Day 19 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Idiomatic Expressions


Day: 19 Sub: English Std.: 9th


19. Idiomatic Expressions

Day 19 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Idiomatic Expressions

Learning Outcome:

Uses and interprets quotations, idiomatic expressions, sayings, proverbs etc. appropriately in writing.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher writes the following idioms on board. Teacher adopts different idioms.

 Teacher displays different pictures on the screen of electronic gadgets.

 Teacher helps students to co-relate the meanings of quotations, idiomatic expressions, sayings, proverbs etc. according to the given context.

Solved/Demo Activity:

In our day-to-day conversation, we use idiomatic expressions/

quotations. Here are some popular idiomatic expressions/quotations.

 Teacher shows the pictures.

1) Winners don’t do different things, they do the things differently.

(Teacher explains idioms in L1 if needed.)



The quote means that successful individuals don’t necessarily do completely new things but excel by approaching tasks and challenges in a unique and innovative manner.

2) Prevention is better than cure

3) Straight from the horse’s mouth.

(Teacher explains idioms in L1 if needed.)



1. It’s smarter to stop problems before they happen, rather than trying to fix them later.

2. The saying “Straight from the horse’s mouth” means getting information straight from the most reliable source.

4) Observe the following pictures and the idiomatic expressions.

 Students should be familiar with such idiomatic expressions.

 Teacher asks student to copy the following idioms and their meanings.

 Student copies them in notebooks.

 Teacher uses theses idioms in his/her sentences.

e.g. 1) Now the ball is in your court my friend.

2) An architect knows its ballpark figure.

3) There was speech competition and I hit it out of the park.



1. The idiom “the ball is in your court” means that it is now your responsibility or turn to take action or make a decision in a particular situation.

2. The idiom “a ballpark figure” means an approximate or rough estimate of a quantity or value.

3. “Hit it out of the park” is an expression that means doing exceptionally well or achieving remarkable success in something.


 Use the following idioms in your own sentences. Teacher adopts different idioms.

This means we should not waste our time doing useless things.

Means to be a very kind person.



  1. “He already told you no; don’t beat a dead horse.”
  2. He has a heart of gold – and charm.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Prepare a poster of idiomatic expressions with pictures to display on your classroom walls.

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