Speech Writing Example

Speech Writing Example

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Speech Writing Example

(March 2022 SSC Board)


B2. Drafting a Speech:

Imagine that you are the general secretary of your school’s cultural committee.

Write a speech on ‘The trees are our best friends with the help of the following points:

* Trees give us flowers, fruits, wood, shade and oxygen.

* Trees maintain the balance of the nature.

* It is everyone’s responsibility to save trees.

* Plant more trees, save more lives.

* Add your own points.


Drafting a speech:

The trees are our best friends

“If you know strength and patience welcome the company of trees”. So, my dear friends you must have understood the subject of my speech. My dear friends, we always feel comfortable in the company of our best friend and of course in the company of trees. Trees I feel it is the most valuable gift given by God to all of us. So, it is impossible to survive on this land without trees

Trees give us everything and in return, we do nothing for them. The Least that we can do for trees is to protect from the axe. They are called the breathe of our life as they maintain the natural balance. With their beautiful flowers, fruits and healthy herbs trees provide beautiful environment to live in. They are the source of food, air, water and shelter. So, we must conserve them in their natural habitat.

Trees attract the birds and animal. They beautify the nature. They provide us everything which we expect to make our life happy. They are our good companions. They protect us from natural calamities like droughts and floods. They are the friends who always give us everything without a single not need us rather we need them for multiple benefits in life. So we should protect and save the greatest blessings of the mother earth.

Thanking you.

Speech Writing Example

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