SSC English Question Bank 2023 Develop A Story With Answers

SSC English Question Bank 2023 Develop A Story With Answers

SSC English Question Bank 2023 Develop A Story With Answers

B2 Develop A Story

Develop a story of a mouse, a lion and a wicked hunter. You may begin with….

Once upon a time in a dense forest, there lived a ………..


The Lion and the Mouse Moral Story

Once a lion was sleeping in a jungle under a shady tree. A mouse lived in a hole nearby. the mouse came out of its hole and began to move up and down on the body of the lion.

The lion woke up from his sleep. he grew angry and caught the mouse to kill it. The mouse prayed for his life and said, “Please spare my life. I will pay back your kindness.” The lion set the mouse free.

Once the lion was caught in a net. he began to roar. The little mouse heard his roar and came there. He saw the lion in a net. He cut the strings of the net with his sharp teeth. The lion was free. he thanked the little mouse for timely help.

Moral : Do good, have good

B2 Develop A Story

Develop a story of a dacoit and Buddha. You may begin with….

Once upon a time Lord Buddha was ……..


Angulimal And Gautam Buddha

During the time of Lord Buddha, there lived a dacoit named Angulimal in the kingdom of Kosala. who had killed hundreds of people. How many people had he killed? He used to cut off the fingers of all of them and wear them in his garland, hence his name was Angulimal.

He was very cruel and cruel. People were afraid to even go to that side in the forest where his area was. The king sent his army several times to capture him but all failed.

Buddha realized from his knowledge that somewhere in the mind of Angulimal there is a feeling of mercy and compassion, he just needs to be awakened. Thinking this, the Buddha went to that side, in the forest where Angulimal used to live. People forbade Buddha a lot from going that way but he did not stop.

Angulimal, seeing Buddha coming toward him, ran with his sword, but Buddha continued at his natural pace. He shouted loudly, ‘Stay down’ – the Buddha stopped.

When Angulimal came to the Buddha, he said, ‘I have stayed but when will you stay? You also stop from sinning, that’s why I have come here that you too should follow the path of truth. Virtue has not died in you. If you give it a chance, your body will change.

Lord Buddha told Angulimal that you should bring it by breaking the branch of the tree. Angulimal broke the branch of the tree and brought it to the Buddha. Buddha told him to add it now.

Angulimal said – how is this possible? I can’t do this Buddha said to Angulimal that when you cannot join something, it has no right to break you.

Buddha was very quick in this point. On hearing this, Angulimal’s hair stood up. Buddha’s words had a very good effect on him. He got cold

He fell at the feet of Lord Buddha and started pleading for forgiveness. It was the first time anyone had spoken to him with such love.

Angulimal said – Forgive me and make me your follower. I am ready to accept this discipline. He threw off the garland of his fingers and fell at the feet of Buddha.

He became a monk at the same time and after some time he also attained the rank of Arhat. He also followed the path of truth along with Buddha.

Moral of The Story – Truth and courage always win.

B2 Develop A Story

Develop a story of a boy named Rusty, his parents and other animals. You may begin with….

Once upon a time there live a boy whose name was ……


Rusty The Boy From The Hills

Once upon a time there live a boy whose name was Rusty. He is a quiet, imaginative and sensitive boy who lives with his parents in pre-Independence Dehra Dun. Though he is not the adventurous himself, the strangest and most extraordinary things keep happening around him.

The house in Dehra is full of strange creatures. Rusty has to deal with everything from his father’s pet python to the ever-inventive Uncle Ken. Visiting his father in wartime Java, Rusty narrowly escapes enemy bombardment, and survives a plane crash in the Arabian Sea. Back in India, he spends his time encountering a ghost in the garden and recreating his grandmother’s youthful days from an old photograph. Then, something totally unexpected happens and Rusty is forced to leave

Dehra, his future uncertain …

This volume of Rusty stories, the first in a series, traces Rusty’s development from early childhood to his early teens and is a riveting read for younger and older children alike.

SSC Question bank 2023 PDF Files With Answer sheet:
Section 01 Language Study
Section 02 Part 01 Textual Passage
Section 02 Part 01 Textual Passage
Section 03 Poetry
Section 04 Non-Textual Passage
Section 05 Writing Skill
– Letter Writing
– Dialogue Writing
– Speech Writing
– Information Transform Verbal or Non- Verbal
– News Report Writing
– Develop a Story
Section 06 Translation
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