Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Thoughts

Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Thoughts

Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Thoughts


Day: 11 Sub: English Std.: 9th


11. My Thoughts


Learning Outcomes:

_ Speaks in English about events in the school environment and outside in the surroundings.

_ Participates in different events such as role-play, poetry recitation, skit, drama, debate, speech, elocution, declamation, quiz, etc., organized by the school and other such organizations.

_ Participates in language games and activities for language learning.

_ Choose appropriate vocabulary/expressions in various formal/informal situations.

Learning Activity/ Experience:

 Teacher divides the class into pairs and guides students to complete the following sentences in pairs.

 Teacher asks student to discuss the following with your friend in pairs and then complete the sentences.

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Teacher gives an example to seek essential information.


I would like to talk to my teacher about my annual exams.

I would like to learn to …… from my…….

May I borrow your ….?

I think, I can’t ……. it, because I can’t …….. it.

May I know your …….?

I agree, I disagree


 Teacher asks the following questions to the students and seek to get the answers.

A. Do you like to share your thoughts?

B. I would like to talk to my mother about Abacus lessons.

A. Oh, do you like to study Abacus?

B. I think, I can’t learn it, because I can’t understand it.

A. May I know why you are not able to understand it?

B. Yes, I think it needs practice, and I can’t give more time to the practice.

A. I agree with you. After school and studies of regular subjects, swimming class, cricket you don’t have enough time to practice.

B. I hesitate to talk with my mother about this because she will think I am giving excuses.

A. I think you have to talk to her. Likewise, student makes their own conversation pieces to practice in the classroom.


 Teacher makes some sentence cards. Teacher shuffles the cards. The half part of the sentence will be on CARD – I and the other part will be written on CARD – II.

 Students should find the correct part to make appropriate sentences.

Teacher makes as many cards as s/he needs.



1) My friend is very happy

2) Teacher has advised students

3) My school will be clean

4) Can I borrow

he scored highest marks.

to follow the discipline.

if I use dustbins.

your pencil?

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Write your own conversation on the following topics.

1) Conversation between a doctor and a patient

2) Conversation between two friends


1) Conversation between a doctor and a patient

Doctor: Good morning! How can I help you today?

Patient: Hi, Doctor. I want to get fitter.

Doctor: Great! What’s your current activity level like?

Patient: I don’t move much because of my desk job.

Doctor: I understand. How about borrowing a fitness tracker from me?

Patient: Sure, can I borrow your step counter?

Doctor: Absolutely. It will help you track your daily steps.

Patient: Thanks. I don’t think I can do it alone since I lack motivation and knowledge.

Doctor: No worries. I’ll provide you with guidance and information.

Patient: That would be great. What do you think about weightlifting?

Doctor: Weightlifting can be helpful, but start slowly and learn proper techniques to avoid injuries.

Patient: I agree. Your guidance is crucial for safe weightlifting.

Doctor: I’m here to help. We’ll create a fitness plan together.

Patient: Thanks, Doctor. I appreciate your support.

Doctor: You’re welcome. Let’s start improving your fitness!


2) Conversation between two friends

Raj: Hey, I really want to learn how to do my homework from my textbook. Can you help me out?

Meena: Of course! I’d be happy to lend you my textbook. What subject is your homework in?

Raj : It’s for math. I think I can’t understand it on my own because I can’t solve the problems.

Meena : No problem at all. I can explain the concepts to you. What specific topic are you struggling with?

Raj : Well, it’s about fractions and decimals. May I know your thoughts on these topics?

Meena : Sure! I agree that fractions and decimals can be challenging, but with some practice and guidance, they can become easier to understand.

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