Day 9 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Guess the Meaning

Day 9 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Guess the Meaning

Day 9 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Guess the Meaning


Day: 09 Sub: English Std.: 9th


9. Guess the Meaning


Learning Outcome:

Learns new words expressions and enriches his/her vocabulary through reading.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher asks student to read the story one by one.

 Teacher instructs all other students to listen carefully and writes

unfamiliar words in the notebook.

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Teacher asks student to read the following story.

”There’s a new teacher in school,” Sonu called through the open door. “Are you coming today?”

”Na,” Sambha grunted from his cot. He had no plans to go to school.

”Fools,” Sambha mumbled and huddled into bed. In school, they repeated alphabet and tables, and the teacher scolded anyone who didn’t sit still.

Sambha liked being outside. Sometimes he helped his father in the field. Most days he picked or stole fruit from trees, watched birds, caught fish from streams and kept an eye on hills and beehives.

But he was curious about the new teacher.

He imagined the teacher getting off the local bus and walking…

On the tarred road, then along a muddy track that wound up, down and around.

Brambles and thorns would catch at her clothes. A snake would cross her path. The teacher would scream and run back the way she had come.

Sambha chuckled. ”Sambhaji Bhise?” Sambha sat up straight.

”You’re going with me to school!” said a woman at the door. Sunita teacher led him toward school.

”Have you had breakfast?” she asked. Sambha’s stomach grumbled in response. Aayi had passed away when Sambha was a baby. Baba was hardly ever at home. At school, Samba took a quick bath at the pump and then Sunita teacher gave him a new uniform.

She handed him roti and usual from her tiffin box.

He spotted Sonu in class and went and sat next to her.


 Unfamiliar words with interpretation or meaning.

Unfamiliar words


How do you interpret the word?


Bee’s home

I know the word bee so I guess it can be a bee’s home.



I can interpret the situation so I guess it can be muttering.



With the reference of the previous

and past words.


 Teacher provides student some unseen passages and asks to guess the meaning with the contextual use of words.

(It helps them to develop a habit of thinking critically and independently.)

E.g. BABY POLLY was having her bath. She sat in her little tub and grabbed for the washcloth as Mother rubbed it over her.

“Ahhhh!” she cried in joy as she caught it at last. Straight to her mouth it went, and she chewed it hard!

“Oh, Polly, no, no!” Mother laughed. she tugged at the washcloth. Polly clamped all four of her teeth on it and held on tight. It was just like a game of tug o’ war!

Mother tugged again. Polly held on harder. Mother had an idea. The sunshine coming through the window reflected on Polly’s bath water, and made dancing lights on the ceiling as the water moved. Mother stirred the water briskly and then pointed to the ceiling.

”Look, Polly, ”she said, ”see the pretty rainbows!”

Polly looked up. When she saw the bright dancing flickers on the ceiling, she laughed aloud.

“Hi! Hi! Hi! She shouted, reaching for them.

Of course, when she laughed, out of her mouth dropped the washcloth! Mother quietly picked it up and went on with Polly’s bath, and Polly, laughing at the pretty lights, never knew she’d lost that game of tug o’ war!

Guess the following words from the contextual meaning or refer to the dictionary:

clamped, briskly, ceiling, tugged, flicker


  • Clamped: Gripped tightly or firmly. पकडलेला,
  • Briskly: Quickly or energetically. वेगाने,
  • Ceiling: The upper interior surface of a room.
  • Tugged: Pulled or yanked with force. ओढले,
  • Flickers: Quick, irregular movements or flashes.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

1) Write ten sentences using the same words with different contextual meaning.


1) I like mangoes.

2) She is like a tigress.


  1. The river flows swiftly.
  2. He needs to make a swift decision.
  3. She gave him a swift kick.
  4. The car drove at a swift speed.
  5. The company experienced a swift decline in profits.
  6. His swift response saved the day.
  7. The swift bird gracefully soared through the sky.
  8. We enjoyed a swift and efficient service at the restaurant.
  9. The boxer delivered swift punches to his opponent.
  10. The cat made a swift escape through the open window.

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