Day 07 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Pleasure and Appreciation politely

Day 07 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Pleasure and Appreciation politely

Day 07 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Pleasure and Appreciation politely


Day: 07 Sub: English Std.: 10th


7. Express Pleasure and Appreciation politely







Learning Outcome:

Communicate pleasure, appreciation and support politely.

Learning Activity/Experience:

Read the following dialogue carefully and do the activities.

Teacher: Hello Prathamesh, why are you so serious?

Prathamesh: Teacher, because of my problems.

Teacher: Which problems?

Prathamesh: I have tension about my studies and exams are near.

Teacher: Don’t worry Prathamesh, we’ll solve your problems. Take it easy.

Prathamesh: Ok Teacher, but how can I manage my study and household work?

Teacher: You can manage both things by planning and doing management.

Prathamesh: Thanks Teacher.


1) What type of text is this?

2) Why is the student worried?

3) How did the teacher help Prathamesh?

Solved/Demo Activity:


 Teacher asks to read the following dialogue carefully and asks to find out relevant points to support.

Teacher: Do you study regularly?

Students: Yes Teacher. I do my homework on time.

Teacher: Only homework, what about your actual study?

Student: But I don’t get sufficient time.

Teacher: Then, you have to prepare your own study timetable. It is also called a study planner.

Student: Sir, will you help me to plan this?

Teacher: Sure, I will help you.

Student: Thank you.


1) What do you find in this conversation?

Ans: I find that the teacher is helping the students with their study.

2) Who is not getting sufficient time to study?

Ans: Student is not getting sufficient time to study.

3) What does the teacher ask to prepare?

Ans: Teacher asks to prepare own study timetable.


 Teacher gives the following dialogue and asks to understand the communicating support politely.

Ram: What’s wrong with you?

Shyam: I have got poor marks.

Ram: Hey! Nothing to worry about. Only getting marks is not important.

Shyam: Then, could you help me, Please?

Ram: Yes, I am always ready to help you.

Shyam: Please, suggest something to me.

Ram: You are very good at sports. You see your strength there.

Shyam: Thank you, dear.


1) What do you find in this dialogue?

2) Is it possible to communicate alone?

3) Why is Shyam worried?

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Write a dialogue with the help of given clues in the bracket.

(excellent, keep it up, don’t worry, be happy, always think positive, exactly, please, good idea)

Person A: I got my test results back, and they’re great!

Person B: Really? How did you do?

Person A: I did really well! I got the highest score in class!

Person B: Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats! Your hard work paid off.

Person A: Thanks! I’m so happy with how I did.

Person B: Keep it up! You’re doing great.

Person A: Thanks for the support. It means a lot.

Person B: Don’t worry, you’ve proven yourself before. Believe in yourself and stay positive.

Person A: You’re right. I’ll always think positive and trust in my abilities.

Person B: Exactly! Believe in yourself, and you’ll keep succeeding.

Person A: I will. By the way, I have a good idea for our project. Can I tell you about it?

Person B: Sure! Please, go ahead.

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