SSC Question Bank 2023 Section 5 Speech Writing

SSC Question Bank 2023 Section 5 Speech Writing

SSC Question Bank 2023 Section 5 Speech WritinSSg

SET 7: Q. 5/ Q.6 WRITING SKILLS (20 Marks)

B2 Drafting a Speech (5 Marks)

Your school is going to arrange a tree plantation drive. As a member of the student council, prepare a speech to be delivered at the inauguration of the plantation drive appealing to the students to plant trees and save the environment.


Tree Plantation

Honorable principal, dear teachers, and my dear friends today we are proud to celebrate the Van Mahotsav (tree Plantation) festival with an aim of conserving trees.

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival in India celebrated in the first week of July. This movement was initiated m the year 1950 by India’s Union Minister of Agriculture, Kulapati Dr K.M. Munshi. It is expected that every citizen of India has to plant a sapling in the Van Mahotsav week. It helps spread awareness amongst people about the harm caused by cutting down trees. People celebrate Van Mahotsav by planting trees or saplings in homes, offices, schools, colleges, etc.

Tree plantation drive is our duty. Trees provide alternative fuel options,

food for cattle, help in soil conservation and prevent floods. They are the best way to prevent global warming and reduce pollution.

Trees are therefore our natural wealth and they need to be protected. The government should strictly apply the laws of fOrest conservation. Trees are being cut by a civilian for getting land to construct houses, to make furniture, etc., Govt. should make a check to it and see that a tree being planted for every tree cut Those who are found engaged in the activity of deforestation should be captivated under National Security Law. If both Govt authorities

and civilians become aware of forest protection then only we can conserve them __ Thank You.

Tree plantation drive

B2 Drafting a Speech (5 Marks)

Your school is celebrating the ‘Matrubhasha Din’ in your school and has invited a renowned Marathi playwright as a keynote speaker. Being a member of the Learners Club of your school, you’ve been asked to deliver the foreword. Prepare a short speech to be delivered as the foreword. Use the following points as a support to prepare your speech.

– Importance of the Day

– About the Chief Guest

– Your pledge/ commitment to the cause

– Give your opinion or any famous quotation.


‘Matrubhasha Din

Today is Marathi Language Glory Day. Happy Marathi Raj Bhasha Day.

Honourable Platform, Respected teachers and all my friends. Today 27th February is the birthday of famous Marathi poet dramatist novelist writer Kusumagraj (Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar.)

February 27 i.e. the birthday of Kusumagraj is celebrated as Marathi language honour day every year. Born on 27 February 1922, Vishnu Vimana Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj was born in the land of Maharashtra. Kusumagraja skilfully wrote many great stories, novels, essays, short stories, dramas, poems, etc. Masterful dramas like Natsamrat prove his extraordinary talent, while Kusumagraja’s collection Visakha is his masterpiece in Indian literature and a permanent jewel of modern Marathi poetry.

It was his Visakha anthology and Marathi language that got another knowledge base.

He has called Kusumagraj the poet of humanity, the great writer who gave the Marathi language its first platform of knowledge.

As per the decision of the government from 21st January 2013, 27th February was declared as Marathi Language Glory Day as a tribute to this great writer for his contribution to the cultural field of Maharashtra and his efforts to make Marathi language a language of knowledge.

Marathi is an all-round beautiful language. Marathi language is one of the twenty two official languages of India. Marathi is the official language of two states namely Maharashtra and Goa.

Also, Marathi language is the third most spoken language in India.

Marathi language is a winning bet even for Amrita. Her sweetness is more than Amrita. Marathi language has a long tradition. Marathi language is the favorite spoken language of Marathi people.

Today we have well known guest Vishwas Patil. He is popular as a Panipakar Vishwas Patil. He is an eminent novelist in Marathi literature. He has written thirteen novels on many realistic issues and adversities of the masses. At the age of thirty-two, Patil became the youngest recipient of that coveted Sahitya Akademie award for his novel Jhadazadati:

Being a member of the Learners Club of our school I would like to ensure you that we will definitely work for the enrichment of the Marathi Bhasha Din.

Thank you very much.

B2 Drafting a Speech (5 Marks)

You intend to take part in the interschool elocution contest. One of the topics therein is ‘Role of Youth in Active Politics’. Prepare a speech in about 100 words.


‘Role of Youth in Active Politics

Hounarable chair person, respected teachers, and my dear friends. Today I am going to express my views on the topic of ‘Role of Youth in Active Politics.

Unfortunately, the youth of today have been given such a bad name when it is only a minority of people who are creating social disruption. Most youthful people are motivated and long to do well in everything they do, which means they could be a very important aspect in politics.

Firstly, young people have different perspectives and a host of different ideas. By allowing them to voice their opinion we could be opening and moving the political world forward. This is not only good for society, but necessary for society.

If the young did not engage with politics, even if it is through pressure groups, there would be many issues with our political establishments in trying to keep policy fair and sustainable for future generations. For example, equal rights for women required many young women to engage with the issue at hand. Why? Because they had strong feelings for the issue at hand, and that is something that countries should work to increase — interest and opinion on political matters. I hope todays youth will divert toward politics with good intention and he will save our Indian politics from bad politicians.

Thank very much.

B2 Drafting a Speech (5 Marks)

Prepare a short speech of about 100 words on ‘Water Conservation’. You may take help of the following points.

– Water is the need of life.

– Depleting resources.

– Measures to save water.

– Take a pledge to save water.


Water Conservation’

A healthy Good morning!

To all the respected teachers, Students, and my colleagues. Today, I want to discuss a very important topic “save water”. As we all know that water is our lifeline. It is a basic need for humans, plants and also microorganisms.

Without water, we can’t imagine our life. The presence of water on earth is only reason for life is possible here. The three fourth part of earth is covered with water but only 4% of water can be used for drinking. We should try to conserve the water.

A parent must aware their children about the need of water conservation. The water conservation technique should be promoted by T.V and news bulletin. So, at last, I want to conclude my speech with a humble request to save water! save life!.

Thank you,

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