict future attempts. Big Data not only helps in predicting cyber crimes, but it also helps in handling issues related to missed-transactions and failures in net banking. It can even predict possible spikes on servers so that banks can manage transactions accordingly.

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is using Big Data to monitor financial markets for possible illegal trades and suspicious activities. The SEC is using network analytics and natural language processors to identify possible frauds in the financial markets.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is an area where Big Data finds a lot of use today. Here, Big Data algorithms are used to make trading decisions. Today, the majority of equity trading now takes place via data algorithms that increasingly take into account signals from social media networks and news websites to make, buy and sell decisions in split seconds.

A1 Complete the following:

(1) Big Data analytics is used to give insights that were ………………….

(2) Big Data is so massive that it challenges …………………………

(3) It’s not the amount of data that is important but ………………………

( 4) Big Data analytics is the complex process of …………………………

A2. Complex Factual:

Complete the following describing the sources of the collection of data:

Data is collected








A3. Discuss and write how Big data is increasing in volume, variation, velocity, veracity and value.

A4. Industries can be benefited from data. Explain with an example.

A5. A 5 . Language Study:

  1. Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored and analysed. (Rewrite using ‘as well as’ … .)                           
  2. Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored and analysed. (Rewrite using ‘either or ‘.)

A6. From the extract, find the antonyms of the following words :

(1) understandable       (2) tiny

(3) sales                            (4) simple

Answers of Question no. 1.(A)

A1) Complete the following:


(1) Big Data analytics is used to give insights that were previously in comprehensible (2) Big Data is so massive that it challenges the current computing technologies.

(3) It’s not the amount of data that is important but what the organizations do ‘ with the data is what matters.

(4) Big Data analytics is the complex process of examining large and varied data sets or Big Data to uncover information .

A2.) Complex Factual:

Complete the following describing the sources of the collection of data:

A3.) Discuss and write how Big data is increasing in volume, variation, velocity, veracity and value.


When we like a post on Facebook or share a post on WhatsApp, visit any website,

make online purchases, or watch videos, the variety of activity we do online is recorded,

monitored and analysed. So, a huge amount of data is collected. Data is also collected swiftly from different sources, for example web, sales, customer contact center, social media, mobile data and so on. Big Data analytics is used to give insights that were previously incomprehensible. As more and more people use the Intern et. social media, make online purchases. use mobile phones, and are generally more active online, Bi g data is increasing in volume, variation, velocity, veracity and value in leaps and bounds.

A4.) Industries can be benefited from data. Explain with an example.


Industries can benefit from the huge amount of data available. For example, in the

tourism industry, through Big Data travel agencies and hotels can identify the times when there are more crowds and hence more demand for a certain tourist spot. They can accordingly make arrangements for more flights, trains, buses, tours, labour, essential items, etc. Hotels can use big data to compile and analyse information about their main competitors, so that they are aware of what other hotels or businesses are offering customers.

A 5.) Language Study:

Ans. Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored, as well as analysed.

Ans. Whatever activity we do online is either recorded, monitored or analysed.

A6. From the extract, find the antonyms of the following words:

Ans. (1) understandable x incomprehensible (2) tiny x massive (huge)

(3) sales x purchase (4) simple x complex

Q. 2.(A) Read the following extract and complete the activity given below: [12 Marks]

It is true that progress in knowledge has led to the development of science and technology. which has, in turn. profoundly altered our environment. For example, fertilizers and insecticides have increased agricultural output, which is required to feed the swelling population of the world. However, both give rise to population. Each one in the modern world has accumulated in our bodies a few milligrams of D.D.T., which is organo-chlorine, a type of insecticide. The D.D.T. level in fish is rising and already some fish-eating birds are becoming sterile. Fertilizers used In farmlands are washed away by rain In to rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The heavy intake content in

fertilizers lead to wild growth of vegetation in them, which in turn de-oxygenizes the waters and as a result, all the fish is lost.

Massive industrialization too has led to serious pollution of the environment. Millions of tons of smoke, sulfur gas, ash and unknown quantities of toxic by-products are sent up every day all over the world and we simply do not know if our chemical environment is slowly poisoning us all. What is even worse, the increase in the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere from burning oil and coal may, In time. prevent the escape of the sun’s heat from the earth. Leading to a rise in the earth’s temperature, the melting of ice-caps, and arise in the level of the ocean.

The sea has become a cheap dumping ground for all kinds of waste products. Although the sea has a great capacity to break down all kinds of waste, this capacity is not unlimited, especially in shallow seas. Industrial effluent gets washed out to sea. for industries tend to concentrate in coastal areas in order to be able to dispose of unwanted waste cheaply. Atomic wastes as well as poison gases are dumped in the sea by industrial and military authorities.

It would be foolish to shut our eyes to the dangers of the pollution that human beings cause. It is true that more and more people have become aware of the dangers of pollution. Rivers are being gradually restored to health; international organizations are trying to keep the seas clean. Industries are being asked to pay large sums to meet the cost of disposing of effluents.

Campaigns are being organised against cutting down trees. Public opinion Is gradually being aroused to concern. and if all of us become concerned about our environment, we shall be able to keep the earth habitable for future generations.

Al) Read the following sentences and write down whether they are TRUE or FALSE

against it.

(i) Excessive industrialization has led to serious pollution of the environment

(ii) Progress in knowledge has led to the development of science and technology but has

kept environment intact.

(ii) Now a day’s more and more people have become unaware of the dangers of pollution.

(iv) Sea has great capacity to break down all kinds of waste but this capacity is limited.

A 2) Find out from the extract how people have become aware of the dangers of pollution and the measures that they are taking to control it.

A 3) Explain the relation between the progress in knowledge. development of science and deeply changed environment.

A 4) It would be foolish to shut our eyes to the danger of the pollution that human being cause Describe or state at least two steps that you would take to protect environment and pollution of your area.

A 5) Language study:

1)Although the sea has a great capacity to break down all kinds of waste. this capacity is not unlimited. (Use but’ and rewrite the sentence.)

2) Fertilizers and insecticides have increased agricultural output.

(Rewrite your answer beginning with ‘agricultural output)

A6) Vocabulary (2)

Find out the words from the extract which mean

i) poisonous

(ii) not able to provide children

(iii) movement or drive

iv) fit to live on



(i) Excessive industrialization has led to serous pollution of the environment. True

(ii) Progress in knowledge has led to the development of science and technology but has kept environment intact. – False

(iii) Now a day’s more and more people have become unaware of the dangers of pollution. False

(iv) Sea has great capacity to break down all kinds of waste but this capacity Is limited. – True

A 2)

People have started campaigns against cutting down trees. Rivers are gradually restoring to health. Public opinion is being aroused. Industries are paying large sums to meet the cost of disposing of effluents and international organizations keeping seas clean.


To satisfy the requirement of food of the Increasing population fertilizers and insecticides have played a major role. But it has leaded to pollution too. We all have accumulated few milligrams of D.DT. in our body. which is a type of Insecticide. D.D.T. level in fish Is also rising and subsequently fish-eating birds are turning sterile Fertilizers used in farmlands gets washed by rain and reaches to rivers. reservoirs lakes etc. as a result wild growth in water turning oxidization. Finally, all the fish is lost.


Firstly, to protect the environment I will start a drive called Tree Planation with the help of my friends. Secondly, we will convince farmers not to use pesticides and insecticides in their farm which will decrease the productivity of their soil in the years to come.


(i) The Sea has a great capacity to break down all kinds of waste but this capacity is not unlimited

(ii) Agricultural output has been increased by fertilizers and insecticides.


(i) poisonous = Toxic

(ii) not able to provide children = Sterile

(iii) movement or drive = Campaign

(iv) At to live on = habitable

9. 2. B) Summary: [3 Marks]

Write a short summary of the above extract with the help of the given clues and

suggest a suitable title.

Increasing environmental pollution.. ……pollution result of ………. contamination of the things ….. . survival problem need to control ……..including humans all in danger.. ….. Population growth.


World Pollution and Measures to Control it

The given extract expresses fear about the survival of future generation in the context increasing environmental pollution. This of| extract enumerates various types of pollution resulting| from the advancement of technology. The air we breathe. the water we drink and even the food we| eat today is contaminated. The survival of all living creatures will be in danger if steps are not taken to control the pollution of air, Water and food. The writer stresses that it is not only human beings who are at risk but also all the creatures living in water and on the earth. AI living organisms are affected by pollution and are in grave danger. The growth of the population in the world is one of the| reason for pollution.

Q.2.(C) Mind- Mapping: (3Marks)

You all are studying in 12th standard till now you have studied different languages like Marathi, Hindi, English and so on. In languages we do read about literature and its types/genres and sub types. Prepare a mind map of literature and its sub types that you know.


Q.3. (A) Read the given extract and complete the activity given below: (10Marks)

‘Canst hear’, said one, the breakers roar?

For methinks we should be near the shore’

Now where we are I cannot tell,

But I wish I could hear the Inchcape Bell.

They hear no sound., the swell is strong:

Though the wind hath fallen they drift along.

Till the vessel strikes with a shivering shock,

O Christ! it is the Inchcape Rock!!

Sir Ralph the Rover tore his hair

He curst himself in his despair;

The waves rush in every side,

The ship is sinking beneath the tide.

But even in his dying fear

One dreadful sound could the Rover hear

A sound as if with the Inchcape Bell,

The devil below was ringing his knell

Al Name the two speakers from the first stanza and write what they are saying.

A2 Explain the line. “The Devil below was ringing his knell

A3 “Evil cannot go unpunished in this world” write your opinion on this in about 50 words in the light of the poem ‘Inchcape Rock’

A4 Poetic device:

Write down the rhyme scheme and rhyming pairs of the last stanza.

A5 Creativity:

Read the following lines and compose the missing lines on your own from the stanza and

rewrite it.

Sir Ralph the Rover tore his hair:


The waves rush in every side,




Sailors of Sir Ralph’s ship or perhaps fellow pirates are speaking in the stanza. First sailor says that he can hear the roaring of waves and it seems to him that shore is nearby. There is a second sailor who wishes that they can hear the sound of Inchcape Bell as they are not aware of where they are.


Sir Ralph had cut down the Inchcape Bell as he was jealous of the Abbot of Aberbrothok. On the way back to home when his ship faced the bad weather his ship struck the Inchcape Rock. He cursed himself for mistake but still he went down in to the sea with a gurgling sound. When his death came close to him he could hear the sound of Inchcape Bell as if the Devil himself was ringing his death for him. It appears that Devil was happily Inviting the Sir Ralph in to the hell.


It is true that evil cannot go unpunished in this world. I feel there 1s some divine power which| observes our actions and give justice to us all. Sir Ralph did the wrong thing by cutting the Inchcape Bell. Ultimately, he died in a storm on his way back as there was no warning bel ringing near the Inchcape Rock. Evil does not understand his mistake initially but their end is always sorrowful. Here we should believe in a proverb ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’


The rhyme scheme is ‘aabb’ and rhyming pairs in the stanza are fear-hear, bell-knell/


Sir Ralph the Rover tore his hair:

Realising the mistake of his own behaviour.

The waves rush in every side.

His life was drowning in these wide.

Q.3.(B) Appreciation: [4 Marks]

Read the given extract and write the appreciation of the given poem based on the following aspects.

Song of the Open Road

Afoot and light hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy. free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.

Hence forth I ask not good fortune, I myself an

good fortune

Hence forth I whimper no more, postpone no more,

need nothing.

Done with indoor complaints, Libraries. querulous criticisms,

Strong and content I travel the open road.

The earth, that is sufficient.

I do not want the constellations any nearer,

I know they are very well where they are

I know they suffice for those who belong to them.

– Walt Whitman

*About the poem. significance of the title

*Form of the poem, theme and its significance

*Poetic style. language features, poetic devices

*Inspirational message, values, morals reflected

*Your opinion and critical evaluation of the poem.


About the poet and poem:

This poem is written by a very well-known American poet Walt Whitman (1819 to 1892). He is often called as The Father of Free Verse’. This poem first appeared in his poetry book names ‘Leaves of Grass’, published in July 1855. This poem Is a beautiful blend of self-awareness, free will and tenderness of heart. It gives us poet’s realization that along the journey of life one will face a test of wisdom which is not tested in any school where we get formal education.

The title of the poem indicates that the poet sets up out-of- door as a utoplan in which all men can come together.


The theme of this poem is Freedom, when a person takes open road, you feel, “Healthy free. the world before me”. Being free means being able to do anything you want to do. It means having no trouble upon you and wants nothing except to relax.

Poetic Style:

This poem is written in four stanzas. First stanza is an exception as it contains only three lines of verse. The poet has used the free verse. The lines are unrhymed and each line is of different length. The speaker/ narrator of the poem is a poet Walt Whitman himself. who knows himself very well.

Language, Poetic Devices:

the language used in the poem is very simple and easy to understand|

Poetic devices like paradox, metaphor, alliteration, repetition are used in the poem. “Old delicious burden” is an example of paradox. The word Road ‘in the title of the poem is an example of metaphor. Figure of speech repetition is also used in the poem as the word ‘no more’ is repeated

Message/ Moral:

The moral of the poem Is that along the journey of life one will face a test of wisdom which Is not tested in any school or college. Rich as well as poor all uses road and on the road all are associated with one another. Here the road symbolises mobility or progress. We should take road as a starting point of our Life. We should not stop or sluck at one place, It results In stagnation is what the poet feels.

My opinion about the poem:

For me this poem is a map of progress and it reveals the road of inner or self-happiness in life. It is a poem which inspires me to take the life positively. I like the following line of the poem. “Hence forth. I whimper no more. postpone no more, and need nothing.”


Q.4. Complete the activities as per the instructions given below: [16 Marks]

(A) Attempt any one of the following: (04)

Drafting a virtual message:

Rahul comes home from office and notices the door of his la/house is locked. As he had

another key with him, he opens the door and enters the house. On table he finds a note left for him by his wife saying that she had to rush to the school of her son who has met with an accident. She also has written if any emergency is there., she will inform him immediately She has also told him to take his evening snacks and he could heat it in microwave if he wants it hot, and has asked him to be very careful while handling microwave switch.

Draft a message which Rahul’s wife has left for him.


22nd November.2020.


I have gone Vinit’s school as he met with an accident. Will inform you if any emergency. Have| evening snacks kept on the table. If needed heat it in microwave oven but be careful while handling| microwave & switches.



Statement of Purpose:

Read the following personal details and prepare a suitable statement of purpose

You are an avid animal lover. You have a pet dog and some love birds at your home. You are an extremely fond of them. You have been a member of a bird watcher’s club. You have love going on safari. You have taken care of orphan animals or animals who are hurt. In school you loved biology. Now you wish to make career in this field. The university of Cambridge Offers an excellent course/programmer which would boost your career. Make a statement of Purpose which will help you to get admission to this university.


Right from my childhood I love the subject biology. I still remember how I used to spend my time with my grandfather and uncle on our farm, they used to toil the land while used to watch insects, animals and birds and used to forget myself in that. As I went in a school and jr. college my affinity| towards these things increased and now my next destination is to register myself in in the university| of Cambridge for higher studies and research.

I have spent an amazing one year on the beaches of Orrisa and in Maharashtra at Malvan, doing detailed study and protection of Olive Ridley turtles from fishermen in India. As I am a student, I was a volunteer 1or this programme I extended my help in research work and protecting turtles by patrolling during night. collecting eggs. hatching these eggs etc. I loved keeping a watch on variety o birds. taking care of them which resulted in in making me popular as a member of a bird watches club. It has sharpened and enables my personality In many ways. It has certainly exposed me for my university life since I have acquired required necessary skills which will be needed fora new Lile far away from my family and friends and relatives.

All this background has certainly given me a proper platform and I am quite confident that I have a natural liking for this branch of science. I specifically love ecosystem and have really enjoyed al of the modules I have taken. Rather than doing physical or research work I love doing practical work and is looking to get exposure and experience with properly developed pieces of apparatus at university.

During my school days I had taken different types of responsibilities. When I was in the final year of my school was nominated as a perfect student of the school. Here I got acquainted with numbers of new skills like along with confidence while communicating with people and oratory skill. At college also it continued and I was appointed as a university representative which gave me an opportunity to attend many meetings and workshops with the intelligent and knowledgeable people like the vice- chancellor of the university. University chancellor and there I could voice my students views to them.

I love playing badminton and represents India at national level. For me it is an excellent exercise to my mind as well as body. When I will join our university, I would like to take part in other sports activities which will open a new way to develop friendship and keep me healthy also. I feel that to achieve my expertise in this field I have the best place which is Cambridge university. I hope you all will consider my application positively.


Group Discussion:

You and your friends including Rahul are on the Juhu Beach. Mumbai. You are discussing about the hot weather in Mumbai. You discuss about the cold weather at Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. Write a short group discussion amongst you and your friends. You are Sumedh. Write your answer in 8 to 10 dialogues.


Sumedh: My goodness! It’s very hot and humid here in Mumbai today.

Rahul: Ys, I too feel the same. It’s quite different in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani

Suresh: Same even in north also there is extreme heat during this season.

Sumedh: yes. It will be comparatively cold there at hill stations Rahul.

Suresh: You are right Sumedh.

Rahul: it’s a delightful experience to be there at Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani during summer.

Sumedh: yes. we miss deep valleys. thick forest. colourful trees, and lush green vegetation in these summer days here in coastal area.

Rahul: but there are no beaches at Mhabaleshwar and Panchami Here we enjoy swimming in the sea and wand ring along the seashore on the breach here.

Suresh: every place has its plus point and negative point

Suresh: True but Mumbai and its beaches has a different attraction amongst the people.

Sumedh: You know. Juhu beach is one of the famous beach in our country.

Rahul: you are right’ Every beach has and every place has its own beauty and importance.

Suresh: I support Rahul You are right.

Sumedh: By the way which season you like the most?

Rahul: Actually. I love al seasons. We enjoy vacation in summer season. We visit different places and eat variety of fruits etc. what about Suresh?

Suresh: Actually. I love rainy season. I feel rain revives our hopes.

Sumedh: Rahul, yes. it makes my mouth water when I think about fruits and other things.

Rahul: I love rainy season also as I can see the whole nature bathing and sea waves dancing It makes the atmosphere cool and pleasant.

Sumedh: I feel winter is the best season here for Mumbai as the days are colder. sunny and pleasant.

Suresh: Yes, Mumbai is really different in winter season. It is pleasant here during these times.

(B) Attempt any one of the following (04)

Email Writing

Write an email to your friend about your proposed trek. You ran take help of the

following points. You can keep your parents informed about it by adding them in BCC

*A trek in the forest of Vasota fort in the Sahyadri ranges

*Time and duration

*Type of trek (cycle/motorbike/walk)

*Facilities provided

*Last date for registration



TO: [email protected]

BCC: [email protected]

Sub: Three-day trek at the Vasota fort and forest in Sahyadri ranges.

Dear Tushar,

Hope everything is well at your end. Received your mail last week only but could not reply you as I was busy in my exam. Your summer vacation must be starting from 1st May. My college exam has got over last Saturday and now my vacation period starts from this week. As you know I am very interested in mountaineering and trekking this year also our Nature Trek club has decided to go for three days trekking at Vasota fort and forest in Sahyadri ranges close to a place called Tapola or Bamnoli. We have planned our trek from 25th May to 28th May 2020. We have already sought

necessary permission from Forest department over there. On 25th night we will leave from Mumbai and reach Bamnoli via Satara. From Bamnoli will take launch for Tapola at the foot of the Vasota| fort. From there we all will walk through the forest and by the evening will reach at the fort. We will stay there in the temple. We are supposed to carry all our trekking equipment’s like trekking shoes sleeping bags and torch etc. I know your interests and hence would like lo tell you f you too would

1ke to join this trek. you have to register your name. The registration is limited for few people only. The last date for registration is 15th May up to 5.00 pm. The fees including travel and food as well as forest permission is 5000 rupees per head. Only few seats are available. Hurry up and don’t miss this golden chance of seeing the nature and historical fort of Maharashtra of trekking with our trek group. Along with this email I am sending you an attachment of list required for trek and other details.

Yours True friend



Report Writing:

Write a report for your college magazine describing the proceedings of an intercollegiate cultural festival organised by your college.



YC College. Mahad

On 21st December. 2020 Y C College Mahad arranged an amazing cultural fest. The event was an all day long programme and was held at Y C College spacious ground. 25 colleges from all over Mumbal division took part in this fest.

The fest begun with the arrival of the participating teams from whole Mumbai division. The local MP graced the occasion as the honourable Chiel Guest and inaugurated the event along with the wel1- known Bollywood celebrity and BJP MP Shatrughn Sinha. They were welcomed with a fabulous welcome dance by the students of the host Y C College. The dance was followed by the inaugural lighting of the ceremonial lamp. The college singer group sang Sarasvati Vandana in the background| to musical accomplishment.

Dr. Suresh Nair, the principal of the college delivered a welcome speech. He observed that the event| was organised to commemorate the completion of golden jubilee of the college. The principal then highlighted the excellent track record created by the college throughout the year in terms of rewards and achievements in academics as well as sports and inter-collegiate cultural events. The chief guests and the dignitaries were felicitated with token of love. bouquets. After the speech by the chief guests.

the event began. Participants from different colleges presented a variety of cultural programmes in various categories like singing. dancing. duet singing. solo singing, skits and pantomime. There was an all-round effort by the college to show case the talents of their students. The audience sat glued to their seats, enjoying every minute of the show.

The day came to an end with the announcement of prizes. Shivaji College bagged the first prize in most categories. S N College bagged the second position. The prize distribution was followed by a formal vote of thanks by the college General Secretary. The day and the event ended with a sense of satisfaction and achievement by one and all involved in the event.


Interview questions:

Imagine you are going to interview a well-known doctor in your area. Prepare a set of 8 to 10 questions focussing on his career. practice, social behaviour and the activities he

carried out. Frame out introductory. probing and concluding questions.


Good morning and welcome sir. It gives me a great pleasure to meet you and talk with you about| your inspiring journey as a doctor.

1. Doctor, please tell us about your native place. family background and education?

2. Who inspired you to be a doctor?

3. What difficulties did you come across while pursuing your dream?

4. Why did you choose the interior part of Maharashtra only after getting your MS degree?

5. How were your initial practice days here in Adivasi area where nobody goes to doctor?

6. What did you do to attract them to your clinic?

7. Your wife is also a doctor and she too is a part of your great work. How did you convince her for this work?

8. How do you handle success and failure?

9. What is the most memorable incident in your life as a doctor?

10. What message would you like to give young fellow doctors who are joining this profession?

(C) Attempt any one of the following (4)

Speech Writing:

You intend to take part in an inter collegiate elocution competition. One of the topics there in is ‘Stop Cruelty to Animals and Birds’ prepare speech on it in about 120 words.


Honourable judges, president, teachers, my dear student friends.

Good morning to you all. Friends, why should we save animals and birds and not be cruel with them? This question is often asked by people and remain unanswered to common people. However, it is definitely important to save the animals and birds from conservation point of view. It is more important to understand the importance of animals and birds in the environment. If we won’t protect animals and birds there will be ecological imbalance. Animals, birds are greatest indicator of climate change. Their behaviour and disappearance give us an alarming signal of natural disasters, cyclone etc. In the food chain insects are eaten by birds, birds by animals, chain is grass eating animals by other animals and this food very important of our survival. Insect outbreak Is reduced by the birds. Don’t we say Peacock is a friend of farmer? It eats insects on crops and keeps snakes at bay and so in some part animals and birds are worshipped. Not only that many people derive great pleasure and fulfilment and inspiration from watching birds and animals and listening to them. Birds and animals carry seeds from their stool and works as pollinisers. We need to protect natural sites for them. We need to keep trees and 1orest for them otherwise in future we will see them only in pictures and not even zo0s. We have to ban all those activities which threatens their life. Law should be made stricter. We must stop deliberate killing of animal and birds, the destruction of their nests, eggs and homes.

Friends if we fail to create awareness in the society about the animals and birds, they will remain only in pictures. So let’s start a movement of protecting animals and birds. Stop cruelty with them I conclude my speech thanking all of you for your patient listening.



Imagine that you are a compere of Annual Day of your college. Write a script for the same. Make use of the following points.

*Introduction- a brief introduction of the programme/function Lighting of lamp

*Welcome song

*Welcome speech- Principal’s speech, welcome of the guest. guest’s speech

*Prize distribution

*Vote of thanks



Good evening ladies and gentleman. I extend very warm and heartfelt welcome to you all on behalf of our college.

Today on the occasion of Annual Day of our college we have organised a cultural programme for you giving you quick, exotic glimpse of India and academic prize distribution programme.

Lighting of the lamp:

I call upon our management Chairperson Mr. ……signify the opening of our annual day.

Welcome song:

Now I request our college 11h standard boys and girls group to sing a prayer and welcome song

Thank you for melodious song students.

Now I call upon the principal of our college Mr. To welcome our chief guest and trustee Mr. ….. with a token of love a bouquet.

Welcome Speech:

I request the principal of our college to welcome the guest & address the students.

Thank you very much sir, for your inspiring speech and kind words.

Speech by Chief Guest:

Now I request our Chief Guest and trustee to address the students and

enlighten them.

Thank you very much sir for your wise speech and motivation and appreclation of students’ talent and encouragement to we all.

Prize Distribution:

I request to our Chief Guest and Principal Sir to felicitate the stars of our College who have brought laurels to the Institution and have showcased their talents in collegiate. Inter-collegiate academic as well as sports and cultural event.

Thank you very much sir for sparing your valuable time and appreciating the talents of our college. It will certainly be an inspiration to other students to work hard.

Now I request our Chief Guest and trustee. principal sir and other dignitaries to witness cultural programme of the students.

Entry 1:

The lavani is a symbol of shringar rasa. I represent Maharashtra. Let’s get on to the mood and enjoy the Scintillating Lavani performance. Pui your hands together for wonderful performance.

Entry 2:

Now it’s a time for Rajasthani Folk dance. It is such a dance which captivate us. Let us welcome by big round of applause this folk dance This was an awesome performance.

Entry 3:

Let’s now welcome our south students from Kerala for another captivating performance. Let’s enjoy this beautiful Onam song. Onam is a new year In Kerala where farmers begin their agricultural activities and we get to listen the marvellous note of the bird cuckoo. Have a glimpse of this agrarian song

Entry 4:

As we come to an end of this beautiful evening, let us carry with us memories of a time well spent.

Vote of Thanks:

As we know that no programme is complete if we won’t appreciate and acknowledge all those who worked behind the curtain to make this programme successful. I request our cultural secretary to give vote of thanks.


Expansion of Idea

Expand the following idea with the help of the points given below. Write your answer in about 100-150 words.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

*Literal meaning of he proverb

*Importance of doing work regularly

*Don’t keep your work pending

*Support your understanding of the symbolic meaning of the words

*Sum up the expansion with what you have learnt from the given proverb


“A stitch in time saves nine” is a proverb. If we will try to see its meaning, we will see it means how much important is timely intervention. We should try our best to solve our problem immediately without delay and not allow it to aggravate because of our delay or neglect.

A piece of cloth that is torn a little; if we mend it immediately 1t will require a single stitch and it can be repaired quickly. But suppose if we neglect it the rip will grow and will require not one but many stitches and here it has been expressed figuratively as nine stitches. Exactly in the same way if we will do our study regularly or every day, we need not have to stay up the whole night before the commencement of our examination. Timely study will not unnecessarily bother and strain you before your final examination. Therefore, we must always remember to take timely action to resolve a problem before it gets out of our hand. In the same way if we will follow healthy diet and take sufficient sleep and do required physical exercise like playing some games on ground or swimming, we will be able to maintain a fit and toned body with an alert mind. We can easily get the benefits of healthy body and mind. Today whole Mumbai, Maharashtra and India is closed due to Corona virus. Government is trying its best to stitch the problem in time and has advised the citizens. educated citizens to stay inside the home to avoid the spread and if all the people will follow it

diligently. we and government will be able to stop the spread of the disease. Let us always take prompt action to solve our problem so that we can avoid serious trouble later

(D) Attempt any one of the following: (04)

Film Review:

Write a review of a film that you have recently seen. Write your review based on any

four points given below.

*Name of the characters. (main and supporting roles

*About the story/ theme of the film.

*Why did you like or not like the film.

*Special features/novelties/novel ideas


*Should others watch this film/would you recommend your friend/s to enjoy it/ watch

this film/why?



Sholay is a 1975 classic Bollywood blockbuster. There are many factors which have

contributed in making of this movie as a super hit movie in the history of Indian theatres. Starting with an A- ok cast showing Dharmendra as the playful Veeru. Amitabh Bacchan as the witty Jai. Sanjeev Kumar as the revengeful Thakur Baldev Singh, Hema Malini as the Yapper Basanti. and| Jaya Bhaduri as the quiet widow Radha and Amjed Khan as the notorious Gabbar Singh.

This movie is written by well-known duo of Hindi Salim -Javed famous for works such| as Deewar. Mr. India, Zanjeer etc. Sholay was produced by G. P Sippy and directed by Ramesh Sippy Music maestro is R D Burman the man behind the movies background score. His songs such as “Mehbooba” and “Holi ke Din” are listened even today with same love and affection by all music lovers. The timeless song on the bond of friendship “Ye Dosti” is popular even among today’s youngsters. Composed of good plot, Sholay is a movie well told. The bold characters depict how a retired policaman, with the help of two smart con men, plan the downfall of a wicket dacoit.

Interwoven within the story are instances of humour, action and melodrama. With a Mausi’s shrewd remark, Soorma Bhopali’s impeccable Bhopali accent, and a comical jailer from angrezo ka jamana. Sholay makes for a good laugh. A celebrated movie in the Indian cinema., many of its dialogues have become a part of our lingo, and even a way of Lile! Haven’t we all heard the phrase” Jo dar gay samjo mar gaya “at some point in our lives? All actors performance is up to the mark, making even the role of Kalia and Sambha significant. Amjed Khan. who gained popularity after the villainous role in the movie, has portrayed the daring Gabbar singh aptly? All the lead actors also deserve a round of applause. The movie was shot in Ramnaagram near Bangalore, sometimes fondly reminds as Sippynagar. Keeping in mind the technology of the time sholay especially in action sequences is very well directed, owing to a commendable cinematography. No wonder it was one of the highest

grossing movies of its time.

Over all, the movie is a first rate, a must watch for all. Being a perfect blend of all cinematic elements, it offers thorough entertainment. All the movie buffs out there, don’t miss it. For those who plan on not watching it. tera kya hoga kalia


Blog Writing

Write a blog in a proper format on Goals’ with the help of the following points. Write

your answer in 100 to 150 words

*Share some goals that you have set for yourself

*An example could be one goal for this week

*One goal for this college year

*Describe how you plan to accomplish you goals



B On The Spot B X 2020

Archtve V



It is a beginning of academic year and rainy season in India and Maharashtra. It is a time where both farmers and students are extremely busy as for farmers agricultural activities starts and for students like me my college year starts Recently my college has started and now I am In 1 2th standard and for everyone Including society. parents this exam is very important in the career of a child All required books and note books have| been bought My extra coaching classes apart from my regular college also have begun.

This year I have decided not to repeat my 1oth standard mistake. This year I have decided to set a short goal I have planned just weekly goal for myself. This weekly goal of mine will probably become my habit and finally may lead to success at the end of the year. From this week first thing is that my wake up timing will be 5.30 am. After getting fresh by 6.00 am I will do my yoga for half an hour. it will be followed

by my bath. From 6. 15 to 9.00 am I will take one subject each day and will go through in each topic taught in college at 9.00 am I will have my breakfast and from 9 30 am to 10 00 am. It will be a newspaper reading Newspaper reading is important for me as my long-term goal is to a appear for UPSC exam after my graduation. Since my college is in the main city I start from my house at 10.15 am. My college starts at 11.00 am and gets over at 5.00 pm. In the evening after college between 6.00 to 8.00 pm I have coaching class. Finally, after dinner from 9.00 pm to 10.30 pm time I have kept for my homework. Sharp at 10.30

pm it will be time for me to go to bed This is a short term one-week goal for me.

I have planned to follow this schedule strictly and hope as I an used to follow the study schedule regularly This will be easy for me to follow it. I know. nothing is going to distract me from my goal Everybody. my parents and even my younger brother is also going to help me in achieving it This short term weekly goal is my first step towards my long term goal.


Appeal Writing:

Your college has organised a Blood Donation Camp in connection with Republic

Day. Young men are expected to donate blood. Prepare an appeal with the help of the

following points.

*An effective slogan

*Use a logo or a picture

*Blood donation worthy cause

*No loss of strength

*Most precious act

*Time, venue and dale

*Signature line



Q.5. (A) State whether the following sentences are true or false and rewrite them: (12)

(1) The novel as a literary genre has a history of about two thousand years.

(2) After 1840. novel originated as the literary form in England.

(3) Rajmohan’s Wife’, by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay serialised in The Indian Field was the first novel in English Written by an Indian.

(4) There are five elements essential of Novel or Novella


(1) True

(2) False

(3) True

(4) False

(B) Complete the following statements: [2 Marks]

(1)A novel is a relatively long narrative fiction which describes intimate human experience normally in a…….

(2) A Novella. the word originated from the Italian word………

(3) The language and the technique used by the author for the narration of the course of events is known as…………

(4) The word picaresque’ is originated from………..


(1)A novel is a relatively long narrative fiction which describes intimate human experience normally in a prose form

(2) A Novella. the word originated from the Italian word novelle

(3) The language and the technique used by the author for the narration of the course of events is known as the style.

4) The word picaresque’ is originated from the Spanish word Picaro

C) Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below: (4 Marks)

1) Give a brief character sketch of Denham from the novel To sir With Love

2) Describe in brief the purpose of organizing the half-yearly report programme of Students Council


(1) Denham represents the traditional British born and bred East Ender that was traditionally found in London’s East End 50 to 100 years ago. It was an area of poverty and great damage during World War 2. Denham was a leader who was looked up by the other classmates. the other lads In the particular. He was someone who had influence over the other students. He was the student of Braitthwaite’s lass.. preside over the meeting Denham creates stir by speaking on the required subject of P T. and games. Complaining that the class was ill-conceived and pointless. When Denham pursues his enquiry on the necessity of requiring all students to take P T. Mr Weston responds quite ridiculously. trying to bluster his way out of the subject and offering no coherent argument. Later. When Miss Philps steps in and gives a sturdy defence of the practice and Denham. knowing that he has been outwitted. respectfully steps off his heated protest. The teacher Braithwaite Is satisfied seeing the progress of his class students

(2) The half yearly report programme of the Student’s Council was kept on November 15. It was one of the most important day in the Greens lade School. This programme was completely arranged. presented and controlled by the students only. Students had prepared for it and had their noting’s ready. In a professional way tasks were allocated and fitted into a neat programme. The headmaster Mr. Florian reiterated the aims and policy of the school. Miss Joseph explained the council’s purpose and its activities. The purpose was to present the report on the studies by each class during the half year which began after Easter. Representation for each subject has been chosen. After each class representation gets over a panel of teachers would be invited and they will answer the questions from the body of hall on questions arising out of the various reports presented by students. The council’s purpose was to report the faculty and other students on what they have been studying thus far. Brathwaite’s, class gave an emphasis on how much they have learnt about different people, cultures, customs and the importance of international and interracial co-operation

(D) Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below 14 Marks

(1) Describe the Imparlance of the Reform club following place in the development of the plot and behaviour of the characters.

2) Write 4-5 sentences on the “Time’ theme of he extracts


  1. In the novel Around the World n 80 Days’ Reform Club plays very important role, the novel begins at the Reform Club in England Fogg Is introduced to us at Reform Club only. In the beginning of the novel at Reform Club only Fogg, Flanagan, Fallentin and Sullivan were talking about a bank robbery. This conversation leads to a bet where Fogg says he can travel around the world in 80 days. whereas Sullivan feels that it is not possible. He can’t do it in 80 days. They accept the wager for 20 thousand pounds. From here, Fogg’s journey with many adventures, by different means and modes all over the world continues. Finally, when detective Fix arrests Fog at Liverpool. Fogg feels that he won’t reach London on time. Later when Fix realises his mistake and confessing it releases Fogg from custo0dy Fogg reaches London by special train but thinks that he has missed the deadline. Next day in the evening when he goes to meet Aouda. she accepts his love. Later when Passerpartout was sent to engage clergyman lor wedding, he finds that next day 1s not Monday but the Sunday. While Traveling east world around the world Phileas Fogg motor calculator and obsessive organizer had forgotten the time, he’s gained by journeying through all those time zones. Finally, Passepartout deposits him at the Reform Club with a minute lo spare and Fogg wins the bet. Ile once again become rich but more than that Fogg has the heart of a charming woman Aouda’

The most important theme of this novel is Time It explains repeatedly that time is fickle and either work for or against them. In many cases time flails their plan when they delays build up and ships and trains leave without them. When Fix’s releases Fogg at Liverpool and when they reach Liverpool station lor London train they find that there was no train and Just 10 minutes ago the train for London had already left. So, they go London by special train but still reaches late. Finally, Fog wins the bet as he had gained a day while crossing the International Date Line. The final message is that no one controls time: time will work the way it wants to work, and we all are at its mercy.

(E) Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below: [4 Marks]

(1) Elaborate the following line in the light of the novel as well as extract given to you “The Sign of Four”

“You really are an automation- a calculating machine”.

(2) Write 4-5 sentences about the meeting of Miss Morstan with Holmes.


(1) After meeting Holmes and Watson when Mary Morstan left at 3.30 noon. She was asked to come at 6.00 In the evening After her departure Watson stood at the window watching her walking hurriedly down the street. He said, “What a very attractive woman!” Holmes asked him, is she? He said I did not observe her. Listening this Watson said the above sentence, “You really are an automaton- a calculating machine” It means Holmes was like a machine, an emotionless person who doesn’t know anything except work and work. This shows that how Mr. Holmes was very honest and sincere to his duty and he doesn’t

have a time to think anything except his work. His priority was not the looks of his client Mary Morstan.

(2) Miss Mary Morstan was a young lady, a small dainty, well gloved and dressed in the most perfect taste. Her dress was simple and was indicating that she had limited means or source of income. Her expression was sweet and amiable, her large blue eyes were singularly spiritual and sympathetic. When she entered the house, Sherlock Holmes offered her a chair to sit. Her lips were trembling and her hands too were trembling might| be due to some shock. It was very clear that she was completely frightened. She told Mr. Holmes that she has come to him, because once he had helped her employer Mrs. Cecil Forrester to come out from her little household complication. He reminded her that. That was a simple case. Mary Morstan told him that she did not think that her case was that| simple. She further told htm that, she could hardly imagine anything more strange, more utterly and inexplicable than the situation in which she found herself. This is how their| first meeting took place.

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