First Term Exam Paper SSC English Marks 80

First Term Exam Paper SSC English Marks 80

First Term Exam Paper SSC English Marks 80


SSC – English (LL) Marks: 80


    1. (A) Do as directed. (Attempt any four) (8 marks)
      1. Complete the words by using correct letters. (2)
        1. ear_h
        2. sma_t
        3. atta_k
        4. plea_e
      2. Put the words in alphabetical order. (2)
        1. bundle, firm, salary, across
        2. shop, speed, suit, soon
      3. Punctuate the following: (2)
        1. whats the secret of your energy i asked
        2. lets walk together
      4. Make four words (minimum of 3 letters) using the letters in the word ‘classrooms’. (2)
      5. Write the related words as shown in the example. (2)    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 145.png                                                  
      1. Complete the word chain of ‘adjectives’. Add four words, each beginning with the last letter of the previous word. (2)

cruel, (a)……………., (b)…………………, (c) ………………, (d)……………………

  1. Do as directed. (2 marks)
    1. (Attempt anyone)
      1. Make a meaningful sentence by using the phrase ‘a lot of’. (1)


      1. Add a clause to the following sentence to expand it meaningfully.

                               You will get success.

    1. (Attempt anyone)
      1. Add a prefix or suffix to make new words. (1)
        1. lucky (ii) manage


      1. Make a meaningful sentence using any one of the following words.
        1. lucky (ii) manage


    1. (A) Read the following passage and do the activities. (10 marks)

A1. State whether the following sentences are true or false: (2)

  1. Dr. Stephen Hawking was born on the eight day of February 1974.
  2. Dr. Stephen Hawking was a living legend of Biology.
  3. Courage makes people not lose heart when faced with a great calamity.
  4. Dr. Stephen Hawking was born before the death of Galileo.

Exactly 300 years after the death of the great scientist Galileo, Dr Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, London on the eighth day of January 1942. Little did his parents know that one day their little boy would be hailed as one of the greatest scientists of this century. Neither could anybody imagine that his mind would soar up into space like light. More importantly, none could predict that he would be the very epitome of courage.

Courage is a wonderful thing. It is that quality, which makes people not lose heart when faced with a great calamity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Dr Stephen Hawking, a living legend of Cosmology, is the very personification of courage and hope. Except his mind, his whole body is bound to a wheelchair, thanks to a cruel quirk of fate. Yet, he is one of the greatest scientists of this century.

A2. Complete the following web: (2)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 146.png

A3. Find the similar meaning word/phrase for the following from the passage: (2)

  1. a period of hundred years
  2. a very fine example of something
  3. acclaimed
  4. unexpected change of destiny

A4 Do as directed. (2)

  1. Courage is a wonderful thing. (Begin the sentence with “ What a……”)
  2. He is one of the greatest scientists of this century.

(Choose the correct question tag from the given alternatives) Courage is a wonderful thing.

    1. aren’t he?
    2. is he?
    3. wasn’t he?
    4. isn’t he?

A5. ‘Courage is a wonderful thing.’ Do you agree with this statement? Why? (2)


Q.2. (B) Read the following passage and do the activities. (10 marks) B1. Who am I? (Identify the character/place from the passage) (2)

  1. I am the waterman’s son, who am I? ………………….
  2. I am the sweeper, boy who am I? ………………….
  3. I am the owner of the Bank, who am I? ………………
  4. I am the place where you can deposit and withdraw the money, who am I?………

Nathu grumbled to himself as he swept the steps of the Pipalnagar Bank, owned by Seth Govind Ram. He used the small broom hurriedly and carelessly, and the dust, after rising in a cloud above his head settled down again on the steps. As Nathu was banging his pan against a dustbin, Sitaram, the washer man’s son, passed by. Sitaram was on his delivery round. He had a bundle of freshly pressed clothes balanced on his head. ‘Don’t raise such dust!’ he called out to Nathu. ‘Are you annoyed because they are still refusing to pay you an extra two rupees a month?’ ‘I don’t wish to talk about it,’ complained the Sweeper-boy. ‘I haven’t even received my regular pay. And this is the twentieth of the month.

Who would think a bank would hold up a poor man’s salary? As soon as I get my money, I’m off! Not another week I work in this place.’ And Nathu banged the pan against the dustbin several times, just to emphasize his point and giving himself confidence. ‘Well, I wish you luck,’ said Sitaram. ‘I’ll keep a lookout for any jobs that might suit you.’ And he plodded barefoot along the road, the big bundle of clothes hiding most of his head and shoulders.

B2. Arrange the following statements as per their sequence occurred in the passage: (2)

    1. Nathu complained about his irregular pay.
    2. Nathu used the small broom hurriedly.
    3. Sitaram called out Nathu.
    4. Nathu grumbled as he swept the steps of the bank.

B3. Match the describing words with the nouns: (2) Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’

      1. Small (a) man
      2. Pressed (b) pay
      3. Regular (c) clothes
      4. Poor (d) broom

B4. Do as directed. (2)

  1. He swept the steps. (Begin your sentence with ‘The Steps… ’)
  2. Sitaram was on his delivery round. (Choose the correct question tag)

(a) was he? (b) didn’t he? (c) wasn’t he?

B5. Personal Response (2)

(i) What makes you angry? What do you do then?

(B) Appreciation of the poem. (5 marks)

Read the following poem and write an appreciation of it using the points given below:

A Teenager’s Prayer Each day brings new beginnings, Decisions I must make.

I am the only one to choose The road that I will take.

I can choose to take the road of life, That leads to great success

Or travel down the darkened road,

Help, Lord, to just say “no” When temptation comes my way, That I might keep my body clean And fit for life each day.

When my teenage years are over, I know that I will see

That life is lived its very best

That leads to great distress.

Please open up my eyes, dear Lord, That I might clearly see

Help me stand for what is right, Bring out the best in me.

With you walking next to me.

– J. Morse

Title – (½)

  1. Name of the poet – (½)

Rhyme scheme – (1)

  1. Figures of speech (Any 1) – (1)

Theme/Central idea (in 2 to 3 lines) (2)


A2. Verbal to Non-verbal. Read the following information about the elections. Complete the details and the table given below it. Give it a suitable title:

Elections of the Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti of Temruda took place on 11th March, 2007. Here is a report of the voting at Booth No. 24/21 at the Z.P. Primary School. There were 1045 registered voters in that region. 555 of those were men. Out of the total figures, 570 were literate, whereas 475 were illiterate. The voting began at 7:30 a.m. and up-to date record of voting was maintained every two hours. In the first two hours of voting, a total of 175 voters cast their votes. Out of these 80 were women. A total of 186 voters cast their votes between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. 110 of these were men. The highest turnout was between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. This was a total of 185 voters, out of which 105 were women.

Between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., 164 voters came out to cast their votes, out of which 83 were men. In the last phase of voting, only 92 men and 58 women turned up for voting.

You may use the following format: Date: …………………………………

Booth No: ………………………………………


Total voters: …………………………

No. of votes cast per two hours: ……………………

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