Letter Writing


(Formal/Informal Letter)

Anivita Pilkar

Ganesh Apats.,

Shivam Nagar,


3rd July, 2020.

Dear Ankita,

How are you keeping there? Here I am very fine. Just my exams are over. Papers were very easy. How were your papers?

I think, you have watched/experienced the nuisance created by the wild animals viz. wild monkeys and deer. Here in Shivam Nagar, people especially farmers are too much affected by this. Wild animals e:g monkeys and deer come in flock and destroy all the plants, crops and fruits. Wild monkeys attack cows and goats. Sometimes, they bite children and old people also. So, because of their attack lot of problems and commotion is in our colony. Deer also come suddenly and destroy everything.

People, mostly children and women are very much frightened. They do not go out for work and for other chores. Everywhere, there is a fear in the atmosphere. None is ready to come out of the houses. And, you know wild life laws are very strict. We cannot catch or hurt or kill them. It will be an offence if we kill or catch them. So, everyone is helpless. They cannot do anything. They only watch their destroying fields.

I think, the same type of situation will be also in your area. Because, your residence is very near to the forest area. What is happening and how people are protecting themselves from this attack? I think, we can save ourselves from this by following precautions. We have to keep some traps to catch them. We should patrol in our area by using fire crackers. We have to inform about this to the forest departments to make free from this problem. We have to fence our colony and our farms also. We have to keep CC TV to observe them and their attack. I think, we should provide food for them into their habitat. May be they do not get sufficient food in their habitat. So, I think these precautions will give some relief from this.

What is your opinion? Please write me soon and tell about the situation in your area.

Warm regards to your parents. Love to little Bunty. Now, I stop my pen. Write me soon.

Yours friend,



Formal Letter :-

Akash Pilkar

Ganesh Apats. Flat No-5,

Shivam Nagar,



The Divisional Forest Officer,


Sub: Request to take a quick action against the nuisance of wild animals. Dear Sir,

I undersigned is the resident of above-mentioned address. I would like to draw your attention towards the problem we people of Shivam Nagar are facing now a days. Last one month in our area, the wild animals like monkeys and deer are attacking our farms and surrounding areas. They are destroying our crops, plants and fruits every day. Wild monkeys attack children and people. Sometimes, they attack our cows and goats. They have bitten some children. So, everywhere there is a fear of this. People do not go out for work. No one is ready to come out of their houses. And we cannot hurt or kill them because of your Wild Life Laws. So, we people are only watching our destroying farms and fields.

It’s our humble request to you to look into this matter and give relief to all of us. Please take some strong steps to protect our farms and lives from this attack. I would like to suggest some steps regarding this attack. Put fencing around the nearby forest. Provide sufficient food and water for them into their natural habitat. Once again on behalf of all people I request you to take necessary steps and actions and give relief to all of us from this attack. Thanking you in your anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Akash Pilkar

Enc: Some photographs of the attack.

Q.1 Write a letter to your little brother to guide him how to set goals and accomplish them in life. Tell him how to set SMART goals, as you learnt it in your textbook.

Manish Shigvan,

Dream Society,

M.G. Road,

Nagpur – 416006

22nd April, 2019.

Dear Sai,

I am shocked to hear from mother that you have been always wasting so much time in watching IPL Matches and cartoons. I know well that, you will support yourself by telling me that the exam. is over.

But do you know, Champions aren’t made in a single day? They have to have the skill and the will. Successful professionals thrive in the same manner. We all have natural talents. If we use that talent to set our goal in life, we can easily get success in life. To accomplish goals, experts recommend a five-step approach. It is as follows –

SMART goals are a methodology of thinking that helps people reach success.

SMART stands for – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

  • We must find the specific areas to improve.
  • We should follow the achievements in that specific area before our efforts and after it.
  • We must set goals in our decided area so we can achieve them.
  • We must have the clear picture in mind and ability to achieve the goals.
  • We must establish time parameters around each goal, as it will help to increase focus and accountability.

Always remember, ‘Success is a walk in the dark.’ So we must concentrate on – Finding the right footing, mastering the skills and getting to the next place. It all depends on how we approach and tackle the problem. Now be SMART and start with a new hope without wasting time.

Love to all at home.

Your loving brother,




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