Examples of Gerund

Examples of Gerund

Examples of Gerund

Gerund = Verb + ing

Read the following sentences.

  • Reading is a good hobby.
  • She likes reading.

(1) Teaching is a good career. (Subject of the verb)

(2) I like swimming. (Object of the verb)

(3) Climbing a steep hill is not so easy. (Subject of the verb)

4) Stop finding faults with others. (Object of the verb)

(5) Winning a silver in Olympics is really commendable.

(Subject of the verb)

1. Underline the gerunds in the following sentences and say whether they are Subjects or Objects:

1) The barking became louder and more aggressive.

2) The quiet afternoon presented the perfect backdrop for


(3) Seeing is believing.

(4) I am really good at cooking and other household work too.

(5) They enjoyed playing and laughing.

6) Living courageous life is a great thing.

2. Rewrite the following sentences using other appropriate gerunds in place of gerunds given here.

(1) The fighting went on.

Ans: The drawing went on.

(2) Gardening is an art

Ans. Speaking is an art.

(3) Cooking is a science.

Ans. Gardening is a science.

(4) I enjoy reading poems

Ans. I enjoy listening poems

(5) I like reading more than writing

Ans. I like singing more than dancing.

3. Combine the following sentences using the -ing form of a verb

(1) We should protect our environment. It is good for our future.

Ans. Protecting our environment is good for our future.

(2) I like to draw. It is my hobby.

Ans. Drawing is my hobby.

(3) We should walk. It is good for our health.

Ans. Walking is good for our health.

(4) He invites his friends every now and then. He likes to do so.

Ans. He likes inviting his friends every now and then.

Examples of Gerund

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