Example of Dialogue Writing

Example of Dialogue Writing


Example of Dialogue Writing

(March 2022)


B1. Dialogue writing: (5 marks)


Use dialogue to move story forward • Kristen Stieffel


(a) Jumbled order

(1) What is the departure time of the Vidarbha Express?

(2) The departure time is 8.30 p.m.

(3) When will it reach Nagpur?

(4) It will reach Nagpur at 7.15 am.

(b) Complete the dialogue.

Manas: How much is the SSC exam Fee?

Clerk: The fee for the SSC exam is 7 five hundred only

Manas: When is the last date to submit the exam form?

Clerk: The last date to submit the exam form is 14th February 2022

(c) Write a dialogue:

Teacher: Good Morning dear students!

Students: Good Morning, Madam.

Teacher: Do you know, when we celebrate Yoga Day?

Students: Yes, Mam, it falls on the 21st of June every year

Teacher: Very Good! Do you know the importance of Yoga in your life?

Student 1: Not exactly, Madam can you explain it to us?

Teacher: Yes, sure

With the kind of lifestyle that today’s generation is leading, yoga has become an important part of our life. Yoga helps us not only to maintain our health but also to boost immunity and improve the overall functioning of our system.

Student 2: Wow! What are the advantages of doing yoga regularly?

Teacher: It gives us healthy and glowing skin along with a peaceful mind.

Student 1: Yoga means doing differently?

Teacher: No, yoga means meditation also. It helps us in performing better in our studies also.

Student 2: Yes, Madam, from today onwards I will regularly do Yoga’.

Teacher: Good! Do Yoga and stay healthy and happy!


Example of Dialogue Writing

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