Assertive to Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive to Exclamatory Sentence

Simple Way to change Assertive to Exclamatory Sentence In English Grammar

Examples With Answers

1) It is a very beautiful scene.
Ans: What a beautiful scene it is!
2) It is very beautiful.
Ans: How beautiful it is!
3) He was very rich and powerful.
Ans: How rich and powerful he was!
4) It is a very hot day.
Ans: What a hot day it is!
5) It is very wonderful.
Ans: How wonderful it is!
6) She was extremely lucky.
Ans: How lucky she was !
7) He had worked hard.
Ans: How hard he had worked!
8) His wife was immensely fond of children.
Ans: How fond of children his wife was!
9) He was very thirsty and tired.
Ans: How thirsty and tired he was!
10) The brain itself is an amazing organ.
Ans: What an amazing organ the brain itself is!
11) It was a masterly hit.
Ans: What a masterly hit it was!
12) Pushkarani is a very lovely water reservoir.
Ans: What s lovely water reservoir Pushkarani is!
13) The computer is a great blessing.
Ans: What a great blessing the computer is!
14) It is a very fragile creeper.
Ans: What fragile creeper it is!
15) I was highly suspicious.
Ans: How suspicious I was!
16) Tibet is extremely cold in winter.
Ans: How cold in winter Tibet is!
17) Tibet is extremely hot in summer.
Ans: How hot in summer Tibet is!
18) Diagnosing TB is extremely simple.
Ans: How simple diagnosing TB is!
19) It’s nice to see you.
Ans: How nice to see you it is!
20) The polar region is really fantastic.
Ans: How fantastic the polar region is!
21) I feel very lucky.
Ans: How lucky I feel!
22) It is a fantastic feeling.
Ans: What a feeling it is!
23) You are absolutely right.
Ans: How right you are!
24) That sounds dangerous.
Ans: How dangerous that sounds!
25) It was a strange fascinating land.
Ans: What a strange fascinating land it was!
26) I am quite tired.
Ans: How tired I am!
27) Your teachings are so helpful.
Ans: How helpful your teachings are!
28) The questions are very interesting.
Ans: How interesting the questions are!
29) He was a very keen learner.
Ans: What a keen learner he was!
30) You are a very brave girl.
Ans: What a brave girl you are!
31) It is really a wonder.
Ans: What a wonder it is!
32) That’s a strange baby.
Ans: What a strange baby that is!
33) King Raya was astonished.
Ans: How astonished king Raya was!
34) It is strange.
Ans: How strange it is!
35) Your party was very enjoyable.
Ans: How enjoyable your party was!

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