Frame suitable Interview Questions

Frame suitable Interview Questions

Frame suitable Interview Questions

You have an environment protection week celebration in your school. You have invited an environmentalist. Your friend interviews him/her about how to save the environment. Frame suitable Interview Questions.

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Raviraj: Hi everyone! We have an environmental expert here today to talk about saving the environment. Let’s welcome Mr. Rajesh. Thanks for joining us.

Mr. Rajesh: Thank you! Happy to be here.

Raviraj: Can you tell us about your experience in protecting the environment?

Mr. Rajesh: Sure! I’ve worked in environmental conservation for over 10 years, promoting recycling and sustainable energy solutions.

Raviraj: What are the big environmental problems we face globally?

Mr. Rajesh: Climate change and loss of biodiversity are major issues affecting our planet.

Raviraj: How can individuals help every day?

Mr. Rajesh: Simple actions like conserving energy, recycling, using less water, and supporting local and sustainable food choices make a positive impact.

Raviraj: Why is waste management important?

Mr. Rajesh: Waste management minimizes pollution and conserves resources by recycling and composting.

Raviraj: How can we slow down climate change and adapt to its effects?

Mr. Rajesh: We can use energy-efficient appliances, embrace renewable energy, and educate ourselves about climate change.

Raviraj: How can we protect biodiversity?

Mr. Rajesh: We can create wildlife habitats, support local conservation efforts, and promote sustainable agriculture and fishing practices.

Raviraj: How can our food choices help the environment?

Mr. Rajesh: Eating less meat, reducing food waste, and choosing local and organic options can reduce emissions and conserve resources.

Raviraj: How can we educate students about the environment?

Mr. Rajesh: Engage them with hands-on activities, field trips, and encourage student-led initiatives like eco-clubs.

Raviraj: How can technology support environmental sustainability?

Mr. Rajesh: Technology advancements can help us develop sustainable solutions and support renewable energy sources.

Raviraj: Any final message for our students and community?

Mr. Rajesh: Remember, small actions matter. Each one of us can make a difference in protecting our environment.

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