Clauses Expand the sentence

Clauses Expand the sentence

Clauses Expand the sentence

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Add a clause to expand the sentence meaningfully.


(1) You will get successful. (July 2019)

Ans: You will get success if you try again and again.

(2) The man lost his bag.

Ans: The man lost his bag which was full of money.

(3) If you read books.

Ans: If you read books, you will get knowledge.

(4) I know the reason.

Ans: I know why he cannot attend the class.

(5) He failed in SSC exam.

Ans: He failed in SSC exam because he didn’t study well.

(6) I know the boy. (August – 2022)

Ans: I know a boy who is very poor.

(7) I don’t know. (Sept. – 2021)

Ans: I don’t know why he is so upset today.

(8) I saw a beautiful girl.

Ans: I saw a beautiful girl who was traveling on the bus.

(9) He completely forgot.

Ans: He completely forgot what his father told him to do.

(10) The students jumped with joy.

Ans: The students jumped with joy when they won the match.

(11) We went into our classroom.

Ans: We went into our classroom when the bell rang.

(12) There is a library.

Ans: There is a library where you can find books on law.

(13) This is the house.

Ans: This is the house where I live with my parents.

(14) This is the school. (March 2020)

Ans: This is the school where I completed my secondary education.

(15) The man lost his bag.

Ans: The man lost his bag which he had bought yesterday.

(16) I met a newspaper boy.

Ans: I met a newspaper boy who is an orphan.

(17) I forgot my mobile.

Ans: I forgot my mobile which was very costly.

(18) I offered him a peeled banana.

Ans: I offered him a peeled banana because he was starving.

(19) They were laughing.

Ans: They were laughing because they were watching a comedy series.

(20) She had an attack of smallpox.

Ans: She had an attack of smallpox which spoiled her face.

(21) I saw a lovely girl.

Ans: I saw a lovely girl who was hobbling in the aisle.

(22) I don’t understand.

Ans: I don’t understand why he should leave his home.

(23) I know of a sweeper-boy.

Ans: I know of a sweeper-boy who was very honest.

(24) We watched the latest movie. (March -2019)

Ans: We watched the latest movie which was released yesterday.

(25) We selected three pieces.

Ans: We selected three pieces that were cheap and nice.

(26) We visited the place.

Ans: We visited a place that was full of natural beauty.

(27) I saw a boy. (March – 2022)

Ans: I saw my friend who was in trouble.

(28) The police caught the man.

Ans: The police caught the man who was a thief.

(29) We saw the woman.

Ans: We saw the woman who was working in the hotel.

(30) I saw an injured boy.

Ans: I saw an injured boy who was bleeding profusely.

(31) We saw an airplane.

Ans: We saw an airplane which was flying in the sky.

(32) I read a story.

Ans: I read a story that was very horrible.

(33) Sadanand was absent yesterday.

Ans: Sadanand was absent yesterday because he was not feeling better.

(34) I saw a snake.

Ans: I saw a snake which was very poisonous.

(35) This is a teacher.

Ans: This is a teacher who teaches us English.

(36) I know a doctor. (November -2020)

Ans: I know a doctor who is very popular in our town.

Clauses Expand the sentence

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