‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I M possible’

‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I M possible’

‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I M possible’

‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I M possible’. Do you agree? Justify your answer by citing something that you have experienced or heard from someone.

Saying “Impossible” can be read as “I M possible,” which is a clever way to encourage a positive attitude. It means that when we face difficult things, we should believe they can be done with hard work and a positive mindset. But it’s important to understand that not everything labeled as “impossible” can always become possible just by trying hard.

For example, think about someone who wants to be an Olympic sprinter but has a physical disability. They can work very hard and achieve great things, but they might not make it to the highest level of competition because their disability could limit them. In cases like this, believing in “I M possible” alone might not be enough because there are things beyond their control.

However, there are many stories of people who have achieved incredible things despite challenges. They did it by being strong, creative, and not giving up. These stories can be very inspiring. But remember, turning something “impossible” into “possible” can be complex and might need more than just a positive attitude. It could involve getting help, learning new skills, adapting, or changing goals.

In summary, while the idea of “Impossible” becoming “I M possible” is motivational, it’s essential to be realistic. Some things are genuinely impossible because of external factors, while others can be achieved with effort and a positive mindset. The key is to know the difference and make smart choices about how to pursue your goals.

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