Day 05 Class 10th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Opinion

Day 05 Class 10th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Opinion

Day 05 Class 10th Bridge Course 2023-24 My Opinion



Day: 05 Sub: English Std.: 10th


5. My Opinion

Learning Outcome:

Talk about one’s opinions, points of view and present an argument.

Learning Activity/experience:

 Teacher asks student to read the transcript of the weekends of two friends and asks them to give their opinion about whose weekend is more joyful? Why?

 Teacher motivates learner to read and understand the transcripts of two friends.

Transcript of Advika

Hello guys, I am Advika. I live in a small village called Adgaon. Friends, I am very excited to tell you about my weekend. We celebrated my grandmother’s birthday. My grandmother is my best

friend. We went to the forest to see different flowers, lakes, birds and animals. It was really amazing.

My grandmother gave me a book which is based on the beauty of nature and importance of forests.

Transcript of Utkarsh

Hello friends, I am Utkarsh. I live in a metropolitan city. It was nice. I played chess with my sister. We watched a movie. It was summer vacation. It was so hot so we could not go outside to the mall to buy clothes, books and food items.

I phoned my friends to send me copies of good books for reading. They sent me books in PDF form. I read one book.


 Teacher asks learners to listen/read two short transcripts and asks student to give his/

her opinion about it.

 Teacher asks open-ended questions.

 Teacher motivates student to express themselves without hesitation.

 Student listens/reads two short transcripts very carefully.

Solved/demo Activity:

 Teacher supports learner to comprehend transcripts by giving one demo of the activity.

 Teacher gives a demo.

 Teacher asks questions based on their past experience.

Eg. Tell me why do you celebrate your birthday?


 Teacher motivates learner to practice on a given activity.

 Student listens to the teacher’s instruction and tries to answer the question.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

Write a paragraph on the topic ‘My experience about family picnic’.

 Student writes down their own experiences on the topic in their notebook. They try to reflect on their experiences.

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