Day 08 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 An Interview

Day 08 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 An Interview

Day 08 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 An Interview


Day: 08 Sub: English Std.: 9th


8. An Interview

interview-clipart-2 - Leinster Appointments

Learning Outcomes:

  • Engages in conversations in English with people from different professions using appropriate vocabulary.
  • Introduces guests in English and interviews people by asking questions based on their professions.
  • Initiates a conversation in English (with friends, elders, etc.,)
  • Sustains a conversation.
  • Contributes meaningfully to a conversation.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher divides the class into pairs.

 Teacher reads the given instructions.

 Student sits in the pairs.

 Student follows the instructions given by the teacher.

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Work in pairs. One of your school-mates has received ‘The student of the year award’.

 Frame 8 to 10 interview questions that you would ask when you interview him/her in the school assembly.

(Teacher encourages the learner to develop a conversation by using the following questions with their peers.)

 Student frames the questions to interview.

 Student enacts the roles in the classroom.

1) Frame interview questions.

1) How are you feeling after winning this award?

2) Who is your inspiration?

3) Who helped you to achieve this award?

4) What challenges did you face to prepare yourself?

5) What qualities that an award-winning student should have?

6) What should students have to do to achieve this award?

7) Can you share some achievements?

8) What is your advice to new students?

9) What are your future plans?

2) Elicit the proper responses from your friend.

A: How are you feeling after winning this award?

B: Feeling great and satisfactory.

A: Who is your inspiration?

B: Last year’s best student inspired me a lot.

A: Who helped you to achieve this award?

B: My parents and teachers helped me a lot.

In this way, learners will develop a conversation with proper vocabulary and proper questions with the pair.


 Write 10 questions to interview the T.V. actor/actress you like, in your notebook.

  1. Did you like acting since childhood?
  2. When did you decided that you want to become an actor?
  3. Tell me a little about yourself.
  4. What do you like about acting the most?
  5. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?
  6. Did you take up any training in acting?
  7. When did you start acting? what got you started?
  8. Who is your inspiration?
  9. Do you like something other than acting?
  10. Why did you choose acting?

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Interview ‘The Best Teacher’ who has got an ideal teacher award recently

Interviewer: Congrats on winning the Ideal Teacher Award! How does it feel?

Teacher: Thank you! I feel honoured and grateful.

Interviewer: How long have you been teaching and what subjects do you teach?

Teacher: I’ve been teaching for 12 years. I teach high school English literature.

Interviewer: What teaching methods do you use to engage your students?

Teacher: I make learning interactive and fun. I encourage students to participate and use different teaching tools and examples to make the subject interesting.

Interviewer: What qualities make an ideal teacher?

Teacher: Patience, empathy, good communication, and a genuine interest in students’ success.

Interviewer: Share a memorable teaching experience that reflects your teaching philosophy.

Teacher: I organized a play based on Shakespeare’s work. Students got involved in acting, costumes, and set design. It sparked their interest and they appreciated Shakespeare more.

Interviewer: What advice do you have for aspiring teachers?

Teacher: Be passionate, adapt to different learners, and never stop learning. Build relationships with students and make a positive impact in their lives.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing. Congratulations again on your award!

Teacher: Thank you! It was a pleasure to share my experiences.

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