XIIth             Sub: English         Time: 3hrs. Marks: 80 _______________________________________________________________

Segment I: PROSE

[Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Summary, Mind Mapping]

Q.1. (A) Read the concentrate and complete the exercises given underneath: (12 Marks)

A1. Pick the right choices to finish the sentences: (2)

(1) The celestial prophet says that if Nayak doesn’t leave his town once more, he would –

(a) return the cash

(b) not face peril

(c) return home and quit searching for the one who attempted to slaughter him

(d) not discover the executioner.

(ii) Guru Nayak counsels the celestial prophet since he needs to

(a) comprehend the past

(b) discover who the celestial prophet is

(c) bring in some cash through a wager

(d) find the solution to a particular inquiry.

(iii) Guru Nayak is searching for the one who attempted to murder him –

(a) to render retribution

(b) to get a statement of regret

(c) to request a clarification

(d) to demonstrate that the man was fruitless.

(iv) The crystal gazer’s comments cause Guru Nayak to feel the entirety of the accompanying aside from

(a) assuaged (b) dubious

(c) dazzled (d) baffled.

“Stop,” said the other. “I don’t need all that. Will I prevail in my

present pursuit or not? Respond to this and go. Else I won’t release you till you vomit every one of your coins.” The celestial prophet muflered a couple of spells and answered: “Good. I will talk. Yet, will you give me a rupee if what I state is persuading? In any case 1 won’t open my mouth, and you may do what you like.” After a decent arrangement of wrangling, the other concurred. The stargazer sa id: “You were left for dead. Am I right?” “Ah, disclose to me more.” “A blade has gone through you once?” said the crystal gazer. “Great individual!” ” He uncovered his chest to show the scar. “What else?” “And afterward you were driven into a wel! close by in the field. You were left for dead.” “I ought to have been dead if some passer – by had not risked to peep into the well,” shouted the other, overpowered by excitement. “When will I get at him?” he asked, grasping his clench hand. “In the following scene,” addressed the crystal gazer.

You will never observe anything else of scaled down.” The other moaned on hearing it. The soothsayer continued

“Master Nayak—”

You know my name!” the other stated, shocked. As I probably am aware all different things. Master Nayak. listen cautiously to what I need to state. Your town is two days’ excursion due north of this town. Take the following train and be gone. I see indeed extraordinary risk to your life on the off chance that you go from bhome.” He took out a touch of hallowed debris and held it to him. “Rub it on your brow and return home. Never travel toward the south

once more, and you will live to be a hundred.” Why should I venture out from home once more?” the other said brilliantly. He shook his head penitently. “He has gotten away my hands. 1 expectation at any rate he kicked the bucket as he merited.” “Yes,” said the soothsayer. He was squashed under a lorry.” The other looked satisfied to hear it.

A2. Complete the web:

A3. Complete the accompanying: (2)

(i) Guru Nayak was astounded that the celestial prophet knew his name in light of the fact that… …

(ii) Guru Nayak looked delighted on the grounds that his adversary had met his passing… … .

A4. Recommend a few stages to destroy strange notions and other sick practices from our general public. (2)

A5. Language Study: (Do as coordinated) (2)

(i) Use the word given in the sections and modify the sentence

The other moaned on hearing it. (heard)

(ii) Never travel toward the south again, and you will live to be a hundred.

(Modify utilizing ‘just if’)

(B) Language Study (4 Marks)

B1. Do as Directed/Transformation of Sentences:

(i) India and Maharashtra can advance just if there is unity of interest.

(Modify, starting with “India and Maharashtra cannot…) (1)

(ii) I have made this understood.

(Modify it utilizing the inactive voice development.) (1)

(iii) I express my profound feeling of appreciation to him for gift us.

( use: “considering the way that’.) (1)

B2. Recognize the mistake/s in the given sentence and rework the right sentence: (1)

The educator shake his head with furiously.

Q. 2. (A) Read the concentrate and complete the exercises given underneath (12 Marks)

(Unseen Passage)

A1. Complete the web:

Co-schooling is an arrangement of training where young men and young ladies studyy together. In a nation as moderate as India, co-training helps young men and young ladies break well known misguided judgments existing between both since days of yore.

Co-instruction supports commonality among young men and young ladies and they begin breaking misguided judgments about one another. Their overall standpoint changes and they build up a sound, typical relationship with more develop characters. There is no separation dependent on sex. It has frequently been seen that understudies who come from a co-instructive foundation are preferable communicators over understudies who concentrate in same sex establishments. Co-training likewise helps understudies in their later life when they become experts and associate with the other gender. As these

young men and young ladies lose their bashfulness, they build up a more extensive standpoint and are without a restricted mindset.

It is fundamental to have more co-educational establishments to support great, ordinary, solid residents who thus can help eliminate social shades of malice like share through joint endeavours. Co-training can likewise lessen eve teasing, ragging, assault and different wrongdoings against ladies. With additionally understanding, a common regard is created and the psyche is liberated from any unpleasant contemplation. Thinking development comes at an early age and goes far in growing balanced characters in both. What should be done quickly cross country is to present coeducation directly from grade school. At this stage itself, guardians and instructors should play it safe in guaranteeing a legitimate harmony among schooling and virtues.

A2. Identify the constructive outcomes of co-training on young men and young ladies. (2)

A3. Compose the measures that are recommended for the successful usage of co-instruction. (2)

A4. As per you, what offices should be given to ladies at their working environments? (2)

A5. Language study (Do as coordinated): (2)

(I) Co-schooling supports commonality.

(Modify it starting with ‘Commonality..)

(ii)Parents and instructors should play it safe in guaranteeing a legitimate harmony among training and virtues.

(Rework it utilizing the infinitive type of the underlined word.)

A6. (I) Give the antonyms of the accompanying: (1)

(a) moderate (b) energize

(ii) Give the descriptor types of the accompanying: (1)

(a) commonality (b) wrongdoing

(B) Summary Writing: (3 Marks)

Set up a rundown of the concentrate given in Q. 2. (A). Give it a reasonable title. You may utilize the accompanying focuses :

(co-instruction characterized as favorable circumstances – eliminates social shades of malice . creates characters part of guardians and educators )

(C) Mind Mapping: (3 Marks)

Build up a psyche planning outline/plan to show the test arrangement of your subject.


(Perception and Appreciation)

Q. 3. (A) Read the concentrate and complete the exercises given underneath: (10 Marks)

The boat is lower’d, the boatmen line,

Also, to the Inchcape Rock they go;

Sir Ralph twisted around from the boat,

Also, he cut the Bell from the lnchcape drift.

Down sunk the chime with a murmuring sound.

The air pockets rose and burst around;

Quoth Sir Ralph, The following who goes to the Rock

Won’t favor the Abbot of Aberbrothok.

Sir Ralplh the Rover, sail’d away,

He scour’d the oceans for some daily, What’s more, presently developed rich with plunder’d store,

He directs his course for Scotland’s shore.

So thick a cloudiness o’erspreads the sky,

They can’t see the Sun on high;

The breeze hath blown a hurricane throughout the day,

At night it hath diminished.

Al. (1) Choose the words that could portray Sir Ralph the Rover. (1)

(a) Criminal (b) Jealous (c) Thoughtful

(d) Vicious (e) Spiteful

(2) Choose the right alternative: (1)

On recognizing the ringer, Rover cut the chime from the float. This was a demonstration of:

(a) Hatred (b) Anger

(c) Jealousy (d) Frustration

A2. The artist offers clues to the peruser in the third refrain of the concentrate about what will happen later. Locate the huge line from the concentrate and offer explanation behind your response (2)

A3. Compose your assessment on Sir Ralph. (2)

A4. Choose and clarify an illustration of visual symbolism from the concentrate. (2)

A5. Form 2-4 lines with ‘Desire’ as the topic.

(B) Read the sonnet ‘Have you procured your tomorrow?” ” and form the appreciation reliant on the going with perspectives in 100 150 words (4 Mark

Is it accurate to say that anybody is more joyful in light of the fact that you passed his direction?

Does anybody recollect that you addressed him today?

Is there anybody to absolute now a generously expression of you?

Did you give a bright welcome to the companion who went along?

Or on the other hand an oafish kind of “Howdy” and afterward evaporate in the crowd?

Were you egotistical straightforward as can be as you hurried en route,

Or then again would someone say someone is powerful thankful for a deed you did today?

Would you be able to state around evening time, in leaving behind the days that is slipping quick,

That you helped a single kin of the various that you passed?

Is a solitary heart celebrating over what you did or said;

Does a man whose expectations were blurring now with fearlessness look forward?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or woefully spent? Did you leave a way of care or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in rest do you feel that God would state,

You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

*About the sonnet/writer and hugeness of the title

*The structure and topic, and its hugeness

*Poetic style, language highlights/idyllic gadgets utilized

*Inspirational message, values, ethics reflected in the sonnet

*Special highlights

*Your assessment and basic assessment of the sonnet

Q. 4. Complete the exercises according to the directions given beneath (16 Marks)

(A) Attempt any of the accompanying: (4)

(1) Drafting a Virtual Message:

Mr Desai, the secretary of your housing complex approached the radio to address your dad. Your dad was not at home. Mr Desai advised you to pass on to your dad the accompanying: a gathering

Saturday, 11 a.m. 1n Clubhouse… .about Independence Day festivities in your complex – … likewise about tree pruning – … vehicle leaving.

Draft a message to pass on this in around 50 words.

Or on the other hand

(2) Statement of Purpose

You love music. also, play the violin. You have additionally finished certain essential tests in music and given a couple of exhibitions. You currently wish to seek after music at the Trinity College. London. Set up a Statement of Purpose for confirmation. Add your own subtleties.


(3) Group Discussion:

The roads of your city/town get overwhelmed each year during storm. Compose the exchanges of a gathering conversation with 3-4 members, offering recommendations to take care of the issue. You can utilize the accompanying focuses :

* severe restricting of slender plastic sacks

* hardened punishment for the individuals who litter

* illicit developments to be pulled down

* substitution of old seepage framework

(B) Attempt any of the accompanying: (4)

(1) E-Mail:

Your class needs to visit a position of verifiable interest. Compose an email in the correct organization to ‘ABCD Travels’ finding out if they

could coordinate the outing. Give insights concerning the quantity of understudies. the dates, the financial plan, and so forth Or then again

(2) Report Writing:

Compose a report of a Science Exhibition that your class partook in. Take the assistance of the focuses given underneath date, spot of presentation

* instances of certain displays

*number of understudies/visitors who visited

* different subtleties Or then again

(3) Interview

Envision that you need to talk with one of your educators. Casing a bunch of 8-10 inquiries to talk with him/her. Utilize the accompanying focuses


* motivation


* message to other people

(C) Attempt any of the accompanying:

(1) Speech:

Compose a discourse in around 100-150 words on ‘The Disadvantages of Television’ utilizing the accompanying focuses:

* leads to addiction

*health deteriorates

* exposure to unreal lifestyles

* temptation through different ad


(2) Compering:

Envision that you are a compere of the ‘Science Day’ work in your school. Compose a content for the equivalent in around 100-150 words.

You can take the assistance of the accompanying focuses:

(i) Introduction-A short presentation of the program/work/show

(ii) Welcome discourse welcome of the multitude of visitors: felicitation of the visitors

(iii) Speech by Chief Guest

(iv)Inauguration of Exhibition

(v) Vote of thanks


(3) Expansion of a ldea:

Grow the accompanying thought in around 100-150 words with the assistance of the focuses given beneath

A trip of 1,000 miles begins with a singular development.

* Chinese proverb

* first step most important

*belief in oneself

*positive attitude

(D) Attempt any of the accompanying: (4)

(1) Review:

Compose the survey of a film you have seen dependent on the accompanying focuses

*Names of the primary characters

* About the story/subject of the film

* Special highlights of the film

* Your assessment on the film


(2) Blog

Compose a blog in a legitimate organization on ‘Significance of Body Language”‘ in around 100-150 words with the assistance of the focuses given underneath:

* Jacial articulations, motions, eye to eye connection, and so on

* significant piece of correspondence

* exists in creatures as well

* Sometmetimes passes on more than words


(3) Appeal:

Set up an interest for help in tree manor program in around 100-150 words with the assistance of the focuses given underneath:

*importance of trees

*date and scene of program

* Chief Guest


Q. 5. (A) Answer the accompanying inquiries (4 Marks)

(I) Pick out the odd component from each gathering: (2)

(1) Kiran Nagarkar, Arun Joshi, , Graham Greene,Vikram Seth

(2) Place, Period, Theme, Lifestyle

(3) Theme, Plot, Character, Novella

(4) Arvind Adiga, Arundhati Roy, R.K. Narayan, Kiran Desai

(II) Match the sections (2)

(B) Answer the accompanying inquiries in around 50 words every: 4 Marks

(1) The occurrences in the concentrate happened at a specific spot. Clarify the hugeness of that place in your own words. (2)

2 Interpret the meaning ol the Statemerit: Miss Phillips is nsfome into a very convincing personality. (C) Answer the accompanying inquiries in around 50 words every (4 Marks)

(1) Choose the words from the sections and compose a passage looking at Fogg’s and Passepartout’s characteristics. Remember all the words for your answer.

[unselfish, glad, good, steadfast, bold, gratejul, apologetic, calm] (2)

(2) Narrate any 2 energizing episodes in the concentrate. (2)

(D) Answer the accompanying inquiries in around 50 words every: (4 Marks)

(1) Describe the differentiation in the underlying responses of Watson and Holmes towards Mary. (2)

(2) Watson needed to dazzle and help Miss Morstan. Give two occasions that legitimize this assertion. (2)

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